BB Cream 101

I was first introduced to BB Cream by my cousin Jessica about two years ago.  This "miracle" make-up has become pretty widespread throughout Asia and is especially popular in Japan, Korea, and China.

What is BB Cream?
BB Cream stands for "Blemish Balm Cream" and is known to be a make-up and skincare product in one -- claiming to help with acne, wrinkles, whitening skin, and refining pores while also working as a light foundation, moisturizer, and make-up base -- sounds pretty much like a miracle cream! It was originally formulated to be used for soothing the skin of patients after laser skin surgery.  Although it was created in Germany many people think BB Cream is a Korean product because it is widely endorsed by Korean celebrities and Korea is the most popular manufacturer of BB Cream.  But it is a well known fact that Asians make everything better haha!

Anyways as popular as BB Cream has become I'm amazed at how many of my "twinkie" and non-Korean friends have never even heard of it!  So I thought I would be a bit of a beauty ambassador and spread the word!

There are hundreds of different kinds of BB Creams out there and it would take hours to write about them all but I will say everyone has to try a few before finding their perfect fit.
I have researched and tried numerous BB Creams and while I can't vouch for all the healing properties (wrinkles, acne, pores) I do prefer the natural coverage over foundation and some REALLY do give you a sort of suctioning/tightening feeling.  It is essentially a tinted moisturizer with similar consistency and coverage.  Another thing to note is most BB creams come in one shade and are supposedly universal ... not true!  I have noticed that while most go on much too white for your skin, they do adjust to your skin tone in about 30 minutes or so.  If you find that the color is still too white -- touch it up with a powder more suited to your skin tone.

My BB Cream cherry was popped by the BRTC Perfect Recover Balm and it's definitely still one of my favorites.
Very creamy finish and awesome at keeping my oiliness at bay!

My most recent purchase was this Skin79 set which came with a sampling of 4 BB Creams that included
Super BB Cream (Hot Pink)
Diamond The Prestige BB Cream
Super BB Cream (VIP Gold)
Diamond Pearl Luminous BB Cream

What I learned?  Stay away from any BB Cream that says "Luminous"!  That stuff makes my skin look like a pearly, sparkly mess!  It will probably look nice on someone with perfect flawless skin but it did not work for me!  My favorite out of the bunch was the Super Hot Pink BB Cream -- which I think is also the most popular.  It felt very light and natural and made my skin look like I had nothing on at all.

Anyways this entry was pretty much an introduction to BB Cream.  I know -- super long and boring -- but there is so much more to be said!  I will be reviewing more as I try them out so stay tuned!


yourstrulypam said...

I love this post. I only started hearing about BB creams after I started blogging (2 months ago LOL!) How horrible right?! I'm missing out. Its so hard for me to choose which one I want to try because I have dry/sensitive, acne-prone skin and I don't know what color would match me (I'm always white). Could you help me decided? :) I was going to buy some on ebay but I need help before I do.

Nina said...

The post is great. Wish I could have a possibility of trying BB creams on my own skin, but I am afraid, that's absolutely impossible in my country.
P.S. You are very pretty. I came across your blog in blogovin and now I am following you=)
At least I will have a chance to have a look at all those cute stuffs=)

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Great post darling!! I have no clue about bb creams, so this post was really helpful. I really want to try a bb cream soon :) x

Shareena said...

Thank you for this entry! I've used BB cream from Etude House and it makes my face more oily after few hours--- *ugh* Thanks, I'll give it a try for Super Hot Pink BB.^_^