Cheap Trick

I'm all for home remedies and cheap make-up tricks but when I first heard about using Monistat Soothing Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel as a foundation primer my initial reaction was "what the heck?!"

So I did a bit of googling and found out that it is actually a pretty well known trick -- but it was the article on that sealed the deal for me.  And no it is NOT a yeast infection cream!  It's a powdery gel that you can apply to delicate areas like your inner thighs and bikini area to prevent irritation caused by moisture, heat, and movement aka "chafing."

Luckily I had a tube lying around -- I wasn't about to go out and buy one just for the heck of it when I owned tons of actual foundation primers.  At least I had several products to compare with!

I would have to say it was nearly identical to the Smashbox primer in texture and consistency.  The Korres and Laura Mercier primers were more cream-like but magically "powderized" when put on the skin and they all ended up with a pretty similar feel.  

When I applied the Monistat gel to my face it felt slighty waxy but I could definitely feel the smooth canvas it created and my bb cream just glided right on top.  I guess the common ingredient with the Monistat and all the primers (and most of the other ones I found at is dimethicone -- a silicone emollient that forms a silky barrier between your skin and your foundation.

I'm not even much of a primer user -- all my primers were free samples or came as part of a set.  But I have to say I actually really loved the Monistat gel -- I couldn't stop touching my face for the rest of the day because it felt so smooth.  I've definitely become a convert!  And I heard it also works wonders as an eyeshadow primer. 

Just to give you an idea of how much you would be saving here are some price and size comparisons (both drugstore and high-end varieties).  The Hard Candy primer did come pretty close at $8 AND is slightly bigger -- but I have yet to try it!
Monistat Soothing Care 
Chafing Relief Powder-Gel  
1.5 oz 
$5.37 @ Wal-Mart
Revlon Smoothing 200
Beyond Natural Primer 
.85 oz 
$11.54 @ Wal-Mart


L'Oreal Studio Secrets
Magic Perfecting Base Primer  
0.5 oz  
$10.97 @ Wal-Mart 
Hard Candy 
Sheer Envy Primer SPF 15   
1.6 oz  
$8 @ Wal-Mart
Urban Decay 
Complexion Primer Potion 
$30 @ Sephora
Microperfecting Primer 
$32 @ Sephora

Pearl Glow Primer 
1 oz 
$32 @ Sephora

Korres Quercetin & Oak 
Age-reversing Primer 
1.01 oz 
$33 @ Sephora
Smashbox Photofinish 
Foundation Primer 
$36 @ Sephora

Guerlain Meteorites 
Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer 
1 oz 
$68 @ Sephora

Please let me know if anyone tries this out!


Eunie said...

I wonder if it prevents your skin from breathing though? Hmmmm.... I am very tempted to try this out. :)