Clarisonic Classic vs. Mia

Whoo hoo! I was super excited to receive my Limited Edition CLARISONIC® 'Berry Mia' Cleansing System in the mail today.  It was only available through Nordstrom for their 2010 Anniversary Sale but I managed to snag a brand new one on Ebay for $130!

Okay so I admit I already own the BCA Pink Clarisonic Classic -- but who can resist Berry Pink?  And it's limited edition -- I mean come on!

Honestly I just needed an excuse to buy the smaller, more travel friendly Mia.  The large Classic version wasn't cutting it for flying back and forth between Vegas and DC nearly every week.

So on to the review.  To be perfectly honest I wouldn't call this a holy grail product.  I was hoping for a miracle based on the glowing reviews and all the hype but it's really just a cleansing brush and nothing more.  I know many many girls (and guys!) swear by it and claim amazing improvements in their skin but I can say after about 9-10 months of using it religiously, I haven't noticed any dramatic change.

So why on earth do I have two???  

I will say it makes your skin feel great immediately after using it -- nice and soft.  But really I'm just sort of drawn to it for no particular reason -- if I skip a day it seems as if something is missing from my regimen.  It does give a nice touch of luxury as if you're receiving a daily spa treatment.  And I guess it psychologically makes me feel like my skin had a more thorough cleansing -- although I can't say it's any better than the manual Shiseido cleansing brush or even a wash cloth.  Maybe I'm secretly still waiting for that miraculous change ..... well it's definitely not hurting my skin!  Okay you know what?  It's PINK.  And I don't have to explain any further!

As for the difference between the Classic and the Mia, the Classic has a convenient timer -- there's 4 separate beeps so you know when to move from your forehead to your nose to your cheeks to your chin.  Also there's 3 speed settings on the Classic while the Mia has only one -- which doesn't affect me as I only use the lowest setting on the Classic anyways.  But the noticeably smaller size and lightness of the Mia make it much easier to use and although at first I was upset about it not having a timer, I now enjoy being able to use it at my own leisure.  Plus the Classic retails for $225 while the Mia is $150 -- the $75 swing is definitely the deciding factor!

And since I did SUCH a great job of convincing you that you just have to have the Clarisonic (okay I didn't make it sound amazing but if you have to have it just to have it like me haha), I suggest buying it at Aspen Leaf Spa where all Clarisonics are 25% off and include free shipping.  In all honesty different products do different things to everyone's skin and this just may become YOUR holy grail product.  You can get a baby blue, pink, or yellow Mia for $112.49 -- which is less than I paid on Ebay for mine!


kdao33 said...

so can i make a request on eye creams? lol im jus gonna read ur stuff from now on

kaizokumousy said...

wow I want one of this!:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip!!!