Current Skincare Routine

Being the product junkie that I am, I'm constantly changing my skincare routine -- sometimes using a different face wash or eye cream every day of the week. For me to really stick to a product and set regimen is quite difficult as I become fickle and continuously get the the urge to try new things. The following is my current routine and are products that have passed the test of novelty (aka second time purchasing!) and will remain go-tos when newer "cooler" products fail me.

Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk

So I'm always back and forth between cleansing oils and cleansing milks. I was first introduced to Shu Uemura cleansing oil (it's totally amazing but hard to get) about 10 years ago because my friend Amy was obsessed with it and would bring back multiple bottles whenever she went to Taiwan. My mom on the other hand swore by Ponds cold cream. Either way, the idea of removing make-up before washing my face appealed to me. The only problem I had with the creams were that they required you to "tissue off" and I always felt like a layer of film was left on my skin. But the Bliss Cleansing Milk is a heavenly smelling "watery" cream or milk that disintegrates my make-up and completely WASHES off. Love it!

FAB Face Cleanser

Okay I admit it -- I'm totally obsessed with this whole line of skincare. FAB Face Cleanser offers the gentleness of Cetaphil but with a foaming formula the gives a more clean feel. Awesome for using with my Clarisonic.

Borghese Crema Straordinaria Tonico Creme Extraordinaire Balancing Softening Toner

Although the perfume smell is a bit much for my taste, I do love the idea of the spray bottle -- for those days when I'm feeling lazy. You can also spray directly onto a cotton pad and apply the traditional way. This toner is awesome -- lifts away remaining make-up and tones without leaving that unpleasant tight feeling.

Perlier Risarium Black Rice Extreme Age-Defying Line Reducing Moisturizing Eye Cream

Love love love it! Although its consistency is much thinner than most eye creams, it doesn't detract from its effectiveness. I love how it glides right on and doesn't leave the oily thickness of other products.  Perfect for wearing under make-up because you don't have to wait for it to sink in. And it totally moisturizes and fills in my fine lines!

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Dior Capture First Action Serum Age-Defense Refining Essence

I never understood the necessity of using a serum. But since I started using the FAB Ultra Repair Cream which contains no anti-aging properties, I decided to use this as a base. Has the typical Dior Skincare fragrance and a strange brown texture but I think it's doing its job. Haven't noticed any new wrinkles since using it!

FAB Ultra Repair Cream
And finally my Holy Grail Product -- my good ol' FAB Ultra Repair Cream. I know I mention it far too much but it's really just awesome. Amazing for sensitive skin and contains colloidal oatmeal, the only FDA-approved, OTC ingredient for eczema. It's sooo moisturizing and yet is not the least bit greasy and actually does a nice job of controlling my oily skin. But because it doesn't contain any anti-aging properties I first use a layer of anti-aging serum and just let this cream work on its sole purpose of moisturizing! If you don't believe me check out the near PERFECT reviews on


Annie said...

*gasp* no SPF?!? I hope you're using one everyday..

Kelly said...

LOL I do! My day cream AND my bb cream contain SPF. I should've mentioned this is my night routine! Do you have any sunscreen preferences?

AK said...

thanks for the tip that FAB Ultra Repair Cream is great for eczema; my 9mo old Godson has eczema pretty bad and we're always looking for an alternative to the standard aquaphor.