Jumbo Lip Balm

So I'm somewhat of a lip gloss hoarder.

Okay very much a lip gloss hoarder.  But as addicted as I am to buying these tubes of pink gooey goodness, I don't quite have the lips to wear them.  I am cursed with an unfortunate little "disease" known as SEVERELY chapped lips -- and I'm not talking the little-swipe-of-chapstick-will-do-the-trick type -- I'm talking the chunks-and-layers-so-big-you-want-to-yank-it-off-my-lips type.  LOL sorry for the visual.

I recently started taking an amino acid supplement called L-Lysine which is supposed to do wonders for chapped lips.  (Will do a review later!)

But in the mean time my lip gloss obsession has sadly converted into a lip balm obsession.  I've done Burt's Bees, Vaseline, and Lip Smackers but I can't quite seem to get the same satisfaction or prettiness as applying an adorable, sparkly, gloss.  And then I came across the coolest thing ever -- JUMBO lip balm!

Hello Kitty Jumbo Lip Balm & Press on nail combo @ Target for 5.99

Hot Topic sells a version called Fat Balm for $3.99:
Eyeko Fat Balm $10 @ Cherryculture.com
Cute company from London sells these  adorable fat balms with limited edition packaging.

My absolute favorite is the Jumbo Juicy Lip Balm by Wet n' Wild.  It comes in a sparkly tube and a variety of fruity flavors like Kiwi Strawberry and Boyz N Berries -- all in a jumbo juicy size!  Definitely one of those products that make you feel cute just by applying and awesome for slathering on my chapped lips.  Unfortunately it's been discontinued but you can try your luck on ebay for about $3.50 including shipping!  So until my lips heal a bit I will be happy settling for this super cute substitute!


Annie said...

Hi Kelly! I really enjoy reading your blog.. keep it up :)

now on to the fun stuff (make up!)

if you haven't tried.. you HAVE TO try Sugar by Fresh IT IS THE BEST CHAPSTICK EVER!! I swear by this stuff.. it's a bit pricey but it works for the "chunks-and-layers-so-big-you-want-to-yank-it-off-my-lips" type of chappy-ness you speak of.

the Smashbox Naked palette was at Tyson's Sephora earlier this week in case you're still looking.

Kelly said...

Hey Annie! OMG I'm so at Sephora tomorrow! I'm definitely going to pick up the Sugar chapstick -- I do remember hearing/reading good things about it. And the Smashbox palette -- just because it's so exclusive lol.

MSodapop said...

The fat balms are so cute! i want them because of how they look :D