Perfect Brows & Luscious Lashes

If you bartend or cocktail at a DC nightclub (or are a former co-worker of mine) chances are you probably already know of this place.  It's kind of an insider's secret to perfect brows and fabulous luscious lashes!

Now I think I can honestly say I've tried almost every type of  lash enhancement available -- from drugstore and Korean falsies to the more pricey MAC and Shu Uemura variety.  From Revitalash and Latisse to $25 Ardell applications and even $300 individual lashes.

But in all of my experiences I have to say the most bang (and lash!) for my buck was from a gem of a salon called Eterna Day Spa in Wheaton, MD.  Tucked away in a little corner of the somewhat obscure Wheaton Mall is home to my favorite ghetto-fab Asian chick and creator of Evalash, Quynh.

Evalash, a two-strand lash bonded to your own lashes by a patented glue gives you the dramatic effect of strip lashes and lasts about a month depending on how well you care for them -- I actually know those have gone 6 weeks to 2 months.  Most girls who have tried individual lash extensions complain of them looking "too natural" and eventually making their own lashes fall out.  Evalash is much more defined and dramatic -- everyone always thinks I'm wearing falsies -- and I know girls who have been getting them for 5+ years with zero lash loss.  Granted, those who like to rub their eyes and pull and tug (me!) will definitely lose some hairs but the cool thing about Evalash is that it can even be applied to the eyelid if you have no lashes.

These lashes are awesome for holiday parties, weddings, and especially for going on vacation -- great for snowboarding or swimming when you don't want to put on make-up or apply lashes because of the wind or water but still want to look done up.  Industry girls love them because they no longer have to constantly apply and waste money on expensive strip lashes.  And I know some girls who apply them EVERY SINGLE DAY -- it definitely adds up!  It's also great for waking up with "no make-up" -- so you don't have to scare your partner or that drunken mistake from the night before -- do that "walk of shame" in style!

As for eyebrows -- I know many girls who OBSESS over their brows.  They meticulously tweeze and pluck and wax and will not leave the house without drawing on or redefining with a brow pencil.  I am NOT one of those girls.  I am probably the laziest person in the world when it comes to her brows.  Sometimes I cringe looking at pictures because I didn't realize how long I had let my brows grow wild.  Whether due to lack of talent or lack of motivation -- I have never even once drawn on/filled in my brows in my life!

The solution?  At one of my Evalash appointments Quynh convinced me that I needed an eyebrow tattoo to redefine my nearly non-existent arch.  She showed me how I should look by coloring in my brows with a pencil and VOILA -- I finally understood those who had repeatedly told me that brows make the face.  It also created a perfect stencil for those rare days when I feel like getting off my lazy butt and tweezing. 

I used to actually be quite terrified of permanent make-up because I had images in my head of Korean ahjumas with purply-blue eyeliner and eyebrows.  But technology has changed!  Mine look extremely natural and is actually in a very non-threatening shade of brown.  It seriously looks like I just shade in my brows with shadow.  I have friends who've gotten even lighter shades!

Below are pics with the brows and lashes.  Please excuse the graininess as they were taken with my Iphone.

 An old picture that shows how dramatic the lashes look (pre brow tattoo!):
And here's a picture of their model Teresa who also has both the Evalashes and the brow tattoo:
So if you're still not sold, the ridiculously economic prices just may seal the deal.  Evalash runs $50 for a full set and $20 for refills.  They actually sell their product and how-tos to other salons so you may be able to find it elsewhere but Eterna Day Spa is THE original creator of Evalash so they do it best -- and from what I've seen the best price.  Individual lash extensions will run you anywhere from $100 (if you're lucky enough to find such a place) to $600.  All the lash girls are awesome but I find that Crystal does the most dramatic and longest lasting set and I've sent countless friends and co-workers to her. 

The eyebrow tattoo by Quynh will set you back a whopping $150 and includes a free touch up within a year.  Best price I've seen in the VA/MD/DC area (even better than the Korean salons) and DEFINITELY cheaper than Vegas and Kali!  Not to mention the quality and color is amazing!  And if you're not quite ready to take the leap to permanent make-up Quynh also does a brilliant wax job.

And definitely tell them Kelly sent you!

Eterna Day Spa
11160 Veirs Mill Road MD 20902-2538  
(301) 949-4646


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Awesome blog!! And yay for this topic! =)

Tanya said...

I love reading ur blog Kelly!! Keep it up!

Thanx for this post. I've been wanting to get my eyebrows tatted and my friend told me about this one place in Eden but I might try out this place instead.

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