Pretty Pink Gradient Nails

I rarely do my own nails as I'm not the least bit artistic and my hand is far from steady.  But I found an extremely easy method for super cute nails -- and it's nearly impossible to mess up!  As you can see from the picture my nails are totally uneven and all different lengths -- but this design hides it pretty darned well!
I used 4 colors layered on top of each other and topped it off with a coat of glitter polish.  It's up do you whether you want to add the glitter -- I think it had a more clean, polished effect pre-glitter and a more cutesy effect post glitter.

I will say it looks much prettier in person as the camera doesn't quite capture the full effect.  I even had several people ask me if I was wearing fake nails.  And while they look far from fake I'll take it as a compliment! 

Here's a video tutorial for a purple version (and much clearer picture!) from Jen of


Pinkbeauty_love said...

I love this gradient

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