2ne1 Etude House Make-up & Iphone App

In case you haven't noticed, I have an odd fascination with the Korean pop group, 2ne1.

Maybe it's all the contradictions.  Dara's all-natural cuteness.  Park Bom's heavily-surgeried but still strangely beautiful face.  The unconventional beauty of CL (some call her the Korean Lady Gaga).  And you can't forget Minzy's quirky cuteness and hot dance moves.  It's crazy how the ages of these girls range 10 years apart and yet they all look similar in age.

My favorite used to be Bom but she's so inconsistent.  Sometimes her voice sounds amazing and other times she can't stay in pitch if her life depended on it.  She's obviously gorgeous but it depends on the angle -- in some angles she's super cute and pretty but in others, the surgery is just too obvious and can look downright creepy!

My new favorite is Sandara!  While her voice is mediocre, she's not particularly beautiful, and she can be mistaken for an adolescent, I do have to say she has the most beautiful skin and great style!  I mean who's face looks like this at 26??  She looks younger than Minzy who's 16!

Anyways you're probably wondering what the heck 2ne1 has to do with my blog.  Well above anything else, 2ne1 is a trend setter.  They have a distinct image in Korea -- not overly cute or sexy, but very unique and original.  Their hairstyles, clothes, and make-up have caused a flurry of tutorials all over YouTube.

But probably most noted about 2ne1 is their make-up.  Their signature look is thick winged eyeliner, big lashes, and lots of color.  

They recently teamed up with the Korean make-up brand Etude House and came out with a bunch of cute products to make it easy for anyone to recreate their look.

If you want to take it a step further or just have some fun, there is an Etude House app for your iPhone which allows you to upload a picture and photoshop 2ne1's different make-up and hair looks on yourself.  Pretty fun!  Yes I admit I did a few of myself but the pics are too embarrassing to post haha!


kdao33 said...

i wonder if i got the app..if i could figure it out since its in korean. lol

faye lu review said...

awesome post. i've been so out of the loop with kpop music (still listening to it when boa was cool LOL) .. but thinking of checking out 2ne1 just for their beauty/fashion and music ofcourse. thanks for sharing x

Hollie said...

I'm a big 2ne1 fan! and I agree with you that Dara has a flawlessly beautiful skin... She's gorgeous.

I love their music, although I don't understand it. But it's groovy.

Zelle ♥ said...

Korean music, fashion and stuff are all over the Philippines right now. Dara, who is Sandara Park, used to work here in The Philippines as an actress/model...she won some kind of reality TV show, like looking for that celebrity thing contest. I remember she was once called some kind of nickname here, idk if it was just a joke or was some kind of insult (she was a comedian). Well anyway she left the country years ago (good thing), because opportunity is much bigger, fat and better if she went to Korea, than staying here.

I'm not saying that it was a good thing Dara kicked herself out of the Philippines, but I'm saying that it was better for her, because look at what's up now, she's so famous and pretty and she has lots of fans compared from before.

Just sayin'. Cool topic, by the way.

Hong said...

Dara is just amazingly beautiful. I'm so jealous xD
But the app is in Korean right? ... Then isn't it hard to get round the site? O:

Lily K-C. said...

Hi! I'm a new follower and just wanted to say that I loved this blog post. I <3 2NE1 and BIG BANG! Can't wait for both of them to come to NYC! <3 Have a great one!