Innovative Asian Beauty

It really irks me how behind the U.S. is in EVERYTHING.  It's bad enough that Asia is so much more advanced in technology and fashion, but we can't even keep up in BEAUTY??  Why does Asia have products out for 5-10 years before we even begin the catch on?  Don't they have beauty ambassadors or something?  People who scour the world for the newest innovations in beauty and send the message home?  Apparently not!

Take cleansing oil for instance.  Shu Uemura debuted its famous oil in 1967.  People have been using this stuff forever and it takes FORTY YEARS for American and European brands to start coming out with their own versions.

Another example is sheet/cloth masks.  Asians have preferred "wet masks" to drying clays and muds for years.  They're pretty much a skincare staple and yet it's just recently began to come out in the States -- and at ridiculous prices -- $10-20 per mask as opposed to $1-3 a mask in Asia.

Some other Asian innovations that we have yet to see:

BB Cream

If you don't know what BB cream is you can just leave my blog now.  HAHA just kidding -- you can just read my "BB Cream 101" post.  But it's as common a word as "foundation" in Korea and Asia and SUCH a huge phenomenon and product -- why haven't American brands developed their own versions yet?  If I saw ANY company come out with a BB Cream at Sephora I would jump on it immediately.

Exfoliating Gel

I think the original exfoliating gel is Cure Natural Aqua Gel -- one of the best selling products in Japan.  But many Asian brands have come out with a similar gel.  The Asians have moved on from harsh scrubs and beads and developed this unique scrub free gel.  You basically rub the gel all over your face and it takes off the dead skin -- you can even see the balls of dead skin form as you rub!

Flavored Eye Drops 

So we do carry Rohto eye drops in the States but only in the mint flavored varieties.  Japan on the other hand has LYCEE flavored drops!  I know it sounds a bit strange, "tasting with your eyes" as my friend Jane likes to say, but I think it'd be pretty cool to have lychee flavored eyes lol.

Okay so the next few products aren't necessarily innovative but they're definitely cute!  These are brands that I think they should bring over to the States -- cuz if you can't beat em -- join em!

Etude House

Etude House is the ultimate girly girl Korean cosmetic brand.  Think lots of pinks, hearts, and Hello Kitty -- their stores are even designed to look like doll houses! They also have the prettiest and girliest models -- currently endorsed by pop group 2ne1.

Tony Moly

Visiting a Tony Moly store is like going to a dessert bar or coffee shop.  Delicious products such as Latte Art Milk Creamy Essence and Berry Berry Wrinkle Sleeping Pack in Blueberry just make you want to eat everything!  And Tony Moly has by far the cutest packaging ever!

Jill Stuart

Okay what gives?  Jill Stuart is an AMERICAN designer and yet she only sells her GORGEOUS makeup line in Asia???!!!  Where's the loyalty here?  Jill Stuart products are some of the post coveted items by beauty bloggers -- absolutely beautiful palettes and make-up bags adorned with lace and jewels.

Skin Food

Skin food is like a farmer's market for the face -- just like the name says -- food for skin!   Best sellers include the Peach Sake Emulsion, Parsley & Mandarin Spot Gel, and Lettuce & Cucumber Water Jelly Cream

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Rainy Days and Lattes said...

YAY! Coupon for ULTA!!!!! I hope I can use it! :P

And YES! I completely, 100% wholeheartedly agree with you, WHY is America so late when it comes to tried and true beauty staples from Asia?! I do have a theory though... b/c a lot of the Asian skincare is catered to Asian people and we have a lot of non-Asians in America?? But still, there is a huge population of asians in California and big cities. Ugh, esp BB creams!! They are better than foundations anyday!

kdao33 said...

so which mask do u prefer? imma check out the cure..see how its diff from my current method now

SiSi Sparkles said...

I was thinking the exact same thing the other day!! How frustrating!

I picked up a couple of face sheet mask at the farmers market Korean store section, and ohhh they are EVERYTHING!

priincess emily said...

I do agree that any countries in North America is so BEHIND! I'm from Canada so we are even WORST than the States~ It gets me so angry! haha! No wonder i would just travel to hong kong to pick up everything i need when i'm there :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Yes.. America is behind. It's like in the pharmacy business world, no genetic company will let other companies know what the ingredient is until about 10+ years later when they actually expose it then other companies tries to copy it. The white DSI, we didn't get it much later and it was the last color that Japan finally have a contract with America to let them sell the white ones. It is ridiculous of the price they sell over here but I guess you have to consider the shipping and profits they want to make from it. The cure aqua gel... have you heard of Soap Glory (pink packaging) from Target? I think it's similar. If Sephora have a BB cream in A LOT OF SHADES, not the typical "I think Asian people should have paler than white skin color" type with choices of yellow/pink undertones, I will jump on the wagon immediately! Or maybe I'll wait for a couple of years when they improve themselves. hahaha. That's why when we go back to Asia, we stock up like crazy in our big ass luggage!

gillybeancandyjar said...

I agree!!! Canada's even more behind than the US! I'm heartbroken because I'm almost out of my Shiseido Shining treatment I got from Japan but it's not available here :(

Cherry Wu said...

Lancome actually came out with a BB cream last year, but, again, it is only available in Asia...

xin said...

omgsh what should I say then for europe??!! We even don't have NARS, UD or NYX or just a sephora store!! And best thing... a lot of online stores doesn't ship outside usa (>.<)" So you are not sooo bad ;^; But of course comparisson with for example japan it's not possible. A girl like us should live in japan for more makeup and stuff XD

faye lu review said...

very interesting article and oh sooo true. it's the same in australia - so slow in launching products and so behind in product technology! thankgoodness for china town and little jap/korean stores. in the end, it's almost cheaper for me to save up and buy all my makeup and beauty products from overseas =) xo

Fannie said...

Very good post. It's true I wish America would get with the program already. American skin care products mainly focus on cleansing and purifying while asian skin care is more focused on nurishing, conditioning, and anti ageing. Thanks for the post.

Jennifer Leigh said...

Interesting post!

Those Etude House products look soooo cute!

Eunie said... to read for your tea addiction.
also - have you tried out the clarins primer yet?!
how's the detox going?

Barbie said...

I'm ashamed... I had never heard of BB Cream. But I did go read your post! And now I'm interested!

Thanks for the information! :)

lisa said...

omg i so agree.. it really annoys me how we don't have any of the uber super cute packaging they get in asia :(

i'm hosting a gold birdcage bangle giveaway! please come and check it out :)

iryn said...

great post! i noticed that asian beauty products have the cutest and most girly girl packaging ever. :)

yourstrulypam said...

OMG! I totally agree! I love asian products and yes the US really needs to get some BB creams. I really want to try them. LOL

I also wanted to let you know I gave you an award. :)

I love your deal of the day idea. It really helps me out a lot.

Penelope said...

LOVE this post! The UK is evern further behind than the US though...sigh!

lady_flower123 said...

So cute :)
Lovely post :)

Follow me if u want:
I'm following u now ;)
xoxo ;*

Smile:] iloveu said...

:) Love this post! lol <3

Kristen said...

You might be surprised that the non Asian brands ARE selling their versions of BB cream. Lancome and Clinique both have it in my country. And The Body Shop is launching one in March!