Love Package Winner & Hello Kitty Private Shopping Event

Wow my laptop crashed on my first day back in Vegas! I suffered without a computer for two whole weeks and it was impossible to blog! And I'm totally late on the contest! At least I had a little more time to put together the love package. Anyways just came back to the east coast last night. I only managed two blog entries for the contest so there aren't many comments but that allowed a better chance for the people that did enter! I used to pick a random number out of the people who commented.

And the winner is .............. Linda!

I was pretty surprised because Linda's been asking for a "Love Package" and she was the first to comment -- and then it actually picked the number 1! (Promise it's not rigged!) I guess it was meant to be Linda! So message me your address on facebook.

Here are the goodies:

Also I got an e-mail today from Sephora. Hello Kitty is FINALLY coming out with a beauty collection in the U.S.! The products will debut in mid-Jan but for this weekend only, beauty insiders can shop a select few preview items at their private shopping event.


GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

Love the apple balm. I have it!

binabug said...

omg EVERYTHING there is awesome lol