Moisturize or Bust?

I was at dinner with girlfriends the other day and we got to talking beauty. But when Kimmai mentioned that she didn't use a moisturizer we all let out a horrified gasp. She said she had an extremely dry face but just sloughed off her dead skin in the shower -- granted she has amazing skin but we were just sort of stunned!

I couldn't help but wonder. It's always kind of embedded in our brains that moisturizer is THE essential beauty product. But is it really? My boyfriend likes to talk about his glory days as a model in Korea. He claims his skin was so flawless that they didn't even have to airbrush his pictures. His method? Plain ol' washing his face with water -- not even soap! He swore off the use of any products -- especially moisturizer -- because he didn't want his skin to become dependent on anything. In a strange sort of way I guess it makes sense.

Nevertheless I spent the past 3 years trying to preach moisturizer on him -- but to no avail. Although recently we were hit by the triple dehydration whammy -- living in Vegas, flying endlessly in airplanes and frequenting casinos. I always wondered why my skin would get oily and my lips super chapped while in airplanes and casinos and finally realized that they dehydrate the crap out of you -- it's my skin crying for moisture. And the boyfriend's skin has become a far cry from model perfect. I guess age and the drying climate got to him because he finally broke down and started using my FAB cream. And needless to say he's addicted -- he even asks for it by name.

But I will admit .... using moisturizer daily hasn't particularly changed or improved his skin. So IS moisturizer really necessary? It makes me think of body lotion -- most of the time I am too lazy to apply body lotion. Yes my skin will get dry and scaly but once in awhile I slather it on and VOILA -- problem solved! I honestly don't see a difference in my skin from applying body lotion every day or every week.

So does it truly cause wrinkles if you don't apply moisturizer daily or are skin conditions and wrinkles just genetics? Is lotion a temporary fix that just gives the illusion of soft skin upon contact or does it have long term benefits? Is it just a marketing hype to sell us ridiculously expensive face creams? And why is it that body lotion and face cream have such drastic price differences -- isn't it all the same skin?

I guess we'll never really know because I don't know about you guys but I'll stand by the "moisturizer is key" hype. I mean it's something to think about but I'm sure as hell not willing to be the guinea pig!

I'm currently using the Decleor Source D'eclat Instant Radiance Moisturizer.

Do you find face creams essential?

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MeiBelle said...

I went through a period of not moisturizing my face, I think it was during the summer because it was so hot and humid here. But when i went to Vegas it was SO dry that I needed it.

Thanks for the lovely follow! I did the same, can't wait to read more =)

Karen said...

Hi Kelly, this is rather thought-provoking! I can't imagine not having moisturizer.. but there is definitely some truth to the age and climate factor- the body reacts to its environment and I noticed my skin "needing" moisturizer as I reached my adolescent years! But anyways, like yourself I am unwilling to be a guinea pig haha :)

Btw, I'm a new follower to your lovely blog!

Catanya said...

Hello there, sweety!
Just a quick question: Do you know where I can buy Chi products online?

Kelly said...

Hi Catanya!

You can buy Chi irons at many websites including,, and even ebay!