Quick & Easy (& cheap!) Holiday Nails

I want to remind everyone once again that I am no nail artist.  My nails are always uneven, different lengths,  different shapes, and I can't do any sort of nail art or complicated designs.  I do like to play around and when I discover something simple and cute enough I post it on my blog and you can bet it'll be extremely elementary!

So all you need for my Christmas Tree-esque nails are glittery green polish -- Color Club makes an excellent, highly pigmented, super sparkly one, and some nail gems.  The ones I used can actually be found at Dollar Tree.  The kit doesn't really include any "nice" gems and only comes with cheap looking stars, triangles and circles in the primary colors but it's perfect for the tacky-but-cute Christmas tree look!

The nails aren't really flattering in the pics but I promise in person it is SUPER BLING and gives a nice pop to your nails!  (Eunice how the heck do I take better close up pictures?  I want the sparkles to show!)

Also I'm in love with this new Too Faced set that came out at Sephora.  Every thing's pretty pink and look at the flower details on the bag!!


Eunie said...

lol. I'm going to have to teach you one of these days. hard to explain. anyway. i wanted to point out that linda sucks for winning. next time... keep going until it gives you my #. hahaha. jk.

Eunie said...

ps. i forgot to tell you... go try out the clarins primer. i'll give you the specific name but I tried a sample and i fell in looooove! it's unbelievable how smooth your face is the whole night! definitely do a review! :)