Super Cute Make-up Bags

I've decided to branch out from collecting make-up to collecting make-up BAGS.  After all, the adorable cosmetic bags for keeping your products in are the next best thing to make-up!   I have a pretty decent collection from all my "free gift with purchases" but the vinyl and plastic versions just aren't cutting it for me.  My latest obsession is handmade cosmetic bags.

Found some great ones on Ebay!

Although Sephora doesn't carry any handmade bags they do have some fairly cute Harajuku and Tokidoki varieties.

Jill Stuart is an American Designer and her clothing collection is based in New York City, but for some reason her beauty products are only available in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea.  Quite sad because everything is SUPER cute -- especially the limited edition cosmetic bags.

My personal favorite -- handmade make-up bags by Eki of
A sequined Betseyville make-up bag and a polkadot flat iron bag I just picked up from TJ Maxx.

On a separate note Sephora must've read my mind (or my blog haha)!  They actually came out with the Clean sampler set.


Annie said...

I need your help Kelly! Can you recommend a top quality full make up brush set that's not too expensive?

kdao33 said...

u should try out "etsy" too! ive bought alot of cute stuff from there as well.

ps.i dunno how u find these things at marshalls/tjmaxx/Ross.. i never see them when i go

Tanya said...

omg the top ones are so cuteee!!

Eunie said...

you can be soooo contagious! i've been on sephora a million times in the past couple weeks.! :(

Kelly Park said...

Annie -- shu uemura makes the best brushes .... I see a set going for buy it now on eBay for $35 which is crazy since some of the individual brushes are $50 .... They also have mac and Bobbi brown sets going for as low as $20.

Drugstore wise essence of beauty and ecotools brushes always get rave reviews from beauty bloggers .... Also Sonia kashuk is good .... But I don't think any of these brands have full sets.

I also heard great things about -- super duper cheap as well.

Kimmai -- I searched all over etsie and they had a lot of handmade bags but not the really cutsey Asian type that I like haha ... Emilys mom actually ad an etsie store and she's gonna start making cosmetic bags copying the Asian designs so I can't wait!