Product Review: Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil


So I recently ran out of my Shu Uemura cleansing oil and left my Bliss Cleansing Milk back in Vegas.  What's a girl to do?  Head over to Sephora of course!  After carefully perusing the shelves I settled on the Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil.  Why?  No reason other than the fact that this product is forever "not in stock" at and it was the first time I'd ever seen an Amore Pacific display at an actual Sephora store.  Plus you can't go wrong with Korean skincare!

And I must say, in spite of my weak reasoning it turned out to be an excellent choice!  It is nearly identical in consistency and effectiveness to the Shu Uemura oil.  The smell is undoubtedly Korean (floral/perfumy) but not overbearing.  To test it out I put on some crazy eyeliner/eyeshadow/glitter/mascara/false lashes and a small pump of oil melted everything right off -- eyelash glue and all!  Pricey at $50 for 6.8 oz. while Shu Uemura is $62 for 15.2 oz (about double the price for those who suck at math) but the key is it's ACCESSIBLE!

Sorry Shu .... I just might have to switch my loyalties over to the motherland.

Naughty & Nice List 2010

The Naughty & Nice List 2010 is a tag started by Jen that asks every one to list their best and worst products of the year. I had trouble cutting it down to five on each side but this is what I came up with:

1. Creme de la Mer

Nope I didn't mistakenly put this on the wrong list! I really wanted this to be the miracle cream that everyone raved about. But needless to say it wasn't. I did finish the entire jar but Creme de la mer is Creme de la mediocre at best. And not even close to worth the hefty price tag.

2. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash

It didn't help that I was overly exposed to this face wash this year. Not only did they have it in the bathrooms of all the W Hotels that I stayed it, I also got a free full sized bottle from the Sephora Skincare challenge. While it's called the "fabulous foaming" face wash, it barely foams at all! Takes way too much of this product to clean your face. The smell is pleasant but that's about all.

3. Jemma Kidd Eyeliner

I'm embarrassed to admit I paid $16 for this eyeliner. At Target. And I bought two different colors. Don't ask me what I was thinking -- I was in the mood to do some colorful eyes and it was an impulse buy. The eyeliner does not go on smoothly and the color is barely visible. Next time I'll stick to Sephora.

4. BareMinerals All-Over Face Color in Warmth

I just don't understand this product. I love the Bare Minerals Get Started Kit for the value and all the high quality products included but WHY is this Warmth crap included??? It's bad enough as a bronzer but it's considered an "all over face color"??? Use it only if you want to look like a dirty homeless person.

5.Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

I thought this was going to be the perfect Bobbi Brown replacement. It's half the price but not even half the quality. Light pigment and smudges like crazy. While imitation is the best form of flattery this eyeliner isn't the least bit flattering.

1. FAB Ultra Repair Cream

I've said far too much about this wonderful cream. Holy Grail. That is all.

2. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

2010 marked Shu Uemura's last year in the U.S. Market. While other brands scurried to take it's place with their own versions of cleansing oil, nothing can ever replace this true classic. Melts off your make up, leaves your skin super clean and smooth .... one of the best beauty products ever invented hands down.

3. Skin79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream

I've put my skin through bb cream trial and error hell and back and the result was this awesome one by Skin79. It's very light with just the right amount of creamy and gives a nice coverage without the ghostly pale face.

4. Beauty Rush Hypergloss Shampoo & Conditioner

Some might say VS products smell like a cheap hooker but I'll take the cheap hooker smell any day over the perfumy smells of "higher end" shampoos. From drugstore to salon brands I've tried them all and the shampoos and conditioners from Victoria's Secret trumps all in both quality and (in my opinion) smell.

5. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer

Some concealers are too wet and watery. Some are too dry and cakey. Well this little duo has both excellent wet and dry concealers to suit your needs whenever they change. Both have full coverage perfect for blemishes and dark circles -- but doesn't have the nasty caked-on effect.

And don't for get to check out the famous Allure Best of Beauty 2010 List!

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Rock & Republic beauty sale at Hautelook

Merry Christmas everyone!

I know the last thing on anyone's mind today is shopping but I couldn't resist posting about this awesome sale on HauteLook.  Most of you probably affiliate the brand "Rock & Republic" with jeans and Victoria Beckham, but in the beauty world, it is a elusive brand known for their fabulous blushes.

I can't rave enough about these highly pigmented blushes.  The finely milled formula offers a super smooth and silky texture -- no other blush can come close in quality.  Some of their discontinued colors are so coveted that they sell on eBay for up to $80!  Rock & Republic blushes (and shadows and powders) come in a beautiful, heavy compact and are HUGE at 9 grams -- twice the size of MAC and other popular blushes.

The only problem is Rock & Republic's beauty products are not so easily accessible.  You could always shop through their website but the selection is limited and they can get pretty pricey.  Luckily HauteLook does the occasional Rock & Republic beauty sale -- with prices about 60% off!

And while the blushes always sell out fast, you can usually snag the eye colors for a mere $11.20 a pop and if you've got the funds to splurge the normally $225 bronzer/highlighter duos (compact is adorned with Swarovski Crystals!) are at $90. 

Check out the sale here!

Too Faced Personalized Make-up Palettes

I am seriously addicted to Too Faced!  You could probably even call me a "Too Faced Whore."  Not only is it great quality make-up with super cute packaging, they ALWAYS have amazing palettes at fantastic prices.  The best part is most of their sets come with adorable make-up bags!

Current sets and palettes I'm eyeing:

Perfectly Pretty Kit -- $16.50
Pixie Perfect -- $42

 Gorgeous Lips Everyday -- $30

Glamour To Go - Fairy Edition -- $19.50

Wild Thing Collection -- $38

Enchanted Glamourland -- $49


My personal Too Faced collection/past purchases:

(a birthday gift from Jen -- love it -- thank you!)

I mean what's not to love!  And just when you're thinking it can't get any better they come out with Custom Personalized Palettes!!  Pick your favorite Too Faced blush or bronzer and eye shadow duo then choose either a mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow primer, or lip gloss.  And the coolness doesn't stop there!  You then get to custom design your box and add a personalized greeting to the front of the box.  And it's just $35!  I wish I knew about these a little earlier ...... would've made my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier.

Quick & Easy (& cheap!) Holiday Nails

I want to remind everyone once again that I am no nail artist.  My nails are always uneven, different lengths,  different shapes, and I can't do any sort of nail art or complicated designs.  I do like to play around and when I discover something simple and cute enough I post it on my blog and you can bet it'll be extremely elementary!

So all you need for my Christmas Tree-esque nails are glittery green polish -- Color Club makes an excellent, highly pigmented, super sparkly one, and some nail gems.  The ones I used can actually be found at Dollar Tree.  The kit doesn't really include any "nice" gems and only comes with cheap looking stars, triangles and circles in the primary colors but it's perfect for the tacky-but-cute Christmas tree look!

The nails aren't really flattering in the pics but I promise in person it is SUPER BLING and gives a nice pop to your nails!  (Eunice how the heck do I take better close up pictures?  I want the sparkles to show!)

Also I'm in love with this new Too Faced set that came out at Sephora.  Every thing's pretty pink and look at the flower details on the bag!!

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Asian Cloth Masks


Asians have been doing cloth (or sheet) masks for years.  My mom always had them lying around the bathroom but I was never interested -- to me masks/facials consisted of clay or mud that dried on your skin and sucked out your pores -- not what seemed like the complete opposite -- wet gooey masks made out of cloth that seep into your skin.  Little did I know what I was missing.

I was recently turned on to cloth masks by my cousin Jessica and friend Keeka.  Jessica swears these masks clear up her skin and Keeka uses them daily to keep her skin moist and hydrated in the drying Vegas climate.  You can even dip the package in hot water for a relaxing warm mask or keep them in the fridge for a soothing cooling mask.

So how do you use these things??

You first cleanse and tone your face as usual.  Take out the mask and unfold it.


Apply it to fit the contours of your face -- there are cut outs for your eyes, nose, and lips.  Warning: the picture below just may freak you out!


There is no flattering way to wear these masks.  You will most definitely look scary -- almost KKKish!

Leave it on your face for about 15-20 mins and relax.  Then peel it off and pat the remaining serum on your face.  Your face will feel extremely soft and supple.  Apply moisturizer and you're done! 

It can be a bit overwhelming to decide which mask to use because there are tons available out there.  And now that the American and European brands are catching on, there's so much more to the mix.  You can find masks for clarifying, hydrating, anti-aging, whitening, etc.

The brands available in the U.S. can get extremely pricey:

Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask $62 for 4 masks

Lancome Absolue Premium Bx Advanced Replenishing mask $102 for 6 masks.

Guerlain Super Aqua Sheet Mask $115 for 6 masks

Acqua di Parma Italian Resort Radiance Booster $80 for 6 masks

Definitely not economical for daily use but if you want to splurge I'm sure they're very luxurious.

If you can get your hands on them -- I'd definitely say go for the Asian brands.  The going rate is about $2-3 per mask.  If you check out your local Korean supermarket, they usually carry them in the beauty aisle or at the beauty counter.

Another great place to purchase is -- otherwise known as the Asian Sephora!  Very popular among the beauty blogs are masks by My Beauty Diary and FaceQ which are known for their great results and super cheap prices.  They have adorable packaging and hard to resist "flavors" like "Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask" and "Whitening Truffle Mask".

My Beauty Diary currently has a collectible Alice in Wonderland Set available at YesStyle which is 15 masks for $28 and includes:

Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask x 1 pc
Red Wine Mask x 1 pc
Apple Polyphenol Mask x 1 pc
Strawberry Yogurt Mask x 1 pc
Q10 Rejuvenating Mask x 1 pc
Mixed Berries Mask x 1 pc
Natto Mask x 1 pc
Bulgarian White Rose Mask x 1 pc
Bird's Nest Mask x 1 pc
Southern France Apricot Mask x 1 pc
Aloe Mask x 1 pc
Cooling Mask x 1 pc
Black Pearl Mask x 1 pc
Pearl Powder Mask x 1 pc