DIY Lush Shower Jellies

I used to love popping into Lush for their Fresh Face Masks back when they first opened a store at Tyson's Corner about 6-7 years ago. The masks were displayed over ice and had the appeal of fresh smoothies.

Since then they kind of fell off my radar but after seeing Lush products over and over again on various beauty blogs I was tempted to revisit the store.

I stopped by the Lush at the Pier Shops in Atlantic City but was disappointed to see that they no longer carried the Fresh Face Masks. Nor do they have them on the US version of the website. Does anyone know if these masks are discontinued in the States or was it just the store I visited?

What I did find was a dizzying array of amazing smelling soaps! From bath bombs to bubble bars to shower jellies it was a soap lover's paradise.

I did a bit of browsing and while the products smelled heavenly, I was a little taken aback by the prices. $4-7 for a one time use bubble bomb, $25-30 for a bottle of shower gel, and up to $40 for a bar of soap!

So I got to thinking. My mom makes soap as a hobby and has an extensive kit with dyes and oils and molds. A quick look at showed each product and every ingredient involved. So why not make my own? I even found websites that sell knock off oils of popular scents from Lush, The Body Shop, and more.  I found recipes for many of the Lush products but this recipe for their shower jellies really stood out because it was so easy and cheap -- and the ingredients consisted of things everyone has lying around the house.

What are Lush shower jellies? They're seaweed based "solid" shower gels. Basically a shower gel in Jello-like consistency. You can wash your body with the bar as a whole or cut off a little piece and use it with a loofah sponge. It lathers up like a regular shower gel and you can even drop a piece into your bath for a luxurious bubble bath.

So I decided to start out with this simple recipe and then slowly move on to the more advanced soaps.

What you'll need:

2 packets of gelatin (Lush uses a seaweed base so you can also use 2 tablespoons of agar agar, a seaweed gelatin substitute)
3/4 cups boiling water
1/2 cup shower gel
1 teaspoon salt
Food coloring
A mixing bowl
A square pan for the mold

*Optional* Scented or essential oils, glitter, small plastic toys

1) Pour the packets of gelatin into the bowl. (Most recipes call for one packet but I found that using two gives a more firm consistency)

2) Slowly pour in the hot water

Stir until gelatin dissolves

Add 1/2 cup of your favorite shower gel and stir

5) *Optional* Put a few drops of your favorite scented or essential oils.

Or try this bartending trick I learned. Hold a lighter to an orange peel and burn until drops of orange oil start to fall for a nice citrus scented jelly.

6) Put one or two drops of food coloring and stir

7) Add the salt and stir

8) Pour into a square mold

Or you can try any other molds you have.

Optional: Add glitter

Or plastic toys

9) Place in refrigerator to set

Wait a few hours and VOILA!

Very fun jelly consistency!

To use cut off a small chunk

And lather!

I just took a shower with my new shower jelly and it smells amazing and works great!

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Denysia said...

Wow, that looks like a super cool recipe for the shower jelly! I need to try that out someday! :)

Cherry Wu said...

The soap bars are so cute. You are so creative. I am definitely too lazy for DIYs. Haha! Thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment^0^~

Tanya said...

oooooOOoOOoO fun fun!! Imma have to try this one day :) I love DIYs

Lais said...

What a fun and interesting looking recipe... This is a DIY project I would love to try. :)

Tara said...

Great DIY! New follower :D

kirstyb said...

oooh im gonna attempt this x

Mei said...

Ohh wow!! Super awesome tutorial ^^
I once made shampoo at school so this should be okay to do too~
I love Lush & Bodyshop alot!


Linda Tek said...

umm you took out your urban decay blog just when I was about to post it on all my sites :/ I even created a blog for it! haha my first blog was going to be about your blog lol

Anna Crystal said...

Wow, this is truly amazing. I could never do that by myself (guess I have two left hands in this case, lol), but I respect you for your DIY talent

siwing said...

i know i'm supposed to be looking at all the DIY stuffs.. but I LOVE YOUR NAILS !!! lol... they are so pretty and girly !! ^_^

Joan said...

Thanks for the recipe Kelly! The heart shaped mold's a great idea. And about the Lush face masks I haven't seen them at my Lush either but they've never been online since they had too short a shelf life to be shipped. :)

Anonymous said...

So CUTE!!! i sent this to a friend to make with her step-daughter as lil bday party favors :)


Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

Thos shower jellies must be the most adorable things I have ever seen and they must be one of the best inventions I have ever seen on a blog.

MEOW said...

the shower jellys looks great!! what a smart and wonderful idea! :)
thanks for visiting and following my blog!! ^_^

DinaXYYan said...

The shower jellies turn out really nice! Thanks for sharing :D

Nic Nic said...

you are very creative and talented with DIY!

miss savealittle said...

awesome recipe! i need to try this! thanks for sharing! :)

Beauty Addict said...

that is so cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

Confessions of a Beautyholic

KrizzTH said...

Wow thats so amazing, maybe i should try this sometime!

Light Love said...

Amazing idea Kelly!! I need to try this out, and I think it would be great for birthday gifts as well! Thank you so so much for sharing!

la tía maruja said...

Hello! I've just tried this! The only thing is that I didn't have colorant so I add turmeric and a bit of vainilla perfume... Let's see what's gonna come out... Now I've got that into the fridge. Thanks for your receipe!

Nimphadora said...

Your Jellies look good but you've kind of missed the point of the Agar base, its used because its 1. Vegan!(Lush is a Vegetarian company) and 2. Agar is amazing on the skin, seaweed naturally detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin! It can be a little harder to find (check out your asian/halal grocer) than Gelatine but its cheap, good for you and its not made of cow bones or pig skin.

Birds and Buttons said...

Kelly this is fantastic! :D
I was wondering if you could tip us as to where you found the perfumes in similar scents to those at LUSH? I can't find many, and I really miss the way some of my products that are discontinued smell!

The face masks ARE back online though! My store never really stopped carrying them; maybe it was a local shipping issue?

To the person above; I'm not actually sure she missed the point...she didn't say she shopped at LUSH because she wanted a vegan product. IN fact, she mentions in the recipe how to make it vegan instead. :) I personally love LUSH and am mostly vegan, but I can't afford to use a LUSH jelly every time I shower. I'm so happy to see how to make my own!

Angie... by the said...

Love this, and thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to try it! We don't have Lush stores out here but I've heard great things about them. :)

Anna Baratta said...

Do they have to stay refridgerated once they've jelled???? Just wondering lol I can't wait to make them either way!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is the first time for me to visit your blog. And its soo freakin cool! I have never heard of shower jellies before. I just may try out your diy verson :) Thanks sooo much.

Anonymous said...

What was the website that you found the "knockoff" fragrance oils on?

shin said...

Hello, great tutorial! I'm wondering though, would the glitter and food colouring come off and be annoying to wash off or stain the skin? Also, if the shower gel I use is already scented, is there a need to add the essential oil to intensify the scent of the final product?

I'm intending to make this for some of my girlfriends for Christmas so any other tips would be so helpful, thanks!


Emma said...

I'm gonna try this now!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Great recipe but I am a vegetarian so I cant have gelatin. I tried using 2 tbsp of agar but I was just left with a big gloppy mess. :( I really want to make these so PLEASE post a vegan shower jellies recipe! Do it for the veggies!!! ☆☆☆