I'm Going Organic!

For a week anyways.  I've decided to take the plunge and attempt "The Master Cleanse."  The diet consists of drinking only a concoction of fresh lemon juice, organic maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for 10 days along with a sea salt laxative twice a day.   Yes I know it sounds horrible.  It's most well known for helping Beyonce shed 20 pounds for her role in "Dream Girls," but I've been hearing about it over and over again in the past few weeks from countless people.  My friend Mary just finished it and said she feels amazing; Emily recently went to an organic food and detox discussion and they spoke about its benefits;  and my sister Christina swears after 3 days on this diet she was "too skinny."

There are many reasons for attempting "The Master Cleanse."  Detox, weight loss, and I've even heard of it curing diabetes and chronic neck and back problems.  Beauty wise it's supposed to clear up your complexion due to the toxins being flushed out of your body.  Now before people start lecturing me about the harms and risks, believe me, I've done my research.  I'm well aware of BOTH sides of the argument.

My eating habits have gone to shit (for lack of a better term) ever since moving to Vegas.  All those buffets, fast food, and free flowing alcohol have taken a major toll on my body and I need something drastic to change up my diet.  Not to mention I was in a car accident 3 years ago that left a constant pain in my neck and back.  I literally pop my neck non stop and I'm afraid my heads just going to fall off soon!   I know it all sounds far fetched but I guess I'm just gullible like that.  I mean, why not give it a try -- worst case scenario I drop a few pounds!

For someone who loves to eat, this diet is going to take MAJOR discipline.  I heard the hunger pangs stop after the third day but let's see if I can even make it that far!  The diet stresses using FRESH lemons and ORGANIC maple syrup.  I honestly don't know why -- I've always considered the term "organic" a gimmick.  But I figure I'm gonna be gung ho -- if I'm going to do this I'm going to go all out -- I even spulrged on organic yoga clothes.  Strenuous exercise is not recommended while on the cleanse so I will just be doing some light yoga.   I feel like a hippie or something haha -- but hey I like to stay in theme!

In the spirit of things I looked into "natural" beauty products.  One brand I've been really curious about is Boscia.  It is a Japanese brand that claims to be one of the world's first preservative-free, botanically-based skincare lines.  I've read many good things about them and have plenty of samples from Sephora so I will be trying them out this week.

Some other natural and organic brands:

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Thanks to Jennifer of Life & Lens of Beauty for the heads up!


*~ JuLiAnnE ~* said...

Wow thanks! I just signed up for the free Hello Kitty plate! Hope it comes soon! Thanks for the post I might share this with my readers as well! :)


Katie said...

Good luck with the cleanse! I've read about it and thought about trying it, but it freaks me out a bit. I'll be curious to hear what you think about it. If it works, I just may give it a shot!

xin said...

yay organic XD I'm not that into the organic thing, but I suppose it's quite good. Honestly I don't even know, what exactly is in the makeup I buy *wah* nice buys and I will check the store for these hello kitty things *-* But dunno if they ship internationally.

Hollie said...

I'll definitely be waiting on the outcome of your Organic attempt.

I didn't know that tarte was organic. will check it out.

Thanks for sharing.

makeupbykatie said...

Good for you! I should go organic x)

Donna said...

hi girlie,
good luck with the master cleanse :). i don't think i have enough will power to try that lol! jokes aside, just don't do it for too long. after that, just start incorporating lots of veggies, complex carbs, and lean protein in your diet because you'll need them to stay healthy.

as for organic stuff, many health nuts go for them (like they only shop at whole foods, or farmers market) because the fruits and veggies that are sold there does not have the synthetic chemicals that most of our foods have since the day humans started to genetically modify our food. as with packaged foods, if you ever go to an organic market like whole foods, all their packaged foods have less ingredients because it doesn't contain a lot of preservatives.

Michelle said...

"worst case scenario I drop a few pounds!" Best 8 words I have ever read!

Penelope said...

Hiya, just followed your blog! All the best with the master cleanse. I tried it a couple of years ago, but only made it to 4 days due to lack of willpower! Great on you for going organic! I've tried REN products before, they're really good! your post makes me want to go organic now...

Linda Tek said...

OMG it's like the worst diet! I tried it and after 3 days I felt like death! plus you have to go on a raw diet after you finish the cleansing. O and be prepared to have your smell senses become really strong I swore I could smell chicken nuggets from a mile away!

Linda Tek said...

but going organic will help you loose more weight and plus it taste a lot better. You're gonna be able to tell what food is organic and what isn't. The only thing is organic is a bit more pricey.

rakhshanda said...

thanks for your lovely comment dear. I love your blog too. i hope we'll always visiting to each other's blog.thanks honey.

Tanya said...

Tell me how the cleanse works out. Thought about trying it couple times but I don't think I have enough will power to do it.
Also let me know how boscia is...been curious about that brand for awhile now.

Chicgurl said...

I did the master cleanse 2x and I lost about 10lbs each time, thank GOD I've managed to keep the weight. I will do it again prolly this mid Feb. Goodluck on your master cleanse!

Great Blog!

Bela@Canada said...

I have a friend who takes the master cleanse every 4/5 months and has even helped her condition-Lupus.
Congrats on going organic, this is a goal I have but it´s still hard to get even organic food in Brazil.

Bela@Canada said...

I have a friend who takes the master cleanse every 4/5 months and has even helped her condition-Lupus.
Congrats on going organic, this is a goal I have but it´s still hard to get even organic food in Brazil.