Naked Palette Available at

The oh so coveted and impossible to find Urban Decay Naked Palette is available at! Just got the e-mail so I'm assuming it'll be gone by tonight. If you feel like turning over a little profit, buy a couple for the $44 price and flip it for $70-80 on ebay. Get it while you can!

Direct link to item HERE for your convenience.

Deal of the Day:

Free gift set with any $32.50 Estee Lauder purchase at Lord & Taylor.


mumuji said...

Oooh everyone's going on about this palette. Can't wait to get my hands on an UD palette... but they are expensive over here! (and special editions always out of stock i.e. the Alice in Wonderland themed one).

Also, thanks for stopping by my humble blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?