Ultimate Urban Decay Naked Palette/Book of Shadows Giveaway!

Let's face it. Blog giveaways are solely for the purpose of shameless self promotion. Okay some may say it's for "giving back to the readers" .... but what you're really hoping for is MORE readers haha.  But you know what? I want subscribers and you want free make-up so it's a win-win situation!

Now a good giveaway involves some thought. It has to be an item that is a little hard to get -- because since most of you are beauty bloggers, you probably have enough resources to get whatever item you want.

I asked myself what items would make this the ultimate giveaway and of course I came up with the Urban Decay Naked Palette -- the most coveted beauty item of 2010. AND! The limited edition and completely sold out Urban Decay Book of Shadows III. I realize that many people may already own these palettes but why not have a back up? And you can always sell it on eBay (for more than the retail price) or even just return it to Sephora. So in actuality you're winning either a sold out/hard to get item that you haven't been able to get your hands on yet, 70 bucks, or a Sephora gift card -- all depending on how you put these palettes to use haha. Heck I own both of these and I would still be thrilled to get them as gifts!

Oh and this contest IS open to international entrants! I know a lot of contests only allow for U.S. entries due to shipping costs but I know these palettes are ESPECIALLY hard to get outside of the country so I want to invite every one to participate.

Now for the fun part.


Primary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Naked Palette

1) Subscribe to my blog which you can do via Google Friend Connect HERE.  (GFC's been having some issues so if that doesn't work you can always follow via Blogger HERE.)

2) Post a comment on this entry stating why you want (or love) the Naked Palette and also include your e-mail address.

I know some people don't like to re post so I'm offering this simple subscribe and enter contest, and below is one is for those who want to do a little more work.

 Secondary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Book of Shadows III

1) Re post this contest using this link:
to your blog, Facebook, and or Twitter.

2) Leave a comment on this entry with the link to your site.

You will get an entry for each link -- so if you do all 3, you'll get 3 entries.  And of course you must be subscribed.

Please leave separate comments for each contest so that I can assign numbers in the order that comments are received.  Winners will be chosen via random.org.

Pretty simple, right?

Contest will end February 11th.  Good luck!

Deal of the Day:

Okay so this is not necessarily a deal but I thought it ironic/cool that Sephora just announced an Urban Decay giveaway as well in honor of their 15th Anniversary.  How fitting, huh?  Enter here.


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danishenanigans said...

Okay, so the Google Friend Connect thing is being a pain in the rear, but I will get it to work by the time this contest ends. I want the Naked palette because I love doing makeup. I'm not going to lie and say my collection is tiny, because it's not. But having the Naked Palette would be awesome. It would definitely go to a good home with me. Haha.

danishenanigans said...

As for the Book of Shadows, I have my own, but I thought it would be awesome to give one to one of my friends who isn't so fortunate. I posted a link to your giveaway here: http://twitter.com/danishenanigans .

danishenanigans said...

I also posted the link on my Facebook for my blog.

ng.thuy said...

Subscribing doesn't really work at the moment but I'll try again later..

So... I absolutely WANT/NEED/LOVE the Urban Decay Naked Palette because I simply hate how I can't buy things from Urban Decay in Germany T_T
And we don't have Sephora either *sobs*

Tanya said...

I want the naked palette because I am a makeup junkie!!! I love palettes and love the neutral colors for this one! Let me win this one Kelly hahaha :))

Tanya said...

I want book of shadows too!!! LOve love love eyeshadows! U can never have too many!

ng.thuy said...

I re-posted the link for the Book of shadows on my tumblr :)

Gaaaaahhhhh I never win anything and I hear so many good things about Urban Decay ><


Tanya said...


Linda Tek said...

Booooo I was suppose to be FIRST!!!! ahhhhh! lol it's I still love you Kelly!

I've been pretty obsessed with mac, makeup forever and just recently bh cosmetics! I haven't used Urban decay since high school. Maybe winning this will make me buy more urban decay!




Bec said...

Lovely giveaway! Enter me please!

I adore and love the UD Naked palette because I am a sucker for neutral colors!


Bec said...

Tweeted about your giveaway here:



danishenanigans said...

I've posted a link to your blog, and your contest on my blog. You can find both links here: http://danishenanigans.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/link-love/ . Also, the Google Friend connect is working now, so I am now a follower of your blog. (:

Bec said...

Posted about your giveaway in my FB page:



Linda Tek said...

So I've posted to FB, Twitter, and It's on MY blog! LOL it's my FIRST Blog!

Bec said...

Posted about your giveaway in my blog side bar:



Anna Crystal said...

Wow, I'm a new follower - because I saw you're reading my blog - and the first thing to pop up is this awesome giveaway.

Tbh, Germany's not known for being a shopping paradise. We neither have Sephora nor Urban Decay here and ever since the palette got released, I've been utterly in love with it because it also comes with the UDPP I've been dying to try out since ages. That's why I'd like to win this :D

chouhime AT googlemail DOT com

I tweeted about it here:

You're so generous, thank you :)

Joshia C said...

I want the naked palette because the rest of my eye shadows could make a rainbow, and I have my serious days too.


Tammy said...

Wow what a generous giveaway! I want the NAKED palette because it's always sold out when I go to look :[ lol

Enter me please!
Tammy (at) tummycake (dot) com

Joshia C said...

I posted the Book of Shadows giveaway on my blog -- http://rococoma.blogspot.com/2011/01/lipgloss-love-affair-ultimate-urban.html

Joshia C said...

I tweeted about the Book of Shadows giveaway! http://twitter.com/j_o_s_h_i_a

Joshia C said...

I shared your Urban Decay giveaway post on Facebook too!

These are always so much fun! I hope your readership reaches the number you hope it to be. Thanks~

Mai said...

I want to win the Naked Palette because I've been on such a neutrals kick and this palette is perfect for it!

dancinbluegirl90 at gmail dot com

danishenanigans said...

Agh! I forgot to include my email address. Sorry! It's danishenanigans[at]yahoo[dot]com. So sorry!

mumuji said...

Ooohh I want to win the Naked Palette because like I said on your last post I don't have any of the UD palettes and so jealous when I see everyone raving on about it on the blogs! Its also very hard to get hold of over here too.


Elle said...

Alright, you got me! I subscribed lol more like I rather want the chance of winning the Naked Palette cause I can't find it in any Sephora -_- Hopefully this is my big chance!

Yes, I want the Naked Palette...like badly lol

email: LNguyen07 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tanya said...

oh yeah forgot my email:

tanyako0125 @ gmail . com

Hollie said...

I just followed you though GFC.
I want the Naked since, it has nice shades that are good for everyday makeup Plus it includes the ever famous UD eye primer!

Hollie said...

My email address: april.arnado@gmail.com

posted your link on twitter as

Placed your Giveaway on my right sidebar

Helen said...

I want Naked Palette cause I don't have a lot of make-up anymore and i love trying t new things.
email: Hhuynh548(at)gmail.com

posted on FB

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Great giveaway. I own the Naked Palette and love that it can be used for so many different looks. I have a friend who really wants one so I would give it to her.
following as: FunnyFace Beauty

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I tweeted about your giveaway here on my twitter (@funnyfaceblog)

Allison said...

Ooh great giveaway! I have the Naked Palette and LOVEEE it! It make a great gift or a good backup!

green.allison@mail.ic.edu, following as Allison and I posted on twitter http://www.lipglossloveaffair.com/2011/01/ultimate-urban-decay-naked-palettebook.html

Allison said...

Oh the twitter link is here- http://twitter.com/allison_green

suptoiletta, said...

Great giveaway! (:
I want the naked palette because it's always sold out in my area. Therefore, I can't get it lol. I love the colors!


Maria said...

I would love to own the Naked Palette because it's got everything you need for when you travel! And deciding what to bring is always the worst part of packing for me.

Following as Maria

Savannah said...

Great giveaway! I want the Naked palette because I really want a back up!
Oh and I tweeted!
I also put your giveaway in the sidebar of my blog:
I follow as Savannah.
Email: Savannah.Perry.95@gmail.com

Fingers crossed!!


Tracey said...

Love this giveaway! Thanks for this. I have a naked palette and I LOVE it!

Linda Tek said...


Cheryl said...

I'm a new subscriber and what a coincidence, I like free make up - not that I've ever gotten any.

I have heard so much about UD and the naked palette. I want it because I only wear BRIGHT shadows but would love to start working with neutrals and less "in your face" shades...not to mention how much more appropriate the palette is for the new job I start on monday!


Cheryl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Evelyn said...

Hello there,

Would love to have the UD Naked Palette because I'm one of those neutral shades person (though I wouldn't mind the occasional splash of colours ;D) hahah!

Google Connect: evieness
Reposted the link on Twitter: @eveyweevey
Email add: evie.pinkbaby@gmail.com

Cheryl said...

Oops - forgot my email addy:

The book of shadows have my kind of shades!! Tweeted about your giveaway - http://twitter.com/#!/nursefuji

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! Good luck ladies :)


Brittany Love said...

Hey Sweetheart :) Aww amazing Giveaway! Thank you for thinking of us!

I haven't tried any of the Urban Decay palettes before! I know, crazy huh? But the Naked palette looks so amazing. I love the neutrals , it's just perfect for every day wear and any occasion!

I'm a public GFC follower of your blog: Brittany Love

I have tweeted about your Giveaway: https://twitter.com/#!/brittanylovexx/status/25747213342736385

I have linked your Giveaway in my sidebar: http://brittanylovex.blogspot.com/

My email address is: brittanylove@hotmail.co.uk

Thank you again Honey!

Love Britt xxx

vintagejewel said...

I haven't tried the Naked palette because I live in Greece, but it looks so great!!
My GFC name is Olga
my email is olgaliki77@gmail.com

vintagejewel said...

I also posted about it in my twitter account http://twitter.com/#!/olgap77/status/25748834948747265

Ginger Coquine said...

I would love to win the Naked Palette because I do not own anything like it! I'm a starving student that can't afford expensive things. :(
E-mail: tenshi.himei@gmail.com

whatsanitasdeal said...

I woulld like to enter I am a gfc follower (anita b)

whatsanitasdeal said...

I am a huge lover of urban decay products because they are cruelty free. The naked palette makes neutrals look sexy. Only neutrals look good on my skin type so i would love to win this and experiement!


whatsanitasdeal said...

posted it on my twitter (imnotarunner)

imnotarunner {at}{gmail}{com}

Supergirl said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting in my blog and that you let me know about this giveaway!
It is amazing! If you saw in my blog is Naked photo with note "make-up wish";D I want this palette because I love natural shades:)


KrispyTinCan said...

I am a GFC follower (ktun). I would absolutely love the Naked Palette because it is beautiful. The quality of the eyeshadows are STUNNING! The colors are beautiful. My email is krispytuna@hotmail.com

Lucy said...

Google friend connect (lucy f.)
I'm not a huge makeup person because I'm a novice so I like to stick to neutral naked shades so my mistakes don't show up as mistakes it's easier to cover up and blend!

KrispyTinCan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KrispyTinCan said...

I posted this contest on Twitter (http://twitter.com/KrispyTinCan/status/25754146447560704)

KrispyTinCan said...

I posted this on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/krispytincan/posts/164021370311273)

makeawish said...

GFC follower as Nina Shi.

I would love the Naked palette just because I've heard so many good things about it!


Cherry Wu said...

I have be wanting the naked palette for a long long time. It is raved by sooo many people. So really really want to try it. Also I am a big fan of natural looks, haha^0^

Pammy said...

Please enter me to win! :)

I am a new follower through GFC.

I tweeted your giveaway (twitter name: pammyblogbeauty)

I did a sidebar post about your giveaway on my blog:

I love the naked palette as it truely is the Ultimate neturals palette...if I could only use one palette...that would be it!!!

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!!

Tanya said...

OMG so many entries!! I wanna win win win :D

Elizabeth said...

I would love the urban decay naked palette because I have heard so many good things about this palette and I love neutral colours.

I also tweeted about the giveaway: http://twitter.com/#!/strlght82/status/25766797433118722

CHarmonee said...

I want the naked palette because of all the pretty neutral colors!

chaotikharmonee at yahoo dot com

CHarmonee said...

Posted on Twitter


chaotikharmonee at yahoo.com

Maya Cantrell said...

I want the Naked palette because those are the kinds of colors I use on the reg. plus, I bought one for a friend thinking I could get one for myself, but of course, I can't. :(

I REALLY want the Book of Shadows because I am new to Urban Decay and I totally missed out on that gorgeous, gorgeous palette.

I retweeted this link on my twitter (http://www.twitter.com/momayamoprblems
My blog is a work in progress, but I'll put the link on my future YouTube videos (http://www.youtube.com/users/momayamoproblems)

and my email is: maya(dot)cantrell(at)me(dot)com

snow0016 said...

I want the URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE because I've heard so much raves about it and I want to try it myself..
snow0016 at yahoo dot com

Pepper said...

Hehe, I'm a new follower. GFC ID Pepper, email pepperflecks@ymail.com. Why I want the Naked Palette is because I'm crazy over this palette, Temptalia rate this palette A+, all the review and swatched makes me go crazy over it. I really2 want the palette.


CHarmonee said...

Posted about your giveaway on my blog


chaotikharmonee at yahoo dot com

amani alhashash said...

i hear so many good things about Urban Decay naked plate because of that i want it

snow0016 said...

Please count me in on the Book of Shadows too!

-fb wall post:


-sidebar link:

snow0016 at yahoo dot com

siwing said...

LOL.. i loved your up-front attitude about the contest!!

i just ordered the naked palette, but would love to enter, either to 1) give one to my friend who still cant get her hands on it! 2) if she ends up buying it, giving it away on my blog =) or 3) as a backup..

my email address is siwing38@gmail.com

i actually dont have the BOS3, i would love to win that one! =)

siwing said...

i tweeted about your giveaway =)


good luck to everyone! =)

gillybeancandyjar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gillybeancandyjar said...

I'd love to try the colours and texture of those palettes! And the colours are actually wearable!

gillybean604 (at) hotmail (dot) com

gillybeancandyjar said...


tweeted your giveaway!

gillybean604 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Diana said...

I would love the Naked Palette since I have the tiniest collection of makeup. The colors look great, nothing too wild which is perfect for me!

Diana said...

Oops. Forgot my email

The Beauty-Addict said...

Naked Palette:

Will try my luck here this is actually my first time joining giveaways like this. I'm a newbie blogger :)
i really want to have Urban Decay Naked Palette/book of shadows since then I've read great reviews about it, and i will definitely use this gem @ make-up school.


gillybeancandyjar said...


Blog Entry


gillybean604 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Madiha said...

Great giveaway! :)
I don't know why but the google friend connect thing is not working so i followed you through network blogs :)
Enter me for both palettes ;)
I linked your giveaway in my sidebar
I tweeted about your giveaway
My email: me.medi@hotmail.com

roussio said...

Nice giveaway!

I want the naked palette coz I think that the colors are more wearable for everyday make up :) and I love neutral shadows ;)

Rocío pekecuss@gmail.com

cutielippi said...

wahhh!! i want it because i live in germany and it is so hard to get your hands on urban decay products here. well, at least if you don't want to pay the crazy-ass ebay prices T_T
thankies and btw i ❤ you blog and never said it :D


email: kistinger[at]gmail.com

Isabel said...

Hi! Following as Isabel..

I would love to have the Naked palette in my hands as I love neutral colours and I can never have too many of them o_O Also, I can't get it here and after conversion, it's pretty pricey.

deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com

cutielippi said...

I also did a blog post:

Isabel said...

Posted on my blog : http://sugarcoatedmuffin.blogspot.com/2011/01/january-giveaways.html

Thanks! ^^
deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sushi said...

I LOVE the naked palette because it's so versatile. I can go simple and completely neutral with the left side, or go smokey and dramatic with the right side, or play off a neutral day to night look using the middle area. I think it's the BEST investment since the colors suit EVERYONE!

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


by the way your gfc is acting funkadelic

Lyuba-chan said...

I WANT this palette because I can't find it anywhere :( I'm new to beauty world so by the time I found out about it, and decided that I NEED it, it was sold out everywhere. So giveaways are my only chance now :( Although very slim chance, but better try it than not try anything right? ;P


Debbie said...

Oh please enter me, in the UK and cant get the UD Naked palette for love nor money! I just want a really good set of go-to neutrals what wear like a dream so I hope I win. Cant get the GF connect thing to work but will keep trying.
debbie@dlsbusiness.wanadoo.co.uk with fingers crossed!

carmen said...

I would LOOOVE to get the NAKED palette, here in Spain its soooo hard to get it!!! :(


dreamer said...

following as quinieleong

I would love to win the Naked Palette for my mum because she loves natural looks. She doesn't buy much makeup even though she loves them because we are not rich so we cannot spend much on "wants". the Naked Palette is not available here as well.

dreamer said...

posted on blog


shared on facebook

Kari said...

Hi Kelly, followed you!

I want the Naked palette so badly because Urban Decay pulled out of my country way before I started wearing makeup regularly! I'm working as well and this would be the perfect palette to experiment with for trainings with clients! :)

Kari said...

And my email address: saeko_mizuku at yahoo dot com :)

Maribel F. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

such a generous giveaway :) Thankyou!

i'm following on GFC as Jennifer.

jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

i'd love to win the Naked palette because Urban Decay isn't available in Hong Kong!

Jennifer said...

i blogged about it here:


jenlovesbeauty at gmail dot com

caroleen said...

Hello! Great giveaway ^^
My name is Caroleen, and my e-mail is caroleensgarden@gmail.com.
Subscribing doesn't work at the moment but I'll try again later..
My nick as follower is Caroleen's Garden.
I want the Naked Palette because it's so fabulous!
i add your giveaway into my sidebare here:
Thank you!

Thera said...

I want the UD Naked Palette ^^

I follow via GFC as Thera Seow

email thera.seow@gmail.com


Zainab said...

GFC is not working at the moment! I shall try again later to get it to work!

I want the Naked Palette because it has neutral colors in it unlike Urban Decay's other palettes and it has matte colors!

Zainab said...

I reposted the Book of Shadows contest on my blog here:


yuukiimi said...

Hi Kelly! The link for follow wasn't working so I followed via Blogger, so hopefully that's the same? :) Oh wow! This is a sweet giveaway! I haven't had the chance to try this elusive UD Naked Palette and I'd love to win!! Thank you for hosting :D

Rinny said...

I'm a new follower! GFC: Rinny

I'd like the Naked palette because the colors are gorgeous and I would love to have a backup if mine ever runs out :)

Rinny said...

I also reposted to my giveaway page here: http://rinnysbeautydiary.blogspot.com/p/blog-giveaways.html

And tweeted: http://twitter.com/#!/rinny151/status/25987550090895360

yuukiimi said...

I want the UD Naked Palette because I've heard only great reviews about them and I've only tried a few eyeshadows from UD and I really like their consistency. I love doing neutral eyes for an everyday look and this palette would be a perfect addition to my limited makeup collection.

I've tweeted about your giveaway: http://twitter.com/yuukiimi/status/25988214615441408


yuukiimi said...

Posted on facebook!


yuukiimi said...


pick me pick me pick me!!

Ada said...

I'm following your blog via Blogger (name: Ada).
I would love to win the Naked palette! In the last year and a half I gave up to makeup because I worked at home. It was no fun at all.Now I want to start again making me beautiful and I think the Naked palette would help a lot, since I think natural colors suit me best.
Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

*~ JuLiAnnE ~* said...

Heyy I'm a new follower! I want the Naked Palette because I love the natural look. Also, because Urban Decay is way too expensive for me to buy. So please pick me to win!!! ^_^

Belle said...

Hello! I want the naked palette because it is so impossible to get! I missed out both in my local store AND online! My e-mail is: beautybelleblog@gmail.com

Belle said...

I also posted your contest on my blog here:


Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

this is a adorable giveaway! I would like the naked pallete becuase its something I have tried so long to get my hands on but it seems to always be sold out online and the nearest ulta or sephora is two hours away.

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

Sorry to post twice but I announced your contest on my blog here:http://hawaiianpunchelsea.blogspot.com/
and I dont have a twitter, but I did post in on facebook :http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1069527487
my facebook may be privite i dont remmeber but if so tell me and i could take a screen cap of it

starification said...

Following you through Blogger.
And I'd love to win this palette because I've been hearing so many good things about it on the Internet.

MEOW said...

great giveaway!! thanks for hosting it!
and thanks for letting me know about it :)

i love neutral colors!!! or i should say... im a newbie at playing with makeup.. im still really shy with playing with colors haha so i always stick to neutrals :P and i read so many good things about the naked palette! i wish i can try it!!


alvira said...

Hi, I am following you through blogger as alvira.
I would love to win this palette because I only wear neutral eye makeup I just don't like bold colors on my eyes and I think this is a perfect palette for neutral eye makeup but unfortunately it's not available in my country and sephora do not ship to my country(Pakistan) so I would really love to win it.
My email: alvira_rashk@yahoo.com
TYhanks for giving a chance :)

Iyah said...

Eeekk!!! Ookkk I admit I was thrilled when I saw your post! You are right, every beauty blogger covet these items and even want them as back ups! Hhaha!! Thanks for letting Me^ know about your give away ^^ I love that you're so honest regarding the "wanting more readers". I fully agree!! Of course we want more readers!! Heehee!! ^_^

I subscribed via blogger coz GFC doesn't work -_- I suggest you put your "follow" button on your side bar. I kept on looking but I can't seem to see if you have it (maybe bec I'm using my phone?)

I want the naked palette! I want!!! Hahahah!!! :)

Of course I want the BOS III as well but I'm at work & blogging through my phone is so hard -_- will do the BOS III when I get a chance ^_^ hopefully id be able to do it soon! Lol!


KristaCherie said...

Hey Girlie,

Thanks for letting me know about your awesome giveaway! I am entering for the Naked Palette(I already have one) but like you said a back up is always great :) I also clicked on the Google Friend Connect and unfortunately there was an error of some sort. Anywho, I manually added you to my "Blogs I'm Following" list soo I hope that counts :)


KristaCherie said...

I am also entering for the Book of Shadows and that I do not have in my possession. I posted your giveaway on my blog and here is the link:


Thanks again for letting me know about your giveaway :)

charlene-ann said...

I would love the naked palette, I've been searching all over the place for it but it's always sold out. I also think it also as a wide variety of colours to play around with. =)


Monik said...

Follow via Blogger as Monik.
I want the naked palette so badly. That's so cool, nice, and really good collection.


Monik said...

I really want the book of shadow too!
Link this giveaway on my blog here.


Monik said...

Tweet about this giveaway here.


doroffee said...

I hope the giveaway is international, as I'm from Hungary. Well, I'd like the Naked Palette, because it basically contains every kind of a neutral color a girl needs in one :D.


Michelle said...

I want this palette because I have been looking for this EVERYWHERE! and living in the Philippines doesn't really help 'cause we don't get Urban Decay here. :(


DinaXYYan said...

Wow, this is an amazing giveaway!
I'm now following your blog :D
I'd like to have this Naked palette because I'm always a neutral shade lover and with all the hypes for this palette, it's just become a need to have it! :D

alvira said...

I am a follower and I reposted the link on my facebook wall the link is www.facebook.com/home.php#!/permalink.php|?story_fbid=192616357422632&id=100001526898368.
I shared this story with everyone so you don't need to add me as a friend.
My email: alvira_rashk@yahoo.com

나니 said...

Thank you so much for your comment!

Please enter me : D I follow you now!

I really wanna try the Urban Decay palettes.. especially the Naked palette. Urban Decay is not available in my country, so it would be super awesome to get a chance to try it out! : D My email is geu.rae.seo@hotmail.com

Btw, I posted about your giveaway in my sidebar : D

Thanks for following! <3

Camelia Andrasescu said...

Enter me,please!
I follow you via Blogger(GFC does't wark) as Camelia Andrasescu
I like to have Naked Palette because I simply love the colors and I don't haven't it.

Camelia Andrasescu said...

I don't have The Book of Shadows but I love it too.
So, I tweeted here :http://twitter.com/#!/cameliaadriana/status/26424233936556032

Camelia Andrasescu said...

I post the contest on my FB wall :http://www.facebook.com/andrasescu.camelia/posts/134616979935225

Claire said...

I want the NAKED palette...cause all i wear is neutrals everyday...but I'm tired of using the same old shadows.

ps im new to your blog and i absolutely love it!

Mommy V. said...

I follow you on GFC as Vira.

I'd love to win the Naked palette as the shades are sooo beautiful and I could wear this every day!


Mommy V. said...

Book of Shadows giveaway!
i follow you on GFC as Vira.




Kate Gene said...


Your honesty cracks me up! XD

I follow you via Blogger. (For some reason, the link to follow you via GFC isn't working.)

Third, I'd love the NAKED palette because my colorful clown eye shadows are great, but I need more neutrals! LOL!


Kate Gene
kategeneblog at gmail dot com

Kate Gene said...


I added your giveaway to my giveaway tab.


Kate Gene
kategeneblog at gmail dot com

makeupbykatie said...

Hi! I'm following you via blogger as katiieeemoon!(=

And I want the naked palette because I desperately need to expand my makeup collection with some neutrals!<3

makeupbykatie said...

Hi! This is my second entry. I've put the giveaway in my sidebar!

westerneyes11 said...

Hi! I´m follower via Blogger as westerneyes11.

I want/need the naked palette cause I love neutral looks.

westerneyes11 at hotmail dot com

shahtaj said...

following u through blogger.
Name : Shahtaj
Want the "naked palette because i cant get it myself( not available in my country).

shahtaj said...

Re posted ur contest on my blog.

♥ mia said...

hi! i'm following your blog :)

i love the UD Naked palette because the colors are absolutely gorgeous. i mostly wear neutrals to work, and this palette is perfect for it.

i would love to win the Book of Shadows!

i posted ur giveaway on the sidebar of my blog: http://kikaymia.blogspot.com/

and tweeted about it: http://twitter.com/mhiagurl/status/26691758247116800

- kikaymia@gmail.com

miss savealittle said...

I want to have the naked palette since i first saw it on youtube. i fell in love! the colors are something i can definitely use everyday - even on special occasions.
actually, this is one of my christmas wishlist which is still a wishlist. :)

btw, this is a super giveaway! thanks for sponsoring this. :)

judyscribbler said...

Hey there! :]

I just followed you via blogger 'cause Google friend connect doesn't seem to be working.

I'd love the Naked Palette 'cause I usually don't go too crazy with eyeshadows and these neutral colors seem to work for the daytime and totally intensified for the evening. Seems like a win win :] lol

Email: Judywgee@gmail.com

judyscribbler said...

This comment is for the Book of Shadows III.

I just posted your giveaway on my blog: judyscribbler.blogspot.com

And on twitter: @thisisjudy


DalaLuz said...

Please enter me, I follow you on GFC as DalaLuz

DalaLuz said...

I would love, love to win this Holy Grail of nude palettes, because well, it's awesome. And here's hoping that some of that awesomeness would rub off on me :-) So far I have only developed a torrid & desperate love affair with this palette from far and I just want to hold the Naked Palette close to my heart so much :-) Wouldn't that be sweet... My mail is lucia(at)demeijer(dot)com
I am sure it would love me back...

DalaLuz said...

And the Books of Shadows, yet another UD collection of unattainable awesomeness. It is so beautiful. I want to play and dance and create with it... So here's my tweet: http://twitter.com/DalaLuz/status/26737381889548288

Now nothing let to do but pray to the fabulous make-up Gods to shower such bounty on humble UD-less me ;-)

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

PLEASE enter me! My Name is Hershley's Sweet Kiss! I want the naked pallete because my sister has it and i dont...i always sneak into her room to use it. LOL i wish i had my own. My Email address is hoge06@yahoo.com
I am following your blog! I added you give away to my sidebar at : http://sweetkissmessage.blogspot.com/

Steph xox said...

hi, i am following on

gfc: stephanie cummins.

email: stephmcuk@yahoo.co.uk

I would love to win the naked palette. Its right up there at the top of my wish list ...full of amazing warm colours.

Amazing giveaway Thankyou

Katie said...

I'm a GFC follower. I want the Naked Palette because I looove the shades. I typically only do a neutral eye, but I love the differences in various neutrals. Plus, UD's quality is top-notch.

Gossip Culture said...

Primary Giveaway -Urban Decay Naked Palett
I love neutral eyeshadow's and i would love to try some products of Urban Decay, here in Portugal we don't have that brand.
I'm also want to try the Primer Potion and the 24/7 pencil's.

E-mail: newgossipculture@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/NGossipCulture

Gossip Culture said...

Book of Shadows
I would love to try some products of Urban Decay, here in Portugal we don't have that brand.

GFC: GossipCulture
E-mail: newgossipculture@gmail.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/NGossipCulture

ela said...

I'm following you through Blogger and my name is Ela. My email is tinturas.info@gmail.com and I am from Portugal.

I would like to win the UD naked palette because it's impossible to find here where I live and because it has some wonderful everyday colors.

isabel said...

hi enter me please!
my mail adress is lozano.i@hotmail.com
follow you on GFC as isabel
i love this palette !!
i want it because i cant´f find it and i love doing make up!!!

Eva said...

thanks for the giveaway! following you on gfc

email: bella.chicxo@gmail.com

I want the naked palette because i looove neutral shadows and its convenient

piccolo123 said...

I want the Naked palette bc it's the ULTIMATE HG makeup collector's item! The perfect palette for day to night looks.

Maria said...

I'm a follower and I'd LOVEEE to be entered!

I'd love the Naked palette, because, well, the colors are just perfect (I love wearing bronze-neutral colors on my eyes!). Plus, I'd get to try out Urban Decay, because it isn't sold at all in my country, and like you said, the Naked palette is tough to get outside the US.


jean` said...

Hey, thanks for notifying me about your giveaway! :)

I'm following you via Blogger/GFC.

I WANT AND LOVE the Urban Decay Naked Palette because my wedding is coming up and it would so so so awesome if I could have use that palette for my wedding day make up!

smargumiel said...

fantastic giveaway! enter me please
i want the naked palette because i think its the best palette of the world.
i´m a follower via GFC: smargumiel

isabel said...


hi! great contest!
enter me pls

I want the NAKED palette because it's always sold out when I go to buy it, and it´s soooo cuteee :(

my name of follower is isabel
my email adress is lozano.i@hotmail.com

Animo said...

I want urban decay's naked palette only because you say it's "the most coveted beauty item of 2010" and the one chance I had to get it I didn't. LOL

Animo said...


nicolthepickle said...

I follow using your blogger link as nicolthepickle. You were right the GFC one doesn't work.
I'd love this palatte because I don't have a whole lot of makeup and it's nice to have some new colours once in a while.

nicolthepickle said...

Tweeted for the Box of Shadows :)

nicolthepickle said...

Facebooked it.

llezzikaa said...

I want the naked palette because I love palettes and love the neutral colors...

KIMCHI said...

Primary giveaway:
- I would love to have the naked palette because I don't have many neutral E/S colors and I the naked palette has it all in one! It's would be very convenient to have :)

Secondary giveaway:
- Twitter post: https://twitter.com/#!/TofuuCube/status/27153290227617792
- Blog post: http://juiceeebox.blogspot.com/2011/01/lipglossloveaffairs-ud-book-of-shadows.html

email/contact: o1x-babiee@hotmail.com

KIMCHI said...

oops.. I entered differently from everyone. Delete this if this is wrong to do :S

Secondary giveaway:
- Twitter post: https://twitter.com/#!/TofuuCube/status/27153290227617792

contact: o1x-babiee@hotmail.com

KIMCHI said...

Secondary giveaway:
- Blog post: http://juiceeebox.blogspot.com/2011/01/lipglossloveaffairs-ud-book-of-shadows.html

contact: o1x-babiee@hotmail.com

cutleria said...

hello! please enter me :)

I absolutely need the palette because I can´t buy it in my country and I love the neutral colors, they are perfect to me!!! to my eyes!!!

My GFC name is cutleria
and email adress is cutleriamultifida@hotmail.com

angel said...

Wow!! Awesome giveaway!!
Enter me please!!
I want the NAKED palette because i don't know where should i get it here at Malaysia.!!

Follow via GFC as angel.


angel said...

I post your Secondary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Book of Shadows III at my blog here. http://thoughtbyangel.blogspot.com/2011/01/more-giveaway-on-this-january.html


xwish said...

Primary Giveaway:
I would really, really, really love to have the Urban Decay Naked palette for numerous reasons! I'm a high school student who's starting out with makeup. I've got a few pencil liners, mascaras and a concealer. I really want to start using eyeshadows and neutral colours are a lovely way not to overdo make-up for school/people my age.I also don't really have enough money to go out to buy it. Urban Decay is also very hard to get where I live :( AHHH! I REALLY WANT IT! Thanks for the opportunity :)

Secondary Giveaway:


Natalie Lyn said...

I NEEEEED The UD Naked Palette! Not only want.. but need! (HEHE)Pretty jealous that i could not afford the Naked Palette and keep seeing so many wonderful pics of peoples uses with it! so please please pick me!

xwish said...

Secondary giveaway:

(two underscores!)

Maribel F. said...

Hello! Great giveaway ^^
My name is Maribel, and my e-mail is mfuentes1987@gmail.com. My nick as follower is Maribel F.
I want the Naked Palette because it has wonderful colours and I cant make a lot of pretty looks.

Maribel F. said...

The other palette, it's awesome also!
The colors are wonderful

Thank you!

Jo Woods said...

please enter me :)

This is an awesome giveaway, i would love to win the naked palette especially as I've heard so many great things about it and have not been lucky enough to own one myself.

I will post on my sidebar


Love Jo xxx

Monday said...

I'd love the UD Naked palette because:
1. I couldn't buy online, I have not found any online store which keeps and/or ships to [my country in] Europe.
2. The colors look amazing, nice to have.
3. The packaging is awesome, elegant good to look at. I find the UD palettes unpractical, pull-out eyeshadows - like a drawer or something; cute pop up desings which I don't really want to see.

E-mail: lady.grey.zombie@gmail.com

kaizokumousy said...

I subscribed via gfc -kaizokumousy

^_^ i love your giveaway!:)

I want to win this UD naked pallete because I never had any expensive eyeshadows,& because I can't afford it.
But would lovely if I could get this because for sure i'll make a lot of makeup looks with this :)

thnx for the giveaway!

kaizokumousy said...

i forgot to add my email address its kaizokumousy@gmail.com

Melsa said...

i'm a follower..
i would love to win the naked palette because i'm from india n u don't get it here..i've heard onli good things abt it n wud love to try it out!
i posted the giveaway in my sidebar - http://melsa-araujo.blogspot.com/
n i also tweeted abt it - http://twitter.com/#!/melsaaraujo/status/27653540633640960

kaizokumousy said...

I have repost this on twitter


Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

following you dear ;)

for UD naked pallete, i love the color! looks so pretty. and many blogger have it like it was a must have item. but UD didn't ship to my country.


Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

posted on fb http://www.facebook.com/azhezha/posts/173941795981293

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/azhezha/status/27657063882555392

Shie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Meryy said...

Hi! Enter me, please!
I'm following you: Meryy
Email: mdgg89@gmail.com

I posted a comment in my blog.
http://merymyworld.blogspot.com/2011/01/sorteo-giveaway-en-mirror-mirror-on.html And on my sidebar: http://merymyworld.blogspot.com
I twitted and i left the link of this giveaway: www.twitter.com/meryydg

Thanks :)

Meryy said...

I forget to say I love these two palettes for their colors and how well pigments. They are very durable and can get looks fantastic!.

rmartinez53 said...

hi! enter me please, i´m a follower of yours :)

my email is rmartinez53@hotmail.es
follow you on gfc as rmartinez53

I want to win this UD naked pallete because I never had any urban decay´s products because i can´t buy them in my town. I´d make a lot of makeup looks with this.


♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

Hi ^^ I'm following you via GFC

I would love the Naked Palette because I think it would be a great beginning palette for me since I have never worn eye shadow before ><

my email is epued@live.co.uk


Thanks ^^

morphine said...

1).Primary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Naked Palette

GFC name: morphine
Why i want this palette?
Because i heard WONDERFUL rumors about it and i'd love to have it,but as you sad,it is especially hard to find it..here,it is almost impossible:(
so that's why i enter each contest,that offer this wonderful palette,so i maybe have a chance to win something that rare:)

morphine said...

20). Secondary Giveaway -- Urban Decay Book of Shadows III

GFC name: morphine
Blog:notdoctorhouse.blogspot.com-sidebar:)hope that counts too

siera said...

Hi! my email is s_riley1987@comcast.net net and I follow you via blogger as siera!

I would want the Naked palette because I can not find it nor can I afford it. right now I am trying to buy a new car and that is getting in the way of my makeup buyin lol! I love natural looks and I think this palette would bring out my eyes!

siera said...

Secondary giveaway:

I posted on FB as Siera Riley,
Twitter as s_riley1987, and a blog entry as siera

rosa5523 said...

wooooo amazing giveaway! nter me pzz
i´m a follower, rosa5523, email rosa5523@hotmail.com
I would want the Naked Palette because it can be used for so many different looks, i think it´s perfect.

Courtney said...

awesome! thanks for visiting my blog! I would love to enter, and I'm a new google friend!!!


Oh and I love the naked palette because the color combos are freakin awesome!

vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

Courtney said...

i shared on fb



Courtney said...

and i tweeted!


xin said...

Hey :3 I'm following you via gfc and enter me for the urban decay naked giveaway please!

I would love to wind this palette cos it's nearly impossible for me to get my hands on it here in Germany. Also the colors are so amazing >-<
I read so many reviews about it XD

Really nice giveaway btw.



yourstrulypam said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, commenting my post, and informing me about your awesome giveaway!!!

I a definately a NEW follower.

I really want the NAKED palette. After hearing great reviews and my sister recently bought one for herself (she says its the best palette in the world), I really want one now. :) It has neutral colors that would match anyones skin color and I know I could wear these eyeshadow colors every single day.

Thanks for this opportunity! :)

Suzy said...

Awesome giveaway and thanks for reading! I'm a new follower, ma name is Suzy.

I'm excited in the naked palette, because everyone like, but I think it's very simple with usual colors :D Nice colours, but you can buy these shades everywhere. Or not? I don't know :)

My email: suzythemakeupmaniac @ gmail . com

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