Wrinkle Woes & Evis Red Light Review

For most of my life I have been able to pass as 3-5 years younger than my actual age. I guess I took looking young for granted in the way that some girls take being skinny for granted. They're so used to eating whatever they want and not gaining a pound that when it creeps up on them as they age, there's no turning back. And sure enough the wrinkles creeped up on me. Lately whenever people find out how old I am .... instead of the usual "no way!" they just nod in a "that sounds about right" kinda way.

I used to scoff at eye creams and wrinkle serums .... even though many of my friends started using them in their early twenties -- I considered them expensive and useless. I naively thought I would never be affected by wrinkles. Yet when I look in the mirror these days all I see are fine lines and pronounced crow's feet. I know I aged a great deal in the past two years -- between irregular sleeping patterns, tanning beds, living in casinos, second hand smoke, and not ever stepping foot in the gym, it was inevitable. So now all that carelessness has converted into an anti-aging product obsession! I'm obsessed with eye creams, chemical peels, and have even considered Botox. And I quit tanning beds for good!

One anti-aging product I recently invested in is the Evis MD Platinum. I purchased it a few months ago at TJ Maxx and wanted to do a little review. For those of you familiar with the Tanda available at Sephora or the Baby Quasar at Nieman Marcus, this is pretty much a dupe, although not for too much cheaper. A quick scan with my Iphone's bar code scanner showed the retail price to be $295 while the TJ Maxx price was $100.

This FDA approved device promises to increase collagen production by 150-200% to enhance skin firmness and erase the appearance of wrinkles. The instructions tell you to use the Evis 2-3 times a week, holding the light to each part of your face for 3 minutes (there is a timer that beeps after every session or 3 minutes). Now because I wanted to cover every inch of my face it took 16 sessions (a good 48 minutes!) to do my entire face! I guess if you want to cut down on time you could focus on wrinkle prone areas like the forehead and around the eyes. The red light gives off a soothing warmth and your face will probably be a little flushed after using it.

I used the Evis religiously for 4 months -- it claims to give visible results in about 6 weeks. Although I don't see a dramatic difference I do have to say my lines seemed to have subsided slightly and my overall skin texture has improved. I'm assuming the increase in collagen also helps with past scarring in addition to the wrinkles. But all in all this is probably more of a preventative measure than a miracle wrinkle fixer. For anyone who regularly gets red light therapy facials this is definitely a money-saving alternative.

For those who want to give this a shot definitely check out your local Marshall's or TJ Maxx. Otherwise Hautelook is currently offering it for $150. They're also offering a Blue Light for acne.

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Austin said...

I think... I need a red AND blue light... NOW! You know it's really funny that you post such a relevant and interesting blog about aging because I have a cousin who was JUST talking about how wrinkles/fine lines snuck up on her like THAT (snap!). One of your best blogs yet Kelly@lipglossloveaffair.com!

IchigoBunnie said...

thank you for stopping by my blog!! I subscribed to you :) took a look at ur blog and i loveee it!!

I actually just bought the Nivea lip balm for now since I'm still a college student haha. But I think late on I will DEFINITELY get my hands on that Fresh Sugar lip balm. I almost got it too! I was at sephora holding it in my hands but I was like...eeeep $22.50 *cries* lol

And man I needa get on with this anti-aging thing. I mean I sorta kinda...? But right now I stopped because my skin is acting up >< I'm just not sure what to use for anti aging..whether it be the eye cream (im just using a regular moisturizing one, nothing anti-aging) or use an overall face serum? I think I just havent found a nice one to buy yet...

but anyway, nice post on this. good reminder to take care of the skin :)

Anonymous said...

i'm intrigued!! now you're gonna have me looking high and low at my local TJ Maxx and Marshalls for one as cheap as you were lucky enough to snag

Lauren said...

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