Friends' Blogs & Spirit Airline Rant

Thank you to everyone who entered my Ultimate Urban Decay Giveaway!  The contest is now closed.  There were 741 comments and will probably end up being well over 1000 entries once I factor all the points in!

Funny little story -- my friend Emily (who lives in California) and I were talking about blogs the other day and she was telling me about this great blog she's been following called Someone Left the Cake Out in The Rain.  The blog is actually written by a former co-worker of mine, Megan, from the W Hotel in DC and when I told Emily that it was my friend's blog she was like "Wait, you know her or you know OF her?"  Haha I love how the blogging community works! 

I've loved blogging ever since the Xanga days -- I must admit I was quite the Xanga whore.  I miss how everyone would write entries daily or weekly about life in DETAIL -- not this Facebook/Twitter nonsense with the mini updates aka cheater blogging!  I constantly encourage my friends to start up or update their blogs -- I love reading about beauty, life, cooking, or whatever their passions are!

Here's a little shoutout to personal friends and their blogs.  Please subscribe if they pique your interest.  Keep em coming guys!

Amy: Amy Again
An accountant's random and humorous ramblings on life

A: Man Candy Blog
All I can say is proceed with caution haha

Emily: Honeybee Housewife
The life of a Muslim mother and housewife with emphasis on cooking, baking, crafts, and tea

Eunice: EYK Photography
Photo blog of a fantastic up-and-coming photographer

Linda: Living Life As Linda
Make up tips and tutorials, giveaways, and even food recipes!

Megan: Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain
Well established food and baking blog with original and modified recipes.  Lots of cool beer inspired recipes!  The pictures alone are enough to make you drool!

Tanya: In the State of Mind
A hairstylist's blog filled with make-up, nails, and of course lots of hair!

Hmm looking at this list I realize I have a pretty diverse group of friends with many talents!

Ack. So I'm stuck at a seven hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I should probably cab it to the beach or something but I'm too lazy.  I want to use this opportunity to vent about how horrible Spirit Air is.  Yes they have amazing deals -- I've seen $29 fares from DC to FL and I just paid $99 for a last minute ticket from Vegas to DC (all the other airlines were min $350) but every time I fly Spirit I ask myself is it really worth it?

They literally charge for EVERYTHING.  You don't even get free soda on the plane.  $3 for soda and juice.  $3 for snacks.  They even charge $30 for CARRY ON bags.  I paid $28 to check a bag but they just started enforcing a new weight limit of 40 lbs max -- my bag was 55 lbs and they wanted to charge me an extra $25.  I ended up just removing 15 lbs worth of stuff from my suitcase and stuffing it into a plastic shopping bag to carry on.  Needless to say my hands are not happy -- they're already dry and chapped and then add bag strap marks to the mix. 

Also I've heard countless Spirit Airline horror stories -- lost bags, endless delays -- in fact I've been delayed EVERY TIME I flew Spirit.  And a seven hour layover is bad enough as it is but I somehow ended up in the worst terminal in the world.  Anyone who's ever been to Terminal 4 at FLL will tell you there is NOTHING here.  There's a newsstand and a Nathan's Hot Dogs.  No Starbucks, no shops, no food court -- nothing!  And people are fighting over the 4 electrical outlets available in the entire terminal.

Anyways I will be using this opportunity to start working on my Excel spreadsheet for the giveaway.  I need to have a better format for my next contest because this one is going to take days to organize!

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siwing said...

lol i remember my xanga days too !!!! =D good times good times !

i've never heard of spirit airlines before.. but WOW they are cheap ! it seems like most airlines charge you for stuff now too! unless your like one of their members.. sigh..

i'll be sure to check out some of your friends blogs ! ^_^

Linda Tek said...

I can't follow eunice or megan :/ no follow button FAIL! lol oOo I just got my nori face punches so next blog will be about my rice balls :) miss you and sorry to hear you're stuck at the airport :/

xoladiihoneyxo said...

oh the xanga days... lol

Angela Van said...
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Angela Van said...

I've never flown on Spirit. Why don't you try out Southwest or Virgin? You can definitely get a good deal if you plan earlier. Southwest usually has good deals and if you purchase a ticket and find out later on that there's another Southwest ticket that's cheaper, you can exchange the airfare and keep the extra :). It's only in the form of a credit, but if you fly often, it's still just as good! I booked a ticket for my friend for Virgin at the last minute, and he said the service was good. I haven't flown Virgin myself, but the price was reasonable. I hate spending all that time in the airport, so I couldn't imagine a 7-hour layover :(.

Sophie said...

I've never flown that airline since I'm not in the US, but that sounds like a horrible deal. I don't like companies that offer cheap or discounted rates and then spring suprise costs on to you... like charging for everything else possible under the sun. But I guess if you're paying those extras it still might end up being cheaper then getting a seat with another carrier anyway. That terminal doesn't sound like much fun either; hopefully you can keep yourself occupied :)

Rinny said...

Haha only my bff knows I even have a blog. I prefer to keep it private because I don't want employers or co-workers to think it's unprofessional or something.

I've never flown that airline, but it's pretty crazy that they charge you for drinks and a carry-on. I think all domestic US flights stopped serving food, but they at least give you complimentary drinks and a bag of peanuts lol.

Tanya said...

sorry u had to be stuck at the airport. After sitting alone for 8 hours at dulles for my birthday, told myself that will never happen to me again!! Worst experience ever!

Hazel said...

you do have a diverse friends who have blogs :) that's nice!

Donna said...

I think the only thing I would have done different is went to a different terminal or the main area of the airport so that you would have some decent restaurants and shops, maybe an empty or near empty terminal so you can stretch out and be comfortable and not have to fight for the outlets. You had 7 hours to kill, might as well spend at least 5 or 6 of them in relative comfort!

Angela, there are quite a few horror stories about Southwest too. I think it's the price you pay for going with the inexpensive smaller airlines. For some of us it's the only option though, we simply can't afford the bigger airlines so it's go with cheap or stay home.

♥ 熊貓girl ♥ said...

Thanks for commenting and following me ^^ I followed you back :)

Laura said...

I love the blogging community. I 'know' people from all over the world just through blogs. Checking out some of your favourites now.

I did a blog post like this recently if you wanna check that out. Share and share alike and all that...

Laura xx

Anonymous said...

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