Love Package From Amy

Flew home to DC this past weekend and found a package waiting for me from Amy!  Wow it seems like I'm always coming home to packages -- I love my awesome friends! ♥

Amy and I used to live off this ramen when we shared an apartment together in the Bay Area.  This stuff is THE BEST packaged ramen you will ever find -- perfectly chewy noodles and deliciously seasoned broth -- it tastes like the REAL stuff you get at a ramen bar.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find in the DC area -- they used to carry the frozen version at the Korean markets but I can no longer find it!  The Vegas Korean market carries the beef and chicken flavors but the shrimp (green package) is the best and I've only seen it in Kali!

Lepi de Provence Green tea soap -- she knows I love anything green tea haha!  Smells like a fresh cup of matcha!

ANDDD -- a Naked Palette lol!  She has a friend with a hook up at Sephora and got me this back-up!  Like I said before, you can never have too many Naked Palettes.

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day!  I decided to be festive and do a bit of baking.  I made double-decker Red Velvet and Strawberry buttermilk heart-shaped cupcakes with super-gooey extra cream cheese frosting and white chocolate covered strawberries (Whew! What a mouthful!) .

For dinner the boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get a last minute reservation at one of my favorite restaurants.

I had my favorite fish -- Chilean Sea Bass.  It was PERFECT -- crispy and flaky on the outside and buttery on the inside.

He had lobster and filet mignon.

We also ordered a bottle of wine but we're such light weights that we couldn't even finish one glass each.  Ended up capping the bottle and taking it home haha.

I apologize but I'm still working on the giveaway entries.  I have to do 100-200 at a time and take breaks in between -- so tedious -- if anyone has a better way to organize these entries please let me know so I can implement it next time! I promise I'll post a winner tomorrow!

Deal of the Day:

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Little Butterfly said...

I love the naked palette, but I couldn't get it =(

lisa said...

i'm so going to have to find that ramen i love finding new and yummy ramens

your so lucky to have EXTRA naked palettes!!

your chilean sea bass looks freakin' yummy!

charlene-ann said...

everything looks sooo yummy!!!! and yay! for the naked palette! I still haven't gotten my hands on them =(

Sophie said...

How sweet of your friend to send that to you! :) Those cupcakes sound and look so yummy!

Angela Van said...

What a great care package! I just sent one to my best friend, and I think I'm more excited to have her open it than she is! :)

As for picking winners, I've seen other people on youtube and blogger do this. They go on or any other type of random number generator and select the range to be however many pages of comments there are. The generator produces a number which corresponds to page where the winner will be selected from. Then, to pick the actual winner, they select the range to be however many comments are on that page. From the top to the bottom or the bottom to the top, they find the winner.

If that was unclear, here's an example. Say you have 14 pages of comments with 200 comments per the first 13 pages and 28 comments on the 14th page. Using the random number generator, they select their range to be 1-14. The number it gives is 7. So, you go on the 7th page of comments. There are 200 comments on that page, so you use the random number generator again, this time with a range of 1-200. The generator gives the number 38. So, so the winner is either the 38th person from the bottom or the 38th from the top, whichever one you choose. If in the beginning, you ended up with page 14, you can just change the range to be 1-28.

I think you can also try using GoogleDoc to make an application and when you look at the results, they're in the form of a spreadsheet. I think that might be even easier if you figure it out because spreadsheets often have random number generators built into them.

I think that's much easier than putting in all of the users. It would also be a lot easier if you only allowed 1 entry per person. Anyway, I hope that was helpful!

Fannie said...

Your friend is so sweet. O man those cupcakes is making me crave for sweets. Might need to bake a few up myself. I hate baking though cuz I can only eat so much myself and end up tossing a the last 2 or 3.

siwing said...

woooo hoo ! such nice stuff =DDD

i've never tried that ramen.. i need to !!

MSodapop said...

aw u have such a great friend! ^_^

Michelle said...

The food pictures looks awesome!!! And you're so lucky to have gotten a Naked backup! LOL

alvira said...

Your friends are so nice,you got the naked palette you are sooo lucky I hope I get one soon

Emily said...

I love the smell of green tea soap.

iinfam0uschiicka said...

the food looks sooooo good lol

kay eh tea ei. said...

wow, i'm so jealous! i've been wanting a naked palette for so long but still haven't got one!
lovely post, i'm a new follower :)

MSodapop said...

aw your friend is so sweet!

morphine said...

shouldn't come here,i'm starving

miss D said...

your friend is sweet :) luck you got the naked palette!

Check out my site, I'll be your personal shopper! ;)

Miss Louie said...

I LOVE GREEN TEA STUFF!! I have got to try that soap, sounds divine. You're a great blogger-looking forward to your next giveaway! xx

Madiha said...

I wish i had a friend who could send me a naked palette! LOL