Skin Care for Wine Lovers & Giveaway Winners

Because today is National Wine Day I wanted to review an amazing luxury skin care line that was derived from wine.

But first -- the giveaway winners!  Yes I know it took a WHOLE WEEK to announce the winners of my Ultimate Urban Decay Giveaway.  All in all there were 461 entrants in the Primary Giveaway (Urban Decay Naked Palette) and 362 entrants in the Secondary Giveaway (Urban Decay Book of Shadows III).  That's 823 entries that I MANUALLY entered into a spreadsheet (trust me I thought of every possible option but there was no other way to do it)!  And I even read each and every comment.

In some ways it made me a little sad.  Many commented that their country didn't even carry Urban Decay.  Others stated that they simply couldn't afford to buy the palettes.  It's true that make-up and beauty products are a luxury and come with a hefty price -- it's definitely expensive to keep up with the trends just like any other hobby or collection.

Anyways enough blabbering -- let me cut to the chase.  I entered the numbers into and here are the winners!

Urban Decay Naked Palette:

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III:

I've sent you both e-mails so please respond back with your mailing addresses by the end of Sunday, Feb 20th.  If you didn't get an e-mail and see this post, you can leave me a comment or e-mail me at  I'm going back to Vegas on Monday so I need to get these out before I leave.  Congrats to the winners!  And stay tuned because I will be posting a new giveaway with in the next few days!

Back to Wine Day!  The skincare line that I mentioned before is called Davi.  That's Davi as in Robert MonDAVI.  Robert Mondavi founded his famous winery in Napa Valley in 1966.  Forty years later his grandson, Carlo Cesare Robert Mondavi ventured out from the Napa Valley vineyards to create a luxury skin care line fostered by his family's wine.

Description taken from
The Davi
skin care line uses microencapsulated antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin for a more youthful and healthier texture and appearance. This antioxidant complex, known as Meritage, is present in all Davi products, and was developed alongside a laboratory in Lyon, France. Meritage is a proprietary blend of fermented grape and wine extracts; green tea, raspberry, black currant and bilberry extracts; and rosemary and olive leaf extracts. These natural ingredients create a shield to protect the skin cells against external and internal aggressors, known as free radicals, that attack healthy cells, speed cellular aging, and lead to premature signs of aging in the skin.

This line was originally carried exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman but is now available on online skincare sites such as  I was lucky enough to find many of the products at TJ Maxx for $9.99 a piece!  This is what I picked up:

Moscato Purifying Cleanser
Retails for $38.50
Very gentle and creamy and not overly drying.  Absolutely love the texture -- it actually leaves my skin soft and conditioned.

Harvest Mist Toner
Retail: $38.50
This my favorite of the 3!  I use it as a facial mist (you know I love my mists) -- it's so light and refreshing and smells like a glass of Riesling -- sometimes I just want to take a sip!

Vine Fresh SPF 30 Lotion
Retail: $53.50
Includes vitamin E, white tea, Shea butter, and SPF 30.  Feels light yet luxurious!

Their best selling item is the Le Grand Cru Face Cream which unfortunately I DIDN'T find at TJ Maxx.  But since it retails at $192 I'm going to have to wait on this one!

Description of Le Grand Cru Face Cream from
Le Grand Cru Face Cream is the centerpiece of Davi's line of skin care for women. Its incredibly indulgent texture provides slowly released antioxidants and moisture for a long-lasting feeling of suppleness and hydration. Shea butter supplies intense moisture while rosemary, green tea, grape extracts and vitamin E neutralize free radicals, discourage environmental damage and increase the overall health of your skin. Davi's exclusive Meritage anti-aging complex prevents premature aging, helping to keep the skin smooth and soft. The complexion is left incredibly silky, comfortable and radiant, with a youthful tone, texture and luminosity.

Here's a news video with more info on Davi:

Deal of the Day

Spend $50 at and receive a free pink Flatbuki brush.  Spend $75 and they'll also include a brightening blush in La Vie En Rose.  


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