Walgreen's Natural Skincare Haul

Everyone drop what you're doing and run to the nearest Walgreen's!  Okay fine, finish reading this post first.  I admit I very rarely go to Walgreen's since I am partial to CVS (for no specific reason).  But I was on the hunt for a particular item and after being unsuccessful at three different CVS's I figured I'd give Walgreen's a try.

While I didn't find the item I was looking for, I DID find a freaking awesome CLEARANCE BIN.  I don't know what it is about those little orange mark down stickers that make me go all crazy and compulsive.  I saw loads of beauty products from some of the most popular natural skincare lines such as Yes To Carrots, Burt's Bees, and Alba Botanica.

While I am always tempted by these products whenever I walk through Whole Foods I just feel like they're too expensive for something available at a drug store -- I would rather spend that kind of money at Sephora.  But of course if they are on SUPER clearance -- as was this case at this particular Walgreen's, I end up buying out the whole bin.  I even picked up an Oil of Olay eye gel for $2.75.  Total cost of this Haul?  $22.43 -- including an 8.1% Nevada sales tax!  Can't beat that!

Retail: $12.95
Price paid: $2.00

Retail: $7.99
Price Paid: $2.00

Retail: $17.30
Price Paid: $3.00

Retail: $9.49
Price Paid: $2.75

Retail: $18.00
Price Paid: $2.00

Retail: $14.97
Price Paid:
The kit came with all the travel sized Burt's Bees essentials featuring the ingredient Royal Jelly: Very nourishing, royal jelly is made of nectar, pollen, flower parts, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients. It is a very precious, mysterious substance that honeybees produce and feed to only select young bees, which in turn become mature and fertile queen bees. The queen bee lives 40 times longer than her worker bees.

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tiffyama said...

Wow! Such great deals at Walgreens! I never really shop at Walgreens either since I live so close to CVS but, these deals are so awesome! I'll have to go check out my local store too. :]

G A B Y said...

Wow, that's a bunch of amazing bargains! I really want to try Yes To Carrots (=

SiSi Sparkles said...

...going to Walgreens NOW.
Thanks dear :]

Rosettiness said...

did you like the Olay Age Defying Revitalizing Eye Gel ??

Crystal Luvz said...

Great deals you got for your products!!! With those kind of prices, it's a great way to try out products too!

yourstrulypam said...

You found a great deal! I love clearance items too! :D It's sad because the Walgreens over here doesn't have as much awesome deals as yours. Maybe I'll check the other ones out.

DalaLuz said...

Wow, what crazy bargains you got! i am especially envious of the Bert's Bees, they cost a ton over here... Nothing makes a girl's heart tick like some crazy wild bargains... I am a lousy swimmer, because otherwise I may just consider taking a peak on the other side of the ocean LOL ;-)

RINA said...

oh! you know how care the skinface!
really all look alot amazing!
im wishing! (laughs)
you look so pretty for that! ^ ;^
please follow me...

glitteryeyesxx said...

You're a good bargain hunter/shopper, I see. :)

I have the Burt's Bees Radiance Cream, too. I love the smell of it (although I know some ppl are turned off by the scent), let me know how the results are like for you. I liked it a lot in the beginning when I first started using it, but then for some odd reason, it made my skin dry and flaky.

Clamaresa said...

good luck! I congratulate you, I hope enjoy it. These products are not available in my country, I have not ever used any of them. but this kit haunts me ..

Kimberly said...

I love your blog! do you mind checking out mine.

Amy said...

LOL it looks like you gone sticker gun happy with the same orange sticker on all those products. Kelly, you always know where to find the good deals!

2 Mates and a Blog said...

WOW you got some good discounts!!

Hope you enjoy your purchases :)



Anonymous said...

have you tried revlon grow luscious mascara? it's my new fav "drugstore" mascara. Target had 2 packs super cheap at Christmas time so I gave it a whirl. I LOVE iT!! ~AK

Ashley Borysewich said...

OMG love good sales like this! you are a lucky girl :)

following you now!


Our Sweet Addiction said...

hi kelly, love ur blog! Ive always been tempted to try the burts bees products but i never really get around to it, how did you like them? ....