Whitening Skincare

Goodness!  Sorry for the lack of updates -- I had such a rough week in Vegas.  My car wouldn't start 4 times -- I finally gave in and signed up for AAA.  There's been drastic weather fluctuations -- one day it's 80 degrees the next it's 30 -- today's actually the coldest morning in 15 years.  And it's been one of the driest weeks in Vegas history -- my skin is starting to look like a fish.  I literally wake up with dry cracked hands and a chapped face.  And on top of all that I've pretty much been starving myself due to being on the Master Cleanse.

I definitely feel as if my wrinkles have become more pronounced.  It's probably a combination of the weather and malnutrition haha.  But whatever it is, it's time to step up my skin care.  I've been really curious about all these whitening lines.  I used to scoff at whitening products because it brought to mind ghastly white geishas and translucent skin and I was more of a highlighted hair and tanning bed girl.  But believe me I learned my lesson -- all that baking has aged me greatly and now I'm paying for it big time!

So I've been reading lots of rave reviews about whitening lines -- it's strange because these are all common brands in the U.S. but while the whitening lines are widely available and extremely popular in Asia they are only sold at select counters here.  And despite the name, these products are not necessarily bleaching products, but more for brightening the complexion, reducing wrinkles, and lightening scars and age spots.  The prices are ridiculously high -- around $80-150 per item.  If anyone has experience with any of these products I would definitely love some input!

Shiseido White Lucent

Dior Snow

Chanel White Essentiel

Lancome Blanc Expert

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Rinny said...

I actually wanted to try the Shiseido White Lucent line mainly because I have a lot of sunspots, but a lot of the reviews I read online say the products are just okay. Like you said, I think a lot of these are more for brightening rather than lightening the skin.

Donna said...

Why would you bother with the expensive European kinds when you already use bb creams, which are much better priced and have whitening in them (most anyway)? Or just order the whitening masks.

GarnetBeauty said...

As Donna said, Asian whitening products are supposed to be on top of the market right now (well, BB cream is mainly an Asian product nowadays).

But Shiseido (which also has become a popular product in Europe) is also great.

KS said...

Come by my blog because I will do a review on the lancome whitening soon.