Current Skincare Routine

So because I've been doing a lot of "discount hauls", I figured I deserved to do a bit little splurging. I wanted to focus on whitening and brightening my skin and you know how pricey those products can get.  Yup, compulsive Kelly went overboard and ended up on the complete opposite side of the price spectrum. But skin definitely deserves some luxury once in awhile, and I'm going to tell myself it's all in the name of blog research!

Here's the damage:

Price: $35
All the Shiesido cleansers have the same unique consistency -- its a very rich cream that builds up tons of lather from just the tiniest squirt.  You definitely feel it working as you massage it into your skin and the lather gets thicker and thicker.  It does burn the eyes a little when you're washing off your eye make-up but your face ends up squeaky clean.
Price: $48
For some reason Asian companies like to call their toners "softeners."  And instead of using it on a cotton ball to wipe the face, Koreans (and probably other Asian countries) put a few drops on their finger tips and pat it on the face -- almost as if it were a lotion.  I prefer the cotton ball method because it wipes away excess makeup and dirt but with this product I like to pat it on due to its thicker consistency -- I would even call it an "emulsion" over a toner because it leaves your skin dewy and hydrated.  It feels wasteful using a cotton ball because it just seems to soak up the liquid because if its thickness.  I'm using this softener for its brightening properties but if you prefer something that will give you an extra clean feeling I would go with a different toner.  As nice as this is, the price might stop me from repurchasing.

Price: $56

This fade gel contains hydroquinone which is well known for its lightening properties and is a key ingredient in popular skincare regimens like Obagi or the Korean version, IIHB Skincare. The yellow jelly-like serum leaves your skin feeling sticky but is great for layering moisturizer on top.  Definitely a must have for age spots, acne scars, melasma and hyperpigmentation -- although it does take time I've seen wonderful results with hydroquinone.  You can enhance the effects by using with tretinoin or a vitamin A cream.

Price: $150

If you've read any reviews for this product you'll know that they're all horrible.  Unfortunately, this stuff does in fact smell like straight up fish.  You mind as well break a fish oil capsule in half and smear it all over your face.  The consistency is tacky and meant to be used under moisturizer.  If you can get past the smell (and very few can), you'll discover a wonderful creamy serum that brings you absolutely supple and glowing skin.
Price: $49.50
I've heard mixed reviews about the advanced night repair serum -- some swear by it and others think it's a worthless rip off.  I decided to pick up the eye cream first to test the waters.  The texture is gooey yet creamy and feels oh-so-luxurious around my eyes.  There's a very slight tingling -- nothing too bothersome, but just enough to let me know it's working -- I definitely notice an improvement in firmness.  I don't have any dark circles but it's also known to work amazingly for just that.

Price: $105
This is my day cream.  It's another smelly product but not as bad as the cold plasma -- more of an Indian spices smell.  This cream contains turmeric which is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  I love the thick but non-greasy texture -- hydrates well without making my face the least bit oily -- works wonderfully under make-up.  And the SPF is a definite plus!

Price:  $75
(Note: The 1oz jar is $75 at Nordstrom but I just found out you can get a .5oz jar for $35 at Walgreens by clicking here)  My night cream.  This cream is not just a catchy name -- it contains Sodium HyaluronateCrosspolymer which holds 4,000 to 5,000 times its own weight in water to intensely hydrate as well as plump up skin.  Its lovely texture sinks right into the skin and you'll wake up with a pleasant glow.

Price: $38
If I had to choose only one product out of the bunch to keep I would pick this mask in an instant!  This stuff is friggin amazing!  In fact after my first use I called up my friend Emily and told her to immediately go out and buy it!  Apply a thin layer for 10 minutes, let dry, and wash off for gorgeously soft skin.  And it doesn't get too hard and unbearable like other masks.  After using twice a week you will definitely notice clearer skin.  Because it contains 10% sulfur it's also great as an overnight spot treatment.  I know, I know -- another stinky product -- but not to worry -- the sulfur smell is hardly noticeable!


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Great post! That mask sounds good - I would like to try it. Im running out my mask, so I will search new one:)

Have a great week!
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Love it! :)
I really want to try the Shiseido White Lucent skincare line :) Can't wait!!

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Great reviews on your skincare! That is definitely a lot of money spent! I really want to try the DDF mask :) Sounds amazing!!

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