Excuses, Racism, & Giveaway Winner

Wow talk about blog slacking!  I apologize for the month of missing in action but life's been incredibly hectic!  I've literally been around the country and back.  I started off with a trip to Kali to visit my good friend Emily aka Honeybee Housewife, came back to Vegas, immediately flew out to DC, then left with my boyfriend to Florida for a week, came back to Vegas, then drove cross-country back to DC.  It was more like a road nightmare than a road trip -- we experienced everything from blizzards and avalanches in the Rocky Mountains, numerous tornadoes in Kansas, and intense thunder storms in West Virgina -- I mean we practically almost died several times!

The thing that surprised me most about this experience though, was how much racism is still an issue in this country.  The ironic thing was most of it didn't even come from white (okay, Caucasian) people.  We got the occasional strange stares and cashiers ignoring us at the register (mostly in rural towns), but the actual comments seemed to come mainly from other minorities.

The worst comments were directed at my boyfriend -- for some reason he is a target every where he goes.  In Florida he went inside the post office to buy some stamps and got in line behind a lady.  The postal worker, a Jamaican woman, ask him, "Are you friends with her?"  He replied that he wasn't and was just waiting in line.  She then proceeded to declare loudly.  "You need to step away from that woman -- we've had so many incidents with purse snatchers and you're standing too close."

In Vegas an Indian man and his wife stopped him while he was walking through the casino.

Indian man: "Hey you!  Come over here."
Peter: "Are you talking to me?"
Indian man: "Yeah you're my driver right?  Go fetch me my limo."
Peter: "You've got the wrong guy."
Indian man: "No - no I remember you -- you were driving us earlier."
White man (bystander): "Is this guy for real?"
Peter: "I said you got the wrong person."
Indian man: "I'm pretty sure you're our driver."
Peter: "I don't know what's wrong with you you racist f*@&.  Do you see me making comments about your 7-11?"
White man: "You had that coming."

And the MOST ironic comment of all was when he stepped into the Bellagio bathroom, a Filipino guy had the nerve to look at Peter and say "Ching chong ching!"  Seriously????  An Asian guy made a China joke to another Asian???????

It just really amazes me that people can actually have the nerve to make blatantly rude and hurtful comments to another person -- even a person just WALKING BY -- who's done absolutely nothing to you -- because of their color or ethnicity.  Really so unbelievably ignorant.

Anyways sorry for the long excuse but that's pretty much why I've been mia.  Need to slowly ease back into blogging -- I actually came home to quite a few packages so I'll have many reviews to post.  And of course I will have a big shopping haul post with the purchases from my little adventure.

And finally -- the Head to Toe Giveaway winner.  I apologize PROFUSELY for the late announcement -- I received many e-mails regarding this but I just didn't have the time to do the spreadsheet.  I promise to be more on point in the future!

You know the drill.  Entrants were entered into a spreadsheet based on how many entries they qualified for (total of 1,476 entries).  I then entered the numbers into random.org to get the winner.

Congratulations to: #459 Courtney!  I've sent you an e-mail to the address you provided.  Please respond with your mailing address so I can get your prizes out to you as soon as possible.  And to everyone else, not to worry -- my next giveaway will be coming shortly so please stay tuned!

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Shareena said...

congrates to the winner.

I can't believe it too. Some people are ass****

Courtney said...

Wow what a story. Thanks sook much" I've had a horrible week and I'm so excited to be the winner!!

littlelucy said...

Wow, I can't believe how racist some people are. I'm sorry to hear that your trip turned out to be a little bit of a nightmare...but at least you have some pretty intense stories to tell people! I've never gotten a racist commented directed right at me (I'm from Canada) but I happen to live in Canada's historically most racist province, British Columbia. Yes, yes, we have the reputation of being polite and all, but i've heard so many subtle Asian comments since I moved here a few years ago from Ontario. Anyways, so this one time, I was on campus and a bunch of white guys off to the side, and 2 Asian guys walked across from them, and they pointed to the 2 Asians, and said, "Holy s***, look at all the Asians, they're going to take over." I was so offended by this comment I just wanted to tell them that technically, whites also took over Canada. If anybody has the right to say "take over", it's the First Nations people. Gahh, some people and their pea sized brains.

I also get a lot of comments about my English because I have no accent. I'm 100% Korean so I guess that's a shocker for white people in BC. I went to go see my doctor, and he was like, "Wow, your English is perfect, where are you from?" And I was like Ontario, and he was like "no, I mean where are you from from." I wanted to kick his ass for being so rude. I should've said "Wow, your English is perfect too! Where are you from?"

I also work at a tea store and this white lady came in and said "Do you know ______(something in Chinese)?" and I was like, "nope, sorry." She seemed really shocked that I didn't know so she repeated herself, "_______(the same word she said in Chinese)" and I was like "no." Then she was like, "Hmm...I must be pronouncing it wrong". To that, I was like "no, I think you've got it right. I just don't know what that is because I'm not Chinese." Being a Korean, I constantly get asked questions about China. Some people don't seem to know that Asia does not equal China. Asia is a friggin continent, not a country!

Tara said...

yes, its around and always will be! I live in the country side and I’m like the only Asian you would probably see for days, weeks or even months. People tend to think I don’t understand or speak English, until I open my mouth, and funny thing is... I speak better English than most of them! Its sad how this world has become.

Most famous of all, not all Asians are from China! And No, we all don’t know Kung Fu, but If I did…..you wouldn’t be standing. LOL

xoladiihoneyxo said...

Glad you're back! I'm slacking on my blog. Been so busy! Wow, what a trip. hehe. I'm sure with all that adventure, you're glad you were with your bf =] Though... with the racist comments, thats so disrespectful.

Michelle said...

I hate how racist people can make racist jokes to people of the same race. that's just dumb. :-/

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I'm really sorry about the nightmare you endured. That is really f-ed up. In all places like Vegas and in major hotels, you'd think the Asian guy would've acted more normal, but to make a dumb joke is utterly ridiculous. He is just making himself sound stupid beyond measure.

And the Indian guy, WHAT an asshole! Sorry for my language, I just get all worked up from these racists pigs. I've had an incident once where I went to visit my friend in St. Louis and we were at a Walmart getting some stuff. She is Chinese and her husband is Filipino so her son is mixed and looks more lighter but you can still see he's Filipino too. Some ladies were pointing at all of us and called us orientals and all sorts of crap. It was just eye opening to see how ignorant some people are!

Prettyinthedesert said...

OMG that's horrible!! I can't believe people have the audacity to act like that in today's world! Just disgraceful!

rock-or-not said...

Can't believe it!!
This should be forbidden!
In France, you can pay a lot of money and go to jail if you say racist words!!
And congrats to the winner ^^'

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the near death experiences! Glad you're in one piece though!

I'm Korean and grew up in the South BUT the most racism I've experienced has been in DC!!!! Yes, you read that right!

One day while eating Thai food with a co-worker, a black male approached us, interrupted our meal to tell me how impressed he was that I was using a FORK!! He continued by telling me he didn't think Asians knew how to use anything other than chopsticks!!

So yes, most racism I've dealt with has been from other minorities so I know what you mean.

anna said...

Congratulations :*

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

That sucks Kelly.. :/ Tell your boyfriend to not pay attention to racists. And an Asian guy making a China joke to another Asian guy?!? What was that all about??

Congrats to the winner btw :) x

yourstrulypam said...

Sorry to hear about all the racism. It is sad to see the world is not getting better from this but getting worse. :(

Reika Amakura said...

In behalf of the Filipino guy who insulted your bf, I'm sorry. I'm a Filipino, well Filipina technically coz I'm a girl.