Spa Review: Reliquary Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas

One of my favorite times of the year is Spa Week!  It's a biannual event where spas all over the country offer facials, massages, scrubs, and more for just $50!  I like to take the opportunity to check out the more pricey spas if possible.  Casino spas are especially good because they also let you use the facilities which include saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, and awesome amenities.  If I'm on the east coast I usually go to a spa in Atlantic City and if I'm on the west coast of course I go to a Vegas spa.  (As a bonus perk -- if you're a gambler you can use your comp dollars!)

This year I was out west so the boyfriend and I booked massages at the Reliquary Spa at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.  This was surprisingly my first massage ever!  (Not including the chiro sessions after my car accident.)  I'm kind of weird about people touching me and usually prefer facials, but all the traveling took a major toll on my body and I needed to get some major kinks out.

Some of the Yelp reviews mentioned the receptionists were rude and snobby so I was surprised to find them extremely friendly when I called to make an appointment (although I'm sure they were bombarded with "cheap" spa weekers).  And when we arrived late to our appointment they even offered to push it back so we could get the full 50 minutes.

So the spa was HUGE at 25,000 square feet.  The decor was very modern and yet had a definite Roman Bathhouse feel.  Upon walking in from the lobby the first thing I noticed was a giant swimming pool sized jacuzzi.  And the best part was it was co-ed!  Most spas only have separate men's and women's facilities but this was a huge plus when coming with the boyfriend.  They also had private whirl pools in the men's and women's areas along with steam rooms, saunas, and fully stocked showers with the most AMAZING smelling shampoos and body washes.  Not to mention plenty of bottled water, juices, and fruit throughout the locker areas and lounges.

So we separated and went to our respective locker rooms where the attendant assigned us lockers and we changed into fluffy robes and slippers.  I was then led to the lounge where my masseuse was waiting (I'm terrible but I totally forgot her name!).  She led me through a long hallway that seemed more like a maze -- there were so many rooms (21 total)!  The massage room was dark with mood music playing in the background.  She left for a few minutes so I could disrobe and get settled in.  The massage bed was pleasantly heated and I immediately relaxed.  The masseuse returned and asked which areas I wanted to concentrate on (definitely neck and shoulders) and went to work!

It was an extremely peaceful experience -- and not the least bit awkward despite the fact that I was lying completely naked in front of a stranger (okay there was a thin sheet over me). The masseuse didn't talk much which I appreciated and mostly just took deep soothing breaths throughout the massage.  It wasn't the least bit painful like I expected -- I would've liked more pressure to ease more of the tension but I chose the Swedish massage which I guess is the gentler massage.  The boyfriend got the deep tissue for his severe neck and back pain (he was recently in a car accident) and said his masseuse really worked out all the knots.  He gets massages at casinos all the time so his word is probably better than mine considering I'm a massage virgin!

After wards we were led to the lounge where we could relax and sip on juice.  We then went back to the locker rooms to shower and met up at the coed jacuzzi.  So awesome!  My only issue was that the water was room temperature -- it would've been nice heated.  We then went back to the lockers and took advantage of the steam room, sauna, and whirlpool.

The original price of the massage was $125 and they also add 18% gratuity so our total was just $50+$22.50 each.  Totally awesome considering most casino spas charge $20 just to use the facilities!  They also offer signature services like the "Fijian Body Scrub" and the "Royal Purple"
.  (You can check out a full list of services here.)  All in all I would totally recommend this spa if you're ever in Vegas -- and it's especially a great place for couples.  The Reliquary Spa has specials all the time on their website and sometimes on  And if you can make it during Spa Week even better!

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