Glow In A Bottle

I was contacted by a rep at Vitamin Water a couple of months ago to try out their new Vitamin Water Zero Glow.  They sent over a generous box so I could drink to my heart's (and skin's!) content!

The Vitamin Water Zero Glow contains Vitamin C, Vitamins b3 b5 b6 and b12, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Biotin, and Zinc.  Whew that's a lot!  If you're familiar with vitamins for the skin then you'll know this drink is jam-packed with complexion benefiting goodies.

For those NOT familiar, let me break it down for you.

Vitamin C: Protects skin against free radicals and promotes the production of collagen

B Vitamins: Boosts immunity, improves circulation, and promotes healthy skin

Vitamin E: Reduces photo damage, wrinkles, and improves skin texture

Vitamin A: Reduces fine lines in the skin, helps fade age spots, and can improve skin conditions like acne or psoriasis

Biotin: Nourishes cells throughout the body, especially in hair follicles, nail beds, and outer layers of skin, promoting stronger hair and nails, and healthier skin

Zinc: Heals wounds such as cold sores, contains a mild astringent property that acts as a skin anti-inflammatory, helps heal acne

So what's it taste like?  It pretty much tastes EXACTLY like a sugar free version of Vitamin Water Focus -- you know, the kiwi-strawberry flavored pink one.  Probably because this one is similarly flavored with strawberry and guanabana.  I love diet sodas but I'm not personally a fan of diet/sugar free teas, juices, and flavored waters -- too much of that fake sugar after taste that only carbonation can hide.  But for those of you who don't mind the "sugar free taste" or are willing to sacrifice for the 0 calories, this is the drink for you.

Does it make you glow?  You would assume so with the glow-in-the-dark, flirtini-esque, pink water in the bottle.  At least you'll feel pretty drinking it!  And boys -- don't let the pink scare you -- guys need pretty skin too!  In all honesty, it's really hard to tell if it makes a difference unless you drink it daily.  But the ingredients don't lie -- these are the same vitamins that you'll find in popular skin supplements and proven to be good for the complexion.
Do any of you remember the similar looking Borba Skin Balance Waters that they used to carry at Sephora and Nordstrom's for $32 a bottle?  At around $1.40 a pop, Vitamin Water Zero Glow is at the very least a much better deal.    You could always take the vitamins in capsule form but if you're going to grab a Vitamin Water anyway, why not give it a try?


MeiBelle said...

The benefits sounds wonderful!! But I hate sugar free teas too =(( I wouldn't mind trying it once though. Great review pretty lady!

DeyiMizu said...

I always love Vitamin Water!!

Pretty Glitters said...
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Pretty Glitters said...

very informative post

i followed your blog pls follow mine too! :)


G A B Y said...

I'm currently addicted to Vitamin Water Plus+ 10 Cal, so yummy! The pink color is lovely (:

BeauxsMom said...

UGH! i cant stand the fake sugar taste either but this is so pretty and has alot of benefits im going to try it.

Jessy said...

i luv luv Vitamin water, its my fav drink~~~

Light Love said...

LOVE vitamin water! can't wait to get some of this!! sounds pretty darn amazing, reminds me of the korean drink "meiro beauty" ^_^

Ke said...

thanks for the detailed review, i love your posts, they're actually really informative.

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Anonymous said...

I love this drink! It does not taste as watery as the other vitamin water zeros. I think it has a strong sweet flavor. I do drink it everyday. I noticed a difference in my nails and my complexion after a couple of weeks of drinking it! I hope they never give up this flavor. Its awesome. Plus the pretty bottle makes it even better :) Drink away girls!

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

wahh... i never know about it
good info i get