The Super Kawaii Giveaway

See winner here.

It's time for another giveaway!  I seriously live for these things -- I spend way too much time thinking of themes and items and shopping for the next one.  I don't normally enter giveaways because I feel like I just have way too much stuff and others are much more deserving than I -- but hosting giveaways -- I could do all day.

So this month's theme is "Super Kawaii."  I know I said my next giveaway would be Hello Kitty -- and I collected a LOT of HK stuff but I'm just not quite there yet.  I absolutely promise the next one will be Hello Kitty.  But this giveaway is equally cute with lots of harajuku girls, pinks, and all things kawaii.

Please click on images below to enlarge so you can see the adorable detailing!

Essential Beauty Pink & Floral
Blush Brush, Kabuki Brush,
and Eyeshadow Brush

Sally Hansen Smile Brightening
Lipgloss in "Gleaming", Hello Kitty 
Lipgloss in Raspberry, Strawberry,
and Bubble Gum; Lotta Love Gelato
Lip Balm
Japanese-style Bow headband
Argento SC Swarovski 
crystal bobby pins
Sugar Cookie Body Lotion,
Strawberry bath bomb,
Simple Pleasures Strawberry
Mouse Shower Gel

Pink bead & heart bracelet and
fabric flower coin holder handmade 
Rockstar Eye & Lip Palette
sponsored by The Product Whore 
Harajuku Lovers 
Cosmetic Bag

Paris Hilton Heiress Diary
sponsored by
A Little Bit of Everything
Creative Buds "Fluff" earphones

Harajuku Lovers Candy
from Dylan's Candy Bar
French Connection Pink
Aviator Sunglasses

e.l.f. nail polish in "coral", 
Hello Kitty nail polish set, 
Nail Rose pink 3D nails
Primal Elements "Majesty"
hand-made soap and Victoria's 
Secret Beauty Rush Cheek Tint
in "I Pink I Can"
Harajuku Lovers snowbunny
perfume in "Love"

The Rules

You must be a GFC or Blogger Follower (1 entry)

Extra entries
  • Follow me via BlogLovin' by clicking here (1 extra entry)
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  • Post contest in a blog entry (2 extra entries)
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  • Follow Honeybee Housewife (1 extra entry) 
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  • Follow A Little Bit of Everything (1 extra entry) 
  • Total of 13 entries possible!
This contest is international.  Ends June 17th.  Comment entries will not qualify -- you must enter via the form below! Good luck!


morphine said...

i think i'm blind,but cant find where to follow you via gfc

Jeeya said...

such a great giveaway contest : i have entered for all the 11 entries :)

nZ! said...

Awesome giveaway! =)

I have entered, but I couldn't find any blog lovin nick, so I have entered my email.

I am not sure if I have filled the form twice, if I did then I am really very sorry :$

dick-vince-dorry said...

great giveaway with awesome prizes.. joining here and hoping to win... thanks in advance

alvira said...

Submitted the form.
I had problem finding bloglovin' ID I guess it would be my name alvira because I always use my email to sign in.
Thanks for giving a chance xx

saetta9 said...

Bellissimo giveaway!!Incrocio le dita:)

Elena said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I hope I win!

Crystal Luvz said...

Amazing giveaway. I want to enter, but I don't have facebook... I thought that by following I can enter, but all those extra entries are also required in the form... ='(

miha.ela said...

Crystal Luvz, just GFC it's mandatory, for the rest you can say no :)

Sunshine_me009 said...

Nice giveaway ... Thanx

Jessica said...

yayyy your giveaways are always the best~! thanks for all of the great giveaways!

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

thanks for the giveaway dear ;D

jc said...

This is indeed super kawaii, highly irresistible! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway.

Gift Princess said...

Wow, very great giveaway! Kawaii! Hope I win! XOXO! <3

Budgetpigen said...

Amazing giveaway!

ArsheaMaeGalang said...

That's an awesome giveaway I hope I win because I love Hello Kitty, Harajuku Lovers and anything cute :3
I don't think I filled out the thing right because I was soo confused >.< Oh well but I hope I win

ArsheaMaeGalang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yesha said...

Omigosh this is so cool ^ ^
I followed all your rules
I am so excited about this:)

Thank you for hosting a kawaii giveaway<3

God bless you more

Trish said...

Not just kawaii but also cool giveaways! ;>

sohamolina said...

I am eddiem11 GFC

sohamolina said...

Follow you via BlogLovin'

sohamolina said...

Follow Honeybee Housewife

sohamolina said...

Follow The Product Whore

sohamolina said...

Follow A Little Bit of Everything

beautyymonsterr said...

Such A Cute Giveaway :)
Thnx :)

Kim said...

done 11 entries. this is really a nice giveaway. I hope I can win this ^^

Sonia said...

Hey I've recently created a giveaway directory
please drop by http:
and post your giveaway to help spread the word :)

Ohashi said...

It is really kawaii :)

Amy V said...

gfc-annae07 'lipgloss love affair'

annae07 at aol dot com

Amy V said...

gfc-annae07 'honeybee housewife'

annae07 at aol dot com

Carmen said...

new follower and fan bloglovin
Carmen Melfi

Daya, muito prazer... said...

thanx for the giveaway!

Belle said...

This email is to inform you that we have added your blog giveaway to our website. We hope this is ok with you, of course if it isn't please email us and let us know and we will be sure to remove it promptly. Normally giveaways to our site have to be submitted, however as we are new we have added a few, so if you wish to feature any future giveaways please pop over to our site to see how, its totally free, thank you for your time

the fashion and beauty blog giveaways team

NigthclubZombie said...

Srsly, I can't wait for this give away to end! I'm so exited to see if I win! <3

I have never won anything but I really hope, cause this is srsly the cutest give away ever!! I keep looking at the pictures of the stuff you give away and I would srsly scream of happiness if I won xD OMG! <3

Angela Ricardo said...

entered on all 12 :)

cybelle.wicca said...

Love it! :)

Lyudmila said...

I hope to win it on my BD

Limao said...

I hope that can win because is the best giveaway!!!

Katsuki said...

I hope that can win this giveaway!!! :D

romipo said...

it would be soo cool if i win this awesome giveaway!!!

NigthclubZombie said...

I can't stop looking at this give away! Everything in it is just so Yummi! I really do hope I win, cause then I would be the happiest girl alive! <3

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

Just joined! great blog and give aways!

Nadia said...

I cant wait till June 17th....I've always wanted brushes from Essentials but you dont get those here and Sally Hansen Nail polishes are amazing. I've never seen their lip glosses here so this giveaway was real going to be a lil selfish and say 'I hope I win' :)

Totally awesome stuff and awesome blog. tc.

drawntolights said...

This is awesome! I completed all the entries. Yay. More power. =)

sirkah-haroulita said...

awwwwwwwww awesome entries!!!!!woohoooooooooo i want them all :D

Rinny said...

This is a very generous giveaway! Is there only going to be 1 winner? This is too much kawaii-ness for just one person haha :D

iryn said...

winning something like those is heaven! so many cute stuff! haha

yokeMun said...

thanks for the giveaway

Fantastic World said...

Thanks for the giveaway I get 11 entries!! YAY

mama shifa said...

mama shifa join!
please check it out :)

Anna said...

thanks for this giveaways!

Rae said...

Followed you via GFC (GFC Name: Rae)

bhumika said...

hey gal awesumm giveaway.. its so so sweet of u to have sucha huge giveaway eneterd............... and really hope to grab it from u loved it.......... mmwwhha... bleesing so tht u can have many more like this........

oksana said...

Following your blog via GFC!(ksyshenka)

Thank you for the chance!


I. from Ioana said...

I can`t follow you with GFC .. I don`t know whay:(, but I liked your FB page with Dabija Ioana.

Shaniece said...

Nice stuff! Good luck to everyone! If anyone is interested, I made a button to add on your own blog.

Much love! Shaniece

MeggiEssa said...

Great giveaway! I entered :) Hope to win though I doubt that since there just too many people entering lol

Join My First Giveaway NOW!

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Joining .. crossing my fingers to win :)

Beatriz Valdés said...

Thanks! said...

looking fwd to winnn!!!

reika amakura said...

I'm sorry "if" I entered twice.. The first time I filled out the form and entered, I got disconnected. So Im not sure If it was entered succesfully.
So I filled it out again.

Synz said...

Great giveaways! Just joined your contest. :)

Marxie ♔ said...

Nice giveaway! I entered. :)
Got 11 entries. :D
Pls do visit my blog if you have time. I'm new here. :D

Thank you! :))

AyLin said...

Nice giveaway! Love'em all!

Pinkk Candy said...


great giveaway =)

i am trying my luck!


MiriaBit said...

It's all so cute!
Thanks for the giveaway

AmysBeautyWorld said...

Wow this is really the most generous giveaway i have ever seen O_O

so i immediately entered the contest haha

Really, thankyou for holding such an amazing contest and good luck everyone!

*Raíssa said...

Thanks for the awsome giveaway!

cikbintang said...

thanks for da lovely giveaway..i hope i can win!!!

contest | annis said...

what an awesome GA . oh ya, followed you :)

HitomiNeko said...

I think I entered all the info there =) thx for the giveaway~ i’m of course already following! plz follow back ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Carol Jung said...

OMG I want win this giveaway so much!!!
I'm from Brazil!!

Ellyssa said...

TOO CUTE!!! Omg Kelly, u always ALWAYS host the best giveaways. Ur so nice and cute, and u have the best lip glosses as ALWAYS. U stay true to ur name Lip Gloss love affair, and I will continue to visit ur amazing awesome site!!

katrina cruz said...

Cute items! Goodluck to everyone!

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saracr said...

Hello. was completing the form, but not send, it says that fill in some missing entries. Yet they are entries that did not follow the disclosure or blog. How can I do?

my email is: