Circle Lens Intro + Neo Cosmo Lucky Clover Review

So I know practically everyone knows what circle lenses are, but sometimes we have to remember to take a step back and not to take the beauty and blogging community for granted.  There are always a handful of people who don't keep up with every little thing as much as we do and may not have heard of certain products -- especially those ever evolving products from Asia.  As I've mentioned over and over -- the US is behind in EVERYTHING.

I have several lens reviews coming up in the next few weeks so I thought I would put out a little information in case anybody wanted to reference back to it.  You can always skip down to the review below!

So circle lenses were developed in Korea I'm going to say 5 or 6 years ago (maybe even longer).  The earlier lenses that came out gave your eyes a shimmer or added a "teary" effect -- something like you would see in a Japanese cartoon or

As circle lenses evolved, large rings or circles were added around the iris, causing an enlargement of the eyes (thus the name "circle" lens).  Obviously this was meant for our smaller Asian eyes.

This image is from a popular Chinese make-over show.  One eye has fake eyelashes, double eyelid tape, circle lens, and make-up.

Now these lenses are popular all over the world, worn by every type of ethnicity.   Many lenses now just come in interesting colors and do not necessarily have the thick black ring.  There are tons and tons of styles, colors, and designs from various manufacturers.

There have been articles and news reports warning people against circle lenses and their potential for causing blindness.  You should definitely do a bit of research, learn their proper care, and consult your eye doctor before using circle lenses.

I personally do not have much experience with circle lenses.  I purchased two pairs about three years ago (I don't even remember the website) and had a pretty bad experience with them.  One pair was a yellow brown that looked completely unnatural and lizard like.  After soaking for a few days in contact solution the color somehow came off!!!  It scared the crap out of me -- the colors were just painted on!!!

The second pair was a more natural brown but it was SO irritating to my eyes.  After wearing it for a whole day I couldn't even put my regular contacts in for a few days.  I really wish I could remember the website and which contacts I purchased to warn everyone away.

So yes it took two good years for me to jump back on the circle lens horse.  I still don't plan on wearing them for long periods of time.  The good news is there are plenty of
Youtubers and Bloggers who have done the research for you -- you can check out reviews of lenses and reputable stores before making your purchase so hopefully you won't go through the same problems I did!

On To The Review:

Being Korean, I've always considered blue contacts too unnatural for my eyes.  I'm not a fan of super obvious colored lenses as the color "pops" and attracts too much attention.  I normally stick with browns or greys but I have sort of grown out of colored contacts in general as I find them irritating for my eyes.

Another issue I have is my prescription -- believe it or not both of my eyes are -9.5.  Yes I'm super blind!  It's pretty hard to find colored lens in my prescription -- some go up to -10.0 but most only go to -6.0 or -8.0.

Fortunately let me know that they had my prescription in the Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Lucky Clover Series as well as the 3 Tone Princess Eyes Series  Upon looking at the the images, I was surprised at how natural all the lenses looked -- mostly because they were "blended lenses" -- mixing 3 or 4 tones together for a natural appearance.

The blue lens actually appeared more grey in the pictures so I thought, heck why not, and picked out my very first pair of blue lens!

I was extremely surprised with's super fast shipping!  They are located in Taiwan and the package arrived at my home in the US in a week!  I'm still waiting on my lenses from other companies and those were ordered nearly two weeks ago.

The lenses arrived securely bubble wrapped in the usual glass vials and came with a free animal contact lens case (you get one for every pair you order).  

The design consists of different shades of blue, green, and brown in a clover or flower-like pattern.
The colors blended nicely into my naturally medium brown eyes.  Please keep in mind circle lenses look different on everyone depending on their natural eye color.

Comfort wise, the Neo Cosmo lenses definitely held up better than my first circle lenses.  I could still tell they were in my eyes but they were fairly comfortable.  I recommend using eye drops if you plan on wearing them for an extended period of time.

As for the enlargement, I didn't see any with these lens.  You can usually tell by the lens size whether or not they will enlarge your eyes -- for bigger eyes, you should go for a 15 or 16mm lens.  These lenses are 14.2mm in diameter and are not particularly meant for enlargement.  

 Neo Cosmo Lucky Clover series retails for $27 per pair at and I definitely recommend them for those of you who are like me and want just a subtle color change.  They are also available in grey, brown, and green.
is also having a special promotion where you can purchase a pair of Neo Cosmo Lucky Clover lenses and a Neo Cosmo Dali, Dali 2, or Smokey Black lenses for a total of $45.  Click here for the promotion.

I'm still learning the art of
camwhoring -- you probably noticed I rarely put up self pics.  I don't know how these other bloggers can get such sharp and clear pictures of their eyes!

Disclaimer: These lenses were provided by for review purposes.  No monetary compensation was received and all opinions expressed in this post are my own.


Picasso_Esque said...

Whoa! They look so good on you! (@A@)

Also, YIKES! Your first experience sounds so incredibly scary! It's reasons like that, that make me really scared to ever try them. (TAT) Hope your future experiences work out well for you!

Reika Amakura said...

" Please keep in mind circle lenses look different on everyone depending on their natural eye color."
- I so agree with this! it might look pretty on model pictures but when you buy and try it, it looks different. I also have dark brown eyes.. That's why its important to read reviews from my fellow asians because we kinda have the same eye color. thanks for the review :)

Tanya said...

It looks good on you!!! I haven't worn contacts in 5 years since my lasik. Scared to wear any kind again. But I do wanna try it..just to see how it'll look.

Anna said...

I thought you had already gotten into circle lenses aaaaaages ago, the more am I surprised to read your intro post now and that your first pair ever is the Neo Cosmo 4 Tone Series, which I recently reviewed in blue and they looked gross on me, but they super much suit you, you look adorable, also with the bunny hair band.

Lana said...

Ooo they do look pretty natural. Thanks for letting me know about Koreabigeyes -- I've always been scared to order them from a random site!

Hermelinda Valentine said...

great review and thank u for the intro! i've never tried any before and u answered questions i'd been having about them. thank you so much! i love the animal case :3 its so cute <3

Jade said...

Wow they look gorgeous on you! I have never tried coloured contact lenses but after reading this review, I'm quite tempted!

Great blog, I'm following

Jade - x

Jen said...

I know the US is behind on a lot of stuff, but not this. Crazy contacts have been around for at least ten years. I remember when I was a kid and people were buying the weird black out contacts, X-out contacts, purple and emerald, rainbow, polka-dot, plaid, smiley faced, etc. Contacts to make the iris *bigger* weren't really popular in the US because there is no need for it. It's not that the US is behind, it's just, why would we want to make our eyes bigger? They're already bigger. Very much bigger and it would be borderline obnoxious. Just wanted to point that out.
Also, they do look beautiful on you. I always wanted to try them myself, but contact lenses never agreed with me. I always felt like I had sand in my eyes :*(