Favorite Summer Blushes

Okay so this post should probably just be called "favorite blushes" but "summer blushes" sounds a little more festive, doesn't it?  Oddly enough I've only recently discovered blush.  Before last year I was strictly a bronzer girl -- it just seemed to go better with the whole highlighted hair, tanned skin, "Malibu Barbie" look I was apparently going for.

Yes I know -- bronzer overkill!
I guess blush came into play as I became more interested in Asian cosmetics and started preferring the pale skinned, simple eyeliner look.  I soon realized that blush gave the perfect touch of color to simplistic make-up.   It's the ultimate girly girl cosmetic (after lip gloss of course!).  And who can resist all those gorgeous shades of peach and pink?  So here's some of my favorites in various textures -- creams, gels, and powders -- and organized by colors.

Peaches & Corals
 Victoria's Secret Radiant Face Trio in "Love Glow"
This velvety powder requires a bit of a heavy hand to get enough color but a little swirl with the included bronzer and shimmer provides a lovely summer glow.

Maybelline Mineral Powder Naturally Luminous Blush in "True Peach II"
These are discontinued but I've seen them at Whole Foods, Big Lots, and The Dollar Tree.  I absolutely LOVE these mineral powder blushes!  They are super duper pigmented and the peach shade gives that nice orange dolly look that's popular in Asia.

This universally flattering color gives cheeks a pretty coral color and warms up the complexion nicely.

This blush actually doubles as skin care.  It minimizes pores and plumps the skin on cheeks (apparently in 28 days) but I haven't used it consistently enough to vouch for that.  It has a very light texture and blends nicely into the skin for a natural look (perfect for hot days) but its cream to powder formula is buildable if you want a little more color.

Lancome Magique Blush in "Cinnamon Glaze"
Another discontinued blush but available at discount make-up stores such as the Cosmetics Company Store.  I really adore these mousse blushes!  The formula is so fluffy and creamy and absorbs well into the skin.  It's very pigmented and one little dab on each cheek goes a long way.


Lola Silky Powder Blush in "Mistress"
This matte texture blush applies super bright on cheeks and can get "clownish" if you're not careful.  But get it right and it's the ultimate dolly pink.

So this probably should've went into the coral category -- it's more of a watermelon pink -- almost red.  This cheek stain comes in a solid gel and is a little sticky upon application but glides smoothly on to your cheeks for a natural "pinched your cheeks" flush.

Too Faced Blush in "La Vie en Rose"
This pretty pink powder is super soft and gives a subtle shimmer to cheeks.  It has nice pigmentation and a surprisingly high staying power -- lasts for hours!

Lorac Cheek Stamp in "Pink Paradise"
I was SO excited to see find this Lorac Cheek Stamp -- totally reminds me of the Etude House stamps.  One stamp on the cheek gives just the right amount of powder and you can blend it out for perfect baby pink cheeks.

MAC Powder Blush in "Dollymix"
This is an oldie but goodie -- I'm sure many of you already own it!  This super pink is heavily pigmented and you should definitely use a light hand.  It'll give pale skin a nice "dolly" cheek and it's also one of the few pinks that show up on tanned skin for a pop of color.

Hello Kitty

Yes Hello Kitty gets it's own category!  This adorable palette not only has gorgeous packaging, it actually contains high quality shadows and blushes inside.  Okay so I admit the colors are a bit generic (as are the names -- "peach" and "rose").  They're probably dupes of blushes you already have, but they're nicely pigmented and you really can't go wrong with these shades.  Plus how cute will you look busting out this palette to apply said blush?!


Sidney said...

Lovely post :) I just bought the Benefit Coralista - so pretty! I'll have to try out some of the pinks you have listed...

<3 Sidd

Arianne Cruz said...

Wow that's a lot.. You use them all in the summer? (Not together of course)


Beauty By Rosh x said...

I prefer bronzers to blush to be honest! :) I've never really tried blusher :)

My Blog :)

ニーナ ☆彡 (Nina) said...

The design of the VS blush is so adorable!!

Michelle said...

I'm not really sure about brown blushes... Can you maybe do a post about them? Like if it's right for your skin tone or not? And stuff like that. :-)

aMz88 said...

the VS looks pretty :D

Geia Flores said...

i wish i have that much blush to choose from

faye lu said...

dollymix looks super bright in the pan.. but beautiful when swatched. will def. check it out x

Iyah said...

aweee!! I want the Hello kitty blushes!! so adorable <3

Supergirl said...

Great collection! all colors adorable:)

Charlene said...

I love this post! I myself and more for the peaches/corals mized with a bronzer, because I'm so pale skinned, it makes me feel like I got a summer glow. At least in my face. Can't say the same for my legs lol.

Olivia Frescura said...

love the photos of the blushes. so pretty. I now want the VS one. so cute.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I am the complete opposite! I just discovered bronzers :p Blushes will become your new addition :) I'm sure of it!

Hollie said...

Gawjus shades! would really love to try the Nars and Coralista one.