Sasa Haul

I finally got my Sasa order in the mail yesterday!  For those of you who've never heard of Sasa, it is pretty much an Asian version of Sephora.  (They have stores all over Asia so it will be one of my first stops in Malaysia!)

This was actually my first time ordering from them.  I've been adding stuff to my shopping cart for the past few months but there's just TOO much to look at and it's SO hard to decide -- and I didn't want to go overboard so it took a lot cleaning out my cart.  Every time I was finally ready to check out, an item had become sold out, and I had to start all over again!  The prices are really awesome and close to actual retail compared to a lot of other sites that sell Asian cosmetics.  I wanted to stay in the $75 range so I could get the free shipping.

Processing and shipping took 2 weeks on the dot (I ordered on a Monday and it arrived on a Monday).  Everything was wrapped in bubble wrap and neatly packaged into a box.  My grand total was $78.10 and they had some promotions going on so I got a free butterfly headband and Dot Dot lashes.  Overall I'm satisfied with my experience and I will definitely be ordering from them again.  You can check out their website at

Here's what I got (I've linked the items so you can check out prices and descriptions):

DOT DOT Doll-Like Eyelashes No. 7 (free with purchase of powder)

These two will be included in my Hello Kitty Giveaway!

And I leave you with this pic of Charlie imitating Junsu and Chansung of 2pm:


rock-or-not said...

Great haul ^^
I love everything!

Life of a girl called hawaiianpunchelsea said...

You got such cute stuff! I may purchase some stuff from there in the future since your experience sounds so good

MEOW said...

i love sasa :)
they have so many items!! but lots of times things are sold out... but i can always find something else to purchase :D

Christine Iversen said...

So many cute things :) Really want to try Dollywink products but I dont know where I can buy them.

Love Christine ♥

Thakitty said...

Cute haul

Can you explain to me what is and how to use those TONY MOLY Ice Queen Crispy Tropical Pack and TONY MOLY Cappuccino Cream In Scrub ? I don't get it lol

And the dog is sooooo cuteee <3

Elisa ♥ said...

nice haul :D! like everything that you got.. dolly wink <333

Marxie ♔ said...

Those TonyMOly products are cute! haha! especially the cappucino one. :D

Same here, I've been wanting to try Dollywink products but it's not available here in my place so I just keep on joining giveaways with dollywink as prizes. I haven't won any giveaways though. LOL but who knows I might get lucky someday. XD

aMz88 said...

wah the coffee is on my wish scrub are not even half empty yet huhu..
Im having a Giveaway Pls Join ;D

Jen said...

super cute haul! I totally know what you mean when it's sold out. Everything is so well priced it's hard to snag a good deal before one item gets sold out T__T"
Looking forward to seeing your Hello Kitty Giveaway ^_^

Hollie said...

Awesome haul! and Charlie's soooo adorable!

Miss.XoXo said...

I love the items you got.. super cute and your pets are so adorable! that's how I sleep! lol

--candi (MissXoXo)