Pink Contacts + Giveaway Winners


Pink contacts?  Yup, when I first heard of them, my initial reaction was also -- wtf how freaky!  They became popular in Korea a couple years ago and since then I have seen many beauty bloggers and Youtubers wearing them.  In person it just brightens the eyes a little -- and looks mostly light brown or hazel unless you really closely examine the eyes haha.

Since Shoppingholics offered to sponsor me a pair of lenses, I figured I'd might as well give them a try.  After all I'm here to experiment so you don't have to, right?  The site is really awesome because not only do they have a huge selection of lenses, they also offer some of the most popular Asian cosmetics such as Dollywink, Candy Doll, Missha, My Beauty Diary, and more!

Shoppingholics is based in Malaysia and delivery took three weeks.  They provide you with a tracking number which is definitely useful when you're excitedly waiting for a package.  When it finally arrived, I was pleasantly surprised -- they have BY FAR the best packaging out of any of the contact lens companies I have dealt with!

I mean how adorable is this -- personal card and all!  And they even included a Dariya Hair Magic Sheet which I've been meaning to purchase anyways!  (For those of you not familiar with the fringe holders, it's a piece of velcro that you can slide over your bangs or fringe and it magically holds it back!)

They sent me the Adult Pink Circle Lens.  It does look quite pink in the bottle but once I put them on, they just have a mostly light brown effect.  The pictures make them look extra bright!  They were quite comfortable -- I wore them out to lunch and didn't feel a thing.  I think the purpose of these crazy colored lenses are to give your eyes the effect of wearing bright make-up.  I'm not wearing any shadows in the pictures -- just eyeliner, but it still gave me a "colorful" effect.

Although I wouldn't wear these to my day job or a first date, I think they would be fun for a night out and I'm definitely open to trying out other pink lenses!

The Adult Pink Circle Lens is currently on promotion for $21.90 at

Giveaway Winners
I know I've been promising to announce my giveaway winners for days!  Sorry it just takes a ridiculously long time to go through the thousands of entries.  My cousin actually reminded me of a simple Excel formula to tally up the entries but I still had to check links and make sure there were no cheaters (which there always is!).

I am announcing two winners today -- the Sigma Travel Kit Giveaway winner and the Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway Winner.

The Sigma Travel Kit Giveaway had 477 individual entries and 1850 entries including the bonuses.

And the winner is #708: Seri!

The Shabby Apple Giveaway 42 individual entries and 85 total entries.
The winner is #41: Leslie!

Congratulations to the winners!  I've sent you an e-mail so please respond with your mailing addresses and your choice for the prizes within 48 hours or I will redraw.

Thank you to everyone for entering and don't forget you still have time to enter my Hello Kitty Giveaway and Sigma Double Prize Giveaway!

Get Glittering Eyes!

Holy crap Luuux is SO addicting.  And not necessarily in a good way lol.  I can't believe how many hours I've wasted on that site analyzing how the point system works and trying to cram in crap posts before the day ends.  It totally makes you neglect your REAL blog.  

So after a few more days on it I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth my time haha.  I think it'll be easier for me to just set aside $10 a day instead of spending several hours trying to make 500 points.

Anyways it's time for another lens review!  Today I am reviewing the EOS Max Pure Brown Lens and the Dueba Kira Kira Grey Lens which were kindly sponsored by Lens Village Both pairs are TRUE circle lens in that they have the black ring around them and offer a generous enlarging effect -- they are some of my favorites so far!  

First of all I want to say Lens Village has been one of my best experiences with a lens store.  They respond to e-mails quickly, have some of the best prices on the internet, and delivery took under two weeks -- about 11 days from Malaysia.  Also, they have 100% authentic lenses and everything on their site is in stock.  Those of you who have ordered from other sites may have dealt with delays due to low stock or the site only taking pre-orders.  

So in spite of sounding gimmicky I highly recommend for your circle lens purchases!  They have also provided a coupon code for my readers.  Use "10LLA" for 10% off your entire order (of their already great prices!)  I'm so serious -- you can get almost any pair for about $20.  And please check out their facebook HERE.

On to the review!

The EOS Max Pure Brown Lenses are 14mm in diameter and actually pretty close to my natural eye color.  I couldn't quite capture the effect in the pictures but these lenses made my eyes look HUGE and gave a definite dolly-eye effect.  And they were SO comfortable.  I popped them in and went out to the club and forgot all about them!  Usually the club air seriously dries my eyes out but I was good all night.

I think these are the perfect starter lenses for those who are new to circle lenses and want a nice enlargement but still want their eyes to look natural.  They are offered in prescriptions -0.00 to -10.0 and Lens Village sells them for $23.00.  Check it out here.

Okay so these next lenses are TOTALLY underrated!   I have yet to read a blog review on the Dueba Kirakira line -- and most stores don't even sell them!  I really don't understand why because these are my absolute FAVORITE lenses so far.  When I was browsing the store, the picture REALLY caught my eye.  They just looked so sparkly and pretty on the model and it was the only pair I've ever actually been EXCITED to try.

Okay so it looks completely different on me compared to the model, but I still really liked the effect.  It's hard to see in the pictures but it totally gives off that anime watery eye effect like your eyes are welled up with tears.  Kira kira actually means "glittering" so I guess that's the effect they were going for haha. They were extremely comfortable as well.  They are 16mm, but surprsingly didn't look too huge and fake.  I almost think the Max Pure lens made my eyes bigger??  I will DEFINITELY be getting more lenses from this collection as they come in blue, brown, green, grey, pink, and violet.

These are only $19.50 and go up to a -10.0 prescription -- you can find them HERE.  (Other sites sell these for $25-30!)

Products Used:

Primer: MAC Skin Base Visage
BB Cream:
Skin79 The Prestige BB Cream
Powder: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Bronzer: Sugar Sweet Cheeks in "Gingerbread" (just on cheeks)
Eye primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Eye Shadow: Yium (Korean) Blue Eyeshadow Trio & Revlon "Soft On The Eyes" Mineral Eyeshadow
Eye Liner: Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner in "Sabochan"
 Lancome Hynose Custom Volume Mascara

Lashes: Korean Lashes
Lipgloss: Urban Decay XXX Shine in "Disco Enferno" -- yes it's blue!

How To Use

This is a guide to potentially turning your idle work hours into a Louis Vuitton bag or Ipad lol.

So I've seen posts for floating around on the web over the past year but never really paid attention.  Then recently I saw a Youtube video where HollyAnnAeree actually showed off her gorgeous new Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM Tote that she purchased with her Luuux dollars.

I signed up for the site just to check it out and do a test run.  At first I was a little confused as to how it all worked so I did a bit of research -- and please correct me if any of the information I gathered is incorrect.

Luuux basically pays you "Luuux Dollars" or points for your activity within the community.  It's supposed to be a blogging site, but I feel the website is much more interactive than a "real blog" and is more like Facebook.  So all you "non-bloggers" could totally do this.

There are several ways to earn Luuux dollars.  You can earn 7 dollars by writing a post.  A post is generally supposed to be a "blog" post but I'd say from what I've seen the posts usually fall between a blog post and a Tumbler update or Facebook status.  I've seen plenty of people just upload a picture and write a few short sentences -- and apparently either are perfectly fine.

Here's a generic Krispy Creme post I did to test it out: Krispy Creme Food Porn.  For those of you Yelpers -- you can post food pics or write restaurant reviews in the "food" section! You can also do a quick review of your latest gadget in the tech section like the one I did here: My Nook Color Review

The really awesome thing for people who already have blogs is that you can repost your blog content on the site and source yourself -- so you might be able to gain more traffic and readers to your original blog as well.  It's also great for new bloggers because instead of waiting months for new followers you will already have an audience through the community!

You also receive one point for every person who likes your post or leaves a comment.  So these posts have the potential to generate many more points for you.

Other ways to earn points are to "Like" somebody else's post (1 dollar), comment on a post (1 dollar), add "shoplinks" (which are basically ads that generate commission) to your post (1 dollar), share your post links on Facebook and Twitter (2 dollars), and have people join through your affiliate links.  (PS. Sign up through mine here hehe.)

Now there ARE limits set to some of the points you can earn.  You can only earn credit for 10 posts per day (so max 70 dollars), 50 comments per day (50 dollars), and 50 "likes" per day (50 dollars).  So if you were diligent you could guarantee yourself 170 dollars per day.  The amount of points you can earn from people clicking on your Facebook/Twitter link or from comments/likes on your post are unlimited so those are the big money makers!

I did a bit of math comparing the Luuux points required for an item to the actual retail price of the item and each Luuux dollar ends up being worth about 2 cents.  Doesn't sound like much but think about how many times you've "liked" someone's status on Facebook or left a comment -- now imagine getting paid every single time -- it totally adds up.  It's even better if all your friends sign up and you can have your own little community of people you know.  Luuux allows people to follow you like on Twitter or become friends with you like Facebook.

I earned about 400 dollars on my first day so let's say I'll average about 300 dollars per day.

Here's how long it would take for me to earn these prizes:
Best of Bobbi Brown Collection
19,296 Luuux$ or $377.00
64 Days
2.14 Months

Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 Jazz Pumps
33,242 Luuux$ or $650.00
110 days
3.7 months

Apple iPhone4 - 32 GB
53,280 Luuux$ or $1,042.00

178 Days
5.81 Months

Apple iPad 2 - 32 GB Wi-Fi
39,600 Luuux$ or $774.00
132 Days
4.4 months
Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM Bag
57,240 Luuux$ or $1,119.00
190.8 Days
6.36 months

Amazon Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device
19,080 Luuux$ or $373.00
63.6 Days
2.12 Months

Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
42,188 Luuux$ or $825.00
141 Days
4.69 Months

Of course you can set your own goal of how many points you want to earn per day -- some people earn 50 and some earn 1000!  Obviously even working a minimum wage job would "pay" more than this and you could just buy yourself these items, but it's definitely something you could do if you have spare time at work or home.  It's also a great excuse to treat yourself to something that you would normally never purchase for yourself.   And it sure beats taking surveys!  Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any experience with Luuux!

Follow me or Friend me (or sign up!) here.

Just Friends


The boundaries of guy-girl friendships seems to be a trending topic -- especially with movies such as "NO Strings Attached" and "Friends With Benefits" out.  Today I want to take a break from beauty blogging and bring up a post I wrote 3 years ago when I had more of a "relationship blog."  Kind of miss it!   And please feel free to let me know your take on this topic!

Yesterday over lunch, P and I had a delightfully heated debate over the topic of guy-girl friendships. 
He had created an entire philosophy explaining why it was absolutely impossible for a guy and a girl to be “just friends” whereas I felt it was entirely possible.

In his theory, he stated that the only way for a guy and a girl to become close was if there was some sort of initial attraction – whether one-sided or not. He said NO guy would ever ask for a girl’s phone number or screen name, arrange a one-on-one "date" (movie, dinner), and make an effort to get to know her if he didn’t find some sort of appeal (and vice versa). And the only way a friendship can become “allegedly” platonic, is if one person sets the boundaries of the friendship, and the other person chooses to respect those boundaries. Basically someone agrees to accept the friendship because that’s all they can get haha.

In my perspective, the context of how two people meet can predetermine the status of their future interactions and relationships. If you don't meet in an "instant" dating scenerio -- at a club, at the gym, through a mutual friend -- or some other way in which you immediately size up their potential, it's harder to get into the groove and often just leads to friendship. But there’s definitely other ways of getting to know someone than “hollering” because in some situations, you are forced to get to know one another – perhaps you work together every day, you’re always over at your boyfriend’s house so you end up getting to know his roommate, you grew up with a family friend, or you look to your girlfriend’s best friend/sister/cousin for advice on your relationship since she knows her so well.

I mean yeah, you don’t HAVE to get to know them – but isn’t it kind of rude not to? And I don’t necessarily think that the gender of the person comes into account – a guy and a girl are easily interchangeable in these situations. Sometimes you accidentally get to know someone, find you have something in common, and develop a friendship. And why is it perfectly okay for a girl to call up a girl friend for lunch, but if she calls up a guy for lunch, it has to mean something???
Our greatest debate was over the topic of guys with girlfriends and girls with boyfriends. In my case, if a guy has a girlfriend, I’m more willing to accept his friendship because I know it’s safe. But maybe that’s the trick behind it? Maybe because both of your guards are down, you develop an intimate bond without realizing it.
P says that the only reason people in relationships look for friendships in the opposite sex, is to fill certain voids. It’s not necessarily looking to cheat, but perhaps there is a particular quality missing in a relationship. Maybe the girlfriend is too shy and safe and not willing to venture out – and he has a female friend that’s crazy and fun and a blast to go out with. Maybe he loves the fact his girlfriend is so outgoing, but feels he can’t relate to her on certain levels. Maybe the girlfriend doesn’t understand a crisis he’s going through. He says it’s so much harder to confide in other guys because of pride issues, so guys naturally look to girls to be compassionate about their problems.And when a girlfriend doesn’t understand, he turns to the next best thing -- a female friend.
So basically, everything comes down to “what if.” What if a guy has a female friend that’s always been there for him and he breaks up with his girlfriend? What if you accidentally get to know someone and realize later that there IS a physical attraction? What if the girl you always looked to as a “little sister” suddenly grows up before your eyes? What if one day you realize the guy you’ve always called on to help you with a flat tire or unclog your toilet is actually HOT?
Can a person really sit down, write out the names of all their friends of the opposite sex, and be absolutely certain, that if one day that person confessed their feelings, they would feel completely nothing? Because essentially, doesn’t a person look for similar qualities in both a friend and a significant other? Why on earth would someone be good enough to be your best friend, but not good enough to be your boyfriend? All the “safeties” that we create – "he has a girlfriend, he’s like my brother, he dated my friend, we grew up together, we’re TOO good of friends"– are they all just excuses made up in our heads to keep us within the boundaries?
Because I mean really, WHAT IF?

Sigma Double Prize Giveaway

I've finally joined Twitter!  Yes I realize how super late I am -- I always tend to hold off as long as possible before joining these things (Xanga, Myspace, Facebook, etc.) and then I finally cave and have to play catch up!  I'm having some trouble with all the "Twitter terms" and should probably google a list or something lol -- what's with this whole number sign # thing??  Anyways you can find me at @LipglossKelly.

Thank you to everyone who entered my Sigma Travel Brush Kit Giveaway!  I will tally up the entries and announce the winner shortly.  In the meantime I have ANOTHER Sigma giveaway to announce!  There will be two prizes:

1st Prize: Sigma Cleansing & Polishing Tool

Say goodbye to dull and uneven skin! With the new Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool you can polish your skin to be perfectly smooth and flawless before and after your makeup application.
Facial Polishing

Add a small amount of your favorite facial cleaner directly to the brush head prior to application. Use the SOFT brush head to exfoliate dead skin cells and expose a fresh healthy layer of skin. Keep your entire exfoliation process under one minute. Once your skin is polished, proceed with the application of your favorite moisturizer and makeup. You will notice that the polishing process will help your moisturizer deeply penetrate your skin creating the perfect base for flawless makeup application!
Facial Cleansing

Remove excess makeup prior to cleansing with facial wipes containing makeup remover. Add a small amount of your favorite facial cleanser to the SOFT brush head and gently work it onto your skin using the Sigma Beauty Cleansing and Polishing Tool. Keep your cleansing process under one minute. Apply your favorite moisturizer and you're ready for your beauty sleep!
Body Exfoliation

The MEDIUM and FIRM brush heads are ideal for body exfoliation. Once your skin is exfoliated, proceed with the application of your favorite moisturizer or self-tanner. Even exfoliation is the secret to smooth and healthy looking skin and the perfect summer glow!

Adjust this routine as needed. Once you get started, you can customize the intervals between exfoliations to fit your needs and your skin type. Moderation is key!
Water resistant.
Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

2nd Prize: F45 Buffer Brush

Ideal to apply mineral foundation, loose or pressed powders. Also great to buff colors and obtain a soft, blended look. Natural bristles.

Both products were sponsored by Sigma to review as well as one extra of each item for giveaway purposes.  I will be doing a post comparing the Cleansing & Polishing Tool with the Clarisonic later this week.

And on to the giveaway rules -- you probably have them all memorized by now haha!

The Rules
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and fill out the entry form below (1 entry).

Extra Entries
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10 total entries possible

This giveaway is international.  
Ends September 15, 2011.
Good luck!