BonjourHK vs Sasa + Haul

I only just recently heard about BonjourHK which is an Asian cosmetics store often compared to Sasa.  When I first browsed the site, I was a bit skeptical because the prices were so cheap -- very close to retail prices in Asia -- and some even cheaper because so many items were on sale.  Also the website itself is a little ghetto so I was afraid they were selling fake items and I might end up getting ripped off.  But after doing some googling I found out Bonjour is actually a big (and legitimate) drugstore chain in Hong Kong.

Bonjour HK offers free shipping with any $100 purchase (as opposed to Sasa's $75 min), but I have to say their shipping is pretty darned fast!  I received my package in 6 days!  They also include a tracking number so you can check your order's progress.  But I must mention that my package was divided into two shipments (they say due to shipping weight limits).  The two packages were shipped one day apart and while my first package arrived in 6 days, the second somehow came 4 days later (so 10 days) -- but it still beats Sasa's 14 day shipping.

As for the websites, as I said, is definitely on the ghetto side while Sasa is much more streamlined.  Bonjour HK is somewhat hard to navigate and you'll definitely have to be patient to look through the site.  The search box isn't even very reliable -- for example if you type in "Dollywink", nothing will come up but if you go to the "Koji" section it'll list the Dollywink products.

Both websites carry most of the popular Asian brands but I feel like BonjourHk has some of the trendy Korean and Japanese brands that Sasa does not carry such as Baviphat, Holika Holika, Majolica Majorca, and Melliesh.  Of course Sasa also carries some brands that Bonjour does not, so in this case I guess it's a matter of preference and what brands you are looking for.  Both websites seem to go out of stock quickly for the more popular products but I think Sasa does a pretty good job of restocking.  They also offer to send you an e-mail when a product becomes available.  Bonjour on the other hand, seems like they never restock and at least HALF their items are out of stock -- and as they do not offer e-mails the only thing you can do is keep checking back.

Another gripe with Bonjour is that they place an order limit on many items -- for example you can only order 2 My Beauty Diary masks of the same kind at a time.  It SAYS it's the "stock limit" but I've placed multiple orders and the products are still available.

BonjourHK definitely wins in the price department.  It seems almost all their items are listed as a "special price" or on sale for an average of 10-50% off.  You can find some great deals and even their regular prices often beat Sasa's sale prices. The only items I've seen that are cheaper at Sasa are the Dolly Wink lashes (but not the other Dolly Wink products!) Both websites are DEFINITELY much cheaper than going to a local Korean or Chinese market or store here in the States -- they usually mark up their prices 100%!

Overall I'm happy to have discovered BonjourHK and very satisfied with my experience.  If anybody else was on the fence about it I can assure you it's legitimate.  If you have the patience to look through the site you can save a lot of money -- I have yet to find a cheaper place to buy Asian products and I've already placed 4 orders lol!


So here's BonjourHK Haul Number 1.  For my first order I only bought random brands I've never really heard of because there were some great sales and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try some new stuff out!  Please let me know if any of you have experience with any of these products!

Red Wine Polyphenols Anti-Oxidant Facial Mask
Pearl Powder Whitening Facial Mask
Okay so these masks didn't even list a brand name on the website or the receipt!  Can anyone read this and tell me what it is?  I only got them because they were on sale lol.

Hadalabo Japan Goku Jyun Hyaluronic lotion
Medi Angel Epidermal Growth Factor Serum
The Hadalabo toner, which is a subdivision of Rohto, (of lychee eye drops fame), won first place in the "best toner" category in Pop Sister's most repurchased items in Japan list.
The serum was a free sample with my order.

Nivea Sparkling Whitening Cleansing Foam
Nivea Sparkling Whitening Toner
I always hear great things about Nivea's skincare but we don't really have it here in the States other than the big tub of cream and a small assortment of face lotions.  I thought it was very cool (and Asian!) of them to have a whitening line haha.

Love More Provence Lavender Night Time Whitening Mask
Snowy Green Tea, Seaweed, & Collagen Facial Essence Mask
I know Love More masks are endorsed by a couple of Asian celebrities and they were 50% off!  The Snowy masks were also 50% off.  Yay!

Forget-Me-Not Q10 Moisturizing Face Mask
Forget-Me-Not Vitamin C Regenerating Toner
Almost all the products for this brand were on super sale -- haven't heard much about it and I couldn't find any reviews but thought I'd give it a whirl anyways.


Bebe said...

I bought many beauty + medicine products from Bonjour in Hong Kong during Jun. Bonjour is all over the shopping streets, like Sasa. They hv wide variety of products at a lower price as compared to Sasa. Guess now, I can purchase from their website.

THT Christina said...

Nice to know the differences! Will you be reviewing the masks anytime soon though? I'd like to know how well they work.. (whiten :P)

Thanks for this post!

Danielle V. said...

Oooh, looks like you got some interesting products! It's so neat to see that Nivea sells such different products in other countries. I'm curious about the whitening products!

(Check out the giveaway for Eco Lips balm that's happening on my blog now!)

Miss L said...

thanks for the great comparison! I will definetly check out that Bonjour online store :P

SuperHotFemale said...

Thank you for this post! I've heard of Sasa before (and my friends have ordered from them) but this Bonjour site is new to me and seems really interesting!

adthenshesmiled said...

I've used the Nivea toner before and I really like it. The smell is like your typical Nivea lotion but I don't mind it. I'm from VA but I got my toner from Canada.

The website is a little harder to navigate, but if you go to the actual stores, they're like that too. A little messier than Sasa but if you have patience, the prices are fantastic!

chomps said...

Don't use Nivea! It's full of petrol-stuff.

madraddavis said...

Have you tried any of those masks yet? The 3 boxes of masks that you bough are the exact three that are in my cart right now lol.

Mi_Mi said...

wow look great i love these product wish i could buy them...

CrystalCandy said...

I just found your blog!!

Did you try your Forget-Me-Not
Q10 Moisturizing Face Mask? Did you like it?

Sammi Yen said...

I feel so relief now after reading your blog about Bonjour. First time placing an order with them so kinda scare about if the product I order are real or fake because the prices for SK II are so awfully cheap compare to Sasa.