Get Glittering Eyes!

Holy crap Luuux is SO addicting.  And not necessarily in a good way lol.  I can't believe how many hours I've wasted on that site analyzing how the point system works and trying to cram in crap posts before the day ends.  It totally makes you neglect your REAL blog.  

So after a few more days on it I'm beginning to wonder if it's even worth my time haha.  I think it'll be easier for me to just set aside $10 a day instead of spending several hours trying to make 500 points.

Anyways it's time for another lens review!  Today I am reviewing the EOS Max Pure Brown Lens and the Dueba Kira Kira Grey Lens which were kindly sponsored by Lens Village Both pairs are TRUE circle lens in that they have the black ring around them and offer a generous enlarging effect -- they are some of my favorites so far!  

First of all I want to say Lens Village has been one of my best experiences with a lens store.  They respond to e-mails quickly, have some of the best prices on the internet, and delivery took under two weeks -- about 11 days from Malaysia.  Also, they have 100% authentic lenses and everything on their site is in stock.  Those of you who have ordered from other sites may have dealt with delays due to low stock or the site only taking pre-orders.  

So in spite of sounding gimmicky I highly recommend for your circle lens purchases!  They have also provided a coupon code for my readers.  Use "10LLA" for 10% off your entire order (of their already great prices!)  I'm so serious -- you can get almost any pair for about $20.  And please check out their facebook HERE.

On to the review!

The EOS Max Pure Brown Lenses are 14mm in diameter and actually pretty close to my natural eye color.  I couldn't quite capture the effect in the pictures but these lenses made my eyes look HUGE and gave a definite dolly-eye effect.  And they were SO comfortable.  I popped them in and went out to the club and forgot all about them!  Usually the club air seriously dries my eyes out but I was good all night.

I think these are the perfect starter lenses for those who are new to circle lenses and want a nice enlargement but still want their eyes to look natural.  They are offered in prescriptions -0.00 to -10.0 and Lens Village sells them for $23.00.  Check it out here.

Okay so these next lenses are TOTALLY underrated!   I have yet to read a blog review on the Dueba Kirakira line -- and most stores don't even sell them!  I really don't understand why because these are my absolute FAVORITE lenses so far.  When I was browsing the store, the picture REALLY caught my eye.  They just looked so sparkly and pretty on the model and it was the only pair I've ever actually been EXCITED to try.

Okay so it looks completely different on me compared to the model, but I still really liked the effect.  It's hard to see in the pictures but it totally gives off that anime watery eye effect like your eyes are welled up with tears.  Kira kira actually means "glittering" so I guess that's the effect they were going for haha. They were extremely comfortable as well.  They are 16mm, but surprsingly didn't look too huge and fake.  I almost think the Max Pure lens made my eyes bigger??  I will DEFINITELY be getting more lenses from this collection as they come in blue, brown, green, grey, pink, and violet.

These are only $19.50 and go up to a -10.0 prescription -- you can find them HERE.  (Other sites sell these for $25-30!)

Products Used:

Primer: MAC Skin Base Visage
BB Cream:
Skin79 The Prestige BB Cream
Powder: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural

Bronzer: Sugar Sweet Cheeks in "Gingerbread" (just on cheeks)
Eye primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Eye Shadow: Yium (Korean) Blue Eyeshadow Trio & Revlon "Soft On The Eyes" Mineral Eyeshadow
Eye Liner: Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner in "Sabochan"
 Lancome Hynose Custom Volume Mascara

Lashes: Korean Lashes
Lipgloss: Urban Decay XXX Shine in "Disco Enferno" -- yes it's blue!


Miss L said...

I have the same feelings about Luuux :D
Great review!

Keri said...

Wow, these lenses are absolutely gorgeous on you :)
And I love the eyeshadows you're wearing!

sahar awan said...

great looking like natural lense.. Lovely makeup

Krystal said...

I love the brown lenses on you, they look very natural :).

Rinny said...

Both lenses look really pretty on you, but I am loving the grey ones! The sparkling effect is so pretty :) And I agree, Luuux is so time consuming. I think I may just save up enough points to redeem something and then stop blogging on there.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look so darling in the photos :) I love the lenses on you, and the effects. They both look really good, I can't seem to have a favorite :p

rock-or-not said...

This make up is a wonder!!
I really love it!
Thanks for the review!

Fannie said...

Oh my! The Dueba Kirakira lenses are so cute. They have like a brightening effect and they blend very nicely into your natural eye color. I want them! lol. Thanks for sharing.

Valens said...

Hi! I'm trying to use Luux because the prizes in the shop are awesome but I've had the same impression... I can't waste days and weeks there!
You look gorgeous with those lenses, the second pair are hypnotic.. I like them!
xo Valens

CottonCandyINK said...

oh those are so pretty on you.

hoping you'll follow back

Sweets said...

Lol. Luuux works best when you're broke and want to get yourself something nice.Lol (For example me)

I love the second pair fersure!<333

♥ Claire ♥ // Shatter me Claire said...

Those lenses look great! :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Eden-Avalon said...

I definitely prefer the Max Browns - but I tend to like my colored lenses to show very little of my natural iris.

jana said...

thats sooo beautifull <3

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Joey said...

I didn't join Luuux, but I've read about it from other blogs. I enjoyed reading the post below and your instructions were very clear. It all sounds great, but the thing is, though I know some bloggers are on it, I've never actually heard of anyone who redeemed anything. I guess there's the odd one or two power blogger, but then, it's actually pretty hard to accumulate those points. Still, it's a very interesting concept and I do like the articles there.

The lenses look nice on you. Thanks for the thorough review

Mi_Mi said...

wow i love this post soo pretty! i love this...i love the look and the contact lenses look amazing stunning wow very pretty!

dianuseeek said...

Wow, U have soo big eyes with lenses! It looks really pretty :)

Dragonfly Accessories said...

Have you ever used that glue for youre eyelids ? (I can't remember the name), What brand do you recomand ?
Thanks !