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This is a guide to potentially turning your idle work hours into a Louis Vuitton bag or Ipad lol.

So I've seen posts for floating around on the web over the past year but never really paid attention.  Then recently I saw a Youtube video where HollyAnnAeree actually showed off her gorgeous new Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM Tote that she purchased with her Luuux dollars.

I signed up for the site just to check it out and do a test run.  At first I was a little confused as to how it all worked so I did a bit of research -- and please correct me if any of the information I gathered is incorrect.

Luuux basically pays you "Luuux Dollars" or points for your activity within the community.  It's supposed to be a blogging site, but I feel the website is much more interactive than a "real blog" and is more like Facebook.  So all you "non-bloggers" could totally do this.

There are several ways to earn Luuux dollars.  You can earn 7 dollars by writing a post.  A post is generally supposed to be a "blog" post but I'd say from what I've seen the posts usually fall between a blog post and a Tumbler update or Facebook status.  I've seen plenty of people just upload a picture and write a few short sentences -- and apparently either are perfectly fine.

Here's a generic Krispy Creme post I did to test it out: Krispy Creme Food Porn.  For those of you Yelpers -- you can post food pics or write restaurant reviews in the "food" section! You can also do a quick review of your latest gadget in the tech section like the one I did here: My Nook Color Review

The really awesome thing for people who already have blogs is that you can repost your blog content on the site and source yourself -- so you might be able to gain more traffic and readers to your original blog as well.  It's also great for new bloggers because instead of waiting months for new followers you will already have an audience through the community!

You also receive one point for every person who likes your post or leaves a comment.  So these posts have the potential to generate many more points for you.

Other ways to earn points are to "Like" somebody else's post (1 dollar), comment on a post (1 dollar), add "shoplinks" (which are basically ads that generate commission) to your post (1 dollar), share your post links on Facebook and Twitter (2 dollars), and have people join through your affiliate links.  (PS. Sign up through mine here hehe.)

Now there ARE limits set to some of the points you can earn.  You can only earn credit for 10 posts per day (so max 70 dollars), 50 comments per day (50 dollars), and 50 "likes" per day (50 dollars).  So if you were diligent you could guarantee yourself 170 dollars per day.  The amount of points you can earn from people clicking on your Facebook/Twitter link or from comments/likes on your post are unlimited so those are the big money makers!

I did a bit of math comparing the Luuux points required for an item to the actual retail price of the item and each Luuux dollar ends up being worth about 2 cents.  Doesn't sound like much but think about how many times you've "liked" someone's status on Facebook or left a comment -- now imagine getting paid every single time -- it totally adds up.  It's even better if all your friends sign up and you can have your own little community of people you know.  Luuux allows people to follow you like on Twitter or become friends with you like Facebook.

I earned about 400 dollars on my first day so let's say I'll average about 300 dollars per day.

Here's how long it would take for me to earn these prizes:
Best of Bobbi Brown Collection
19,296 Luuux$ or $377.00
64 Days
2.14 Months

Christian Louboutin Décolleté 100 Jazz Pumps
33,242 Luuux$ or $650.00
110 days
3.7 months

Apple iPhone4 - 32 GB
53,280 Luuux$ or $1,042.00

178 Days
5.81 Months

Apple iPad 2 - 32 GB Wi-Fi
39,600 Luuux$ or $774.00
132 Days
4.4 months
Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM Bag
57,240 Luuux$ or $1,119.00
190.8 Days
6.36 months

Amazon Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device
19,080 Luuux$ or $373.00
63.6 Days
2.12 Months

Canon EOS Rebel T1i 15.1 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens
42,188 Luuux$ or $825.00
141 Days
4.69 Months

Of course you can set your own goal of how many points you want to earn per day -- some people earn 50 and some earn 1000!  Obviously even working a minimum wage job would "pay" more than this and you could just buy yourself these items, but it's definitely something you could do if you have spare time at work or home.  It's also a great excuse to treat yourself to something that you would normally never purchase for yourself.   And it sure beats taking surveys!  Please let me know your thoughts or if you have any experience with Luuux!

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Edith said...

Hola esto yo ya lo sabia, ya estoy subscrita pero no se como se hace =s...

Sophie said...

Sounds like an absolute bargain! xxx

Miss L said...

Thank you for sharing!

StephanieLouise said...

I'm so glad I came across your breakdown! I'll be signing up through your blog link darlin! xoxoxo

D.Sadie said...

I love luuux!

la tía maruja said...

Hi! I'm registering right now! Thanks!

THT Christina said...

Wow, I'd like to try this out! Thanks for this post ;D

Tiamat said...

signed up from your comment! thanks for the infos! <3

Sweets said...

You dont get points when people like your post you only get points when they comment on them. Just to clairfy that. I've been on luuux for a while but still haven't gotten anything fer sure dont settle for the small prizes thats a huge mistake most people do. I wish you the best<333

Hollie said...

Oh my, I've seen and heard of luuuxcom for a long time but never rally bothered trying it...

I'm so registering now.
Awesome Post! hugs :D

rach. said...

thanks SO MUCH for posting this.

ps: i have a great giveaway going on if you are interested in picking out some new make-up/haircare! check it out!

love, rach.

Polka Mlle said...

I joined once but never figured out the use, you've inspired me to have a go again.

LailaDarling said...

what's another great idea is to click on the bottom of the page where it displays the messages for example "1 luuux $ for ratings " or whaterver .. you click more to figure out the time in the world of 'luuux' because since you can only do say 50 likes and comments a day it's not day for each individual it's a day in the luuux clock/world. so by clicking that you can find out the time and compare it to your time in your own time zone. that way if you're unemployed at the moment like me, you can go on at 22 or 23 hours (luuux works on a 24 hrs clock) and do all your likes and comments and then after it hits 24 and starts again you can do 50 and 50 again so it's almost like 200 free point a day without doing anything else essentially :)

LailaDarling said...

PS after you click more and that little message pops up click all messages that's how you'll see the time

Isis said...

I can finally get that Louis bag I've always wanted! Thank you life-saver :]

Valentine said...

I signed up awhile ago and used it for one day. I haven't been back. The posts are, just like you said, like tumblr entires or facebook status updates. I'd rather read a blog!

Just had a browse of your blog and I'm loving it so far. Followwwing!

Diana said...

I added you on luuux yeay thanks for this post, I wish luuux's faq's were more precise on the points :)

Mi_Mi said...

wow adding to my wishlist look amazing and great!