Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Review

Liz Earle is another one of those rare companies that don't advertise other than by word of mouth and of course reviews from the Youtube and Blogging community.  I love that -- it's a total "insider's secret"!

They kindly sent me their famous Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser to review and luckily it arrived just as my last (and mediocre!) cleanser was running out.

The set includes the cleanser and two muslin clothes, and comes in a lovely carrying pouch.  The cleanser is a thick, almost solid cream, and smells of eucalyptus and chamomile.  It's actually very reminiscent of Noxema skin cream in both smell and texture.  Liz Earle uses only high quality, naturally active ingredients in all their products and the cleanser contains cocoa butter, hops extract, rosemary essential oil, chamomile extract, eucalyptus essential oil, D-panthenol, glycerin, and bees wax.

If there was ever such thing as a facial in a bottle then this is it!  I actually look forward to washing my face.  So the convenient pump gives you the perfect amount of cleanser.  You gently message it on to your dry face and neck.  It literally melts away dirt and makeup!   Next, run the muslin cloth under hot water and gently polish off the cleanser.  This gets off anything the cleanser might have missed as well as gives you a nice exfoliation.  And it totally feels like you're in a spa -- you know, where they massage your face with a cream and then wipe it off with a steaming towel!

I'm one of those people who constantly falls asleep with her make-up on.  Yes I know it's horrible!  But this is one product I can actually look forward to on my drive home after a late night.  Sometimes I even try to make excuses to wash my face more often -- such as being too sweaty after walking the dog!

I've been using the Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser for about a week now and absolutely love it.  My skin is so soft after each use and the texture has definitely improved.  I'm already terrified of the cleanser running out lol!

My favorite thing about Liz Earle is how affordable the products are.  The cleanser set is only 24.50 and they have a huge range of other products -- eye treatments, hair care, body care, etc., that are equally affordable.  The packaging is absolutely luxurious and would make for a beautiful gift.  And shipping only took 4 days from London to the US!  You can find out more about the company and check out their great products at

And they are currently having a Summer Skincare Essentials Promotion:

Receive a free Skin-Savers Kit worth $29 when you buy your three daily essentials this summer.
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icetrishka_patch20 said...

i hope i can try it also. :(

chandraung562 said...

looks easy to use, the cleaner looks pretty thick. hmmm thinking about hot cloth to face is relaxing.