Planning My Malaysia Trip!

So it looks like my trip to Malaysia will be next month!  Cellnique sent me a guide to look through to help me plan my trip.  They're basically letting me choose the things I want to do but I'm having the toughest time!  How can such a small country be filled with so much history, beaches, nature, and activities!

I know I have several Malaysian readers so your help on this would be much appreciated!  I would love to do all the touristy things but I also want to experience the best "locals" spots and pastimes.

Here's a list of the places they suggested:

WHEW!  So you can see why I'm having such a difficult time.  There is an insane amount of places to see!  I think I would just have to move to Malaysia in order to do everything.  I definitely want to go to Langkawi -- how friggin beautiful!

And OMG the tree top walk???  The longest canopy walk in the world that runs above the Malaysian rain forest???

Batu Ferringhi looks amazing as well -- does anyone know what the best beach/island is because they all look equally gorgeous!

And no trip for me would be complete without a trip to the casino.  The Genting Highland Casino in Kaula Lampur is the BIGGEST casino in Asia!

Somebody help!


Anna said...

You will love ML. I've been to Penang and KL last year and really had a hard time enjoying all sights I saw because there are so many, shoppin is in fact exhausting and I didn't even have the time to try national food, thus I NEED to go back to ML one day.

Diana said...

I live in Malaysia, definitely check out KL if you want to see the city, I recommend shopping strictly at the markets if you want real shopping experience (cos you can get the high end shopping mall brands anywhere else). we bargain a lot here, its not a hobby, its in our blood lol..If you do go to KL, its near genting, zoo and and batu caves, but if not other places are great too :)

kerabumangga said...

If you want to want to go to the beach, I strongly suggest you heading to the East of Peninsular Malaysia (Perhentian Islands, Redang Islands etc). My favourite beaches are all there :P

Penang is definitely a must-stop - for the food! Malacca is a great town to visit as well :)

RoboZelda said...

OMG! I have never been to ML, but... GO TO ALL OF THOSE PLACES! Er, I mean. I am a beach/water person, so everything involving that is something I recommend. The tree top walk look incredible too!

Joey said...

As we don't have much info yet regarding how your transport and accommodation will be arranged and how long you're allowed at each place, it's quite hard to recommend things.

Malaysia is split into many states and besides KL, you'll find transport to be a problem (unless you'll be having a designated driver?). I say skip the following states:

Also, I don't think they are going to fly you out to East Malaysia as well? So those states are out of the question.

You'll find you don't have time to cover many places so it really depends.
In order of must visit states (we're just talking states here, cos within those states, you can also narrow down the things you want to do):-
Kuala Lumpur and Selangor


Ayu~Emma said...

I'm Malaysian.. Beach gotta say~~>Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian. Pulau Pangkor is nice I can't choose one too =.=
Langkawi and canopy walk~>a must!

Btw, don't be shy to bargain.

You need to try our local foods.
Have fun in Malaysia!

jc said...

You wouldn't want to miss Sipadan Island, it's a diving paradise!

A very good place to shop till you drop in Kuala Lumpur is Berjaya Times Square in the heart of the city. Things are so cheap you'll be laughing all the way back to the hotel!

Do check out the weather forecast before you depart though. We're currently in the middle of the rainy season but don't be surprised if temperatures hit 38!

Have a blast and as the locals say "SELAMAT DATANG KE MALAYSIA" (Welcome to Malaysia).

Natalie said...

I've been to Malaysia 6 times, to both KL and Melaka.

KL is nice, lots of shops, very built up, kind of like the London of Malaysia, you wont need more than maybe 2 days there to see everything that there is.

Melaka is just the best though, if you are going to visit her and want to go to Jonka Walk make sure you are there through a weekend as the Jonka Parade (street market type thing) is only on on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Theres also all the old museums, the boat trips, loads of things to do.

Hope you have a lovley trip :) xx

Cici Dyesebella said...

im malaysian....trying to Mabul Island.and if u like forest and want to see 7 layer waterfalls u can go Maliau Basin(Sabah Lost World) or Danum Valley.all this place a located at Sabah, Malaysia.If you need some travel agent help it my pleasure to help u....juz email me anyway dont worry im not travel agent or doing business i just like to help foreigner or tourist that interested to visit our place. i hope u'll have a nice trip to our country. =)

Michelle said...

I've been to the outskirts of Malaysia. I've never been to KL! It looks pretty! :D

London's-beauty said...

How long are you going for? omgggg i want to goooooo T___________T such a beautiful place to relax.! My friend went so many times and he keeps bragging about it to me. -o- xx

ChiChi81 said...

Aww... Jealous much! I have been to Malaysia on a stopover, didn't have the luxury of time to wander about and do a little sightseeing ;(

Have fun on your trip!


chandraung562 said...

everything looks so beautiful. oh gosh, congrats to you and the winner, you guys are lucky.

Lara Faye said...

yeiks! wanna go to Malaysia too! wahhh :)

Tasha Shahirah said...

Het I'm from M'sia. Yes go to Pulau Langkawi! I've been there! very beautiful

Jessy said...

Hi..I just saw your comment on my blog and dropped by. Saw that you are going to Msia? I'm Msian but currently living in Singapore. Langkawi is a good choice, not only a beautiful island, it's duty-free too! Chocolates and alcohols are freaking cheap. I luvvv chocs. Genting, recommended not only for the casino, but they have some other attractions like a French Village (Bukit Tinggi) not too far from Genting..Msia really does have lots of nice places.. it's hard to recommend just one :) hope you'll enjoy the trip!

Misz Rubz said...

Am I too late?in case u havent been to m'sia, here's a list of my suggestions, the best for each category

Islands, beautiful beaches&marine life for diving:
-Pulau Perhentian (Terengganu)
-Pulau Langkawi (Kedah)
-Pulau Tioman (Pahang)
-Pulau Mabul (Sabah)
-Pulau Sipadan (Sabah)
-Sempoerna (Sabah)
(those in Sabah are the most recommended IF u're looking solely for the beach/sea life,coz they're far from other main attractions i.e. shopping places/historical buildings)

historical places (traditional+British/Portuguese remnants):
-Melaka !!!!
(They're small states, u should visit both)

-Pulau Langkawi's cable car and 'island hopping' trip
-Taman Negara (Pahang)[waterfall, white water rafting etc]
~both places are A MUST!~

nature/mauntains or hills:
-Gunung Kinabalu (Sabah)
-Kundasang (Sabah)
-Genting Highland (Pahang)

shopping malls:
-KLCC (Kuala Lumpur)~tourists seem to like it~
-Berjaya Times Square and Sungei Wang (KL too)

uniquely local shopping experience (cheap!)
1)street style
-Chow Kit Road, Jalan Masjid India and Danau Kota (KL)
-Jonka Street (Melaka)
2)in unique building
-Pasar Siti Khadijah ~oh the food there!~
3)duty free
-the whole Pulau Langkawi
-Padang Besar (Perlis)

-island=pulau; street/road=jalan
-m'sia is divided into two parts: peninsular(east m'sia) and borneo(west m'sia). only sabah and sarawak states are in borneo.