Amazing Laser Hair Removal + BH Cosmetics Giveaway Winner

A friend of mine recently went to her first session of Brazilian Bikini Laser Hair Removal. She described it as feeling "like somebody rubbed Bengay all over my kooch, sat me in a frying pan, and lit me on fire." And this is all while using a prescription numbing cream.

Believe me that totally made me want to cancel my own appointment for my underarms (at a different spa) and run. Far far away and never look back. But fortunately I didn't. A couple of months ago I found an amazing deal on one of those daily deal sites -- 7 sessions of laser hair removal for $100 at Denude Med Spa in Annandale, VA! I check these websites religiously and this was by far the cheapest price I'd ever seen.

I was definitely skeptical so I did a lot of Googling and Yelping -- checking out the medspa, the staff, the machine they used, and reviews. Unfortunately Yelp wasn't much help as they had no reviews, but I did see positive reviews on the machine, the LightaSheer Duet. It was stated as being the "fastest" laser -- virtually pain free and no numbing cream required. It just sounded way too good to be true but I figured, heck it's only $100, right? (I tend to be quite a risk taker in the deal searching field and find myself a guinea pig all too often.)

So I went in for my initial consultation, where do they do a spot test. Nahid, the aestetictian was super sweet, answered all my questions, and me me feel totally comfortable.  She explained that each session removes about 10% of hair and after completing 5-7 sessions there is a 70-90% decrease in hair.  She did a quick 2 second laser on my underarm, which just felt like a mild suction, and that was it. I hardly felt anythng! They do this spot test so you can see if there's any strange reaction to your skin before doing the whole area.

Two days later I went in for the actual "procedure."  It literally took a minute or two for each underarm.  There was a slight pressure but literally no pain whatsoever.  My underarm was red for a day or two but no real discomfort.

Now for the "amazing" part.  My hair grew back a few days later but after shaving again, it completely stopped growing!  It's been 3 weeks now and not a single hair has grown back.  At first I was a bit freaked out because it usually takes 2-3 sessions before you notice a difference and even then it's just a slight thinning or decrease of the hair.  But for me -- NOTHING after one session!  I've never heard of this happening to others who've gotten laser hair removal but my friends are telling me I should be happy about it instead of worried.

Haha so I wasn't going to write a review until I completed a few sessions but heck, if it's already working, mind as well let people know now.

So I absolutely highly recommend the LightSheer Duet (and Denude Med Spa for those in the DC area).  It's completely pain free, no numbing cream required, and my hair stopped growing after one treatment!  Obviously this is not a normal reaction and I will still be completing my remaining sessions and updating you guys.  Also my Brazilian bikini friend also bought a package at Denude for her upper arms so I'll let you know how she reacts to the LightSheer as well.

What laser hair removal machines have you guys used?  Anyone else have experience with the LightSheer Duet?

So how did you guys like the Rafflecopter form for the giveaway?  I actually didn't get to take full advantage of it because I also put up the giveaway in a previous post requiring comments for entry so I had to combine the two in Excel.  But so far it has made my life a lot easier!

So without further ado, the winner of the BH Cosmetics 88 Palette Giveaway is #221: Stella P!

Congratulations Stella!  I've sent you an e-mail so please respond with your mailing address so I can forward your information to BH Cosmetics!


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

you'll never have to bear the idea of shaving again, right? Does it eventually grow back? It's awesome you found such a deal. I need something like this for SURE. Congrats to the winner!

Elizabeth Roberts said...

I am so happy that you had good luck with laser hair removal. You are lucky to have dark hair that it works best on. My blonde follicles are a pain in the booty. If I want permanent removal, I have to do electrolysis which I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. LOL. Congrats<3


Rena said...

If I find such a good deal, I think I might have to take it up.

<33 Rena

Diana Stalder said...

i have lots of hair at my legs but im scared to wax it off.

Skin Lightening said...

i do waxing rather than shaving..