Neo Princess Eyes Circle Lens Review

Today I have another lens review sponsored by the lovely Patty of   You can see my previous review on their store/lenses here.  Again, they have super fast shipping -- one week from Taiwan and wonderful customer service.

This time around Patty sent me the Neo Princess Eyes Cosmo Camel Brown lenses. These lenses are super natural and really close to my natural eye color so it didn't make a huge impact on me.  They are 14.2 mm in diameter and don't have the thick ring so don't expect any "dolly eye" effect.  But I definitely recommend these for those of you who want a softer effect and a pretty hazel-y color.
 I was being impatient and didn't soak them in solution for the recommended 8 hours and I definitely felt it -- after about just 10 minutes of wear I could feel my eyes getting dry and irritated -- so PLEASE remember to soak all your contacts for 8 hours prior to use!
The Neo Princess Eyes Lenses come in Pearl Gray, Camel Brown, Mint Green, Chocolate Brown, Aqua, Honey, Sky Blue, and Purple Violet.  They retail for $23.00 at 

Products Used:

FX Brite Prep Foundation Primer
Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer in "Tone"

Benefit Lemon-aid
BH Comsetics 88 Color Cool Matte Palette
Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in Silver

Anastasia Illimun8 Bronzer

MAC Lipstick in "Lovelorn"

$1 lashes from Ebay

$12 wig from ebay.  Yes it's a wig haha -- I was thinking of getting bangs and wanted to try out the look first.  The wig actually looks pretty horrendous and fake in person but I guess it's passable in pics.


Jossie said...

Wow they look great! U are so pretty, luv your makeup!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I really don't think I could wear circle lenses. The idea of putting something in my eye freaks me out. I do love your makeup though. Its so colourful and fun. I need to get my 88 palette out.

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

You look freakin amazing!!!!! =) I love how the circle lenses brings out the intensity in your makeup. Gorgeous look! and your hair is sooo pretty, btw!

Tanya said...

Its a wig???? Hahaha I was going to say oh u got bangs. Lol they look reall good, u should cut ur bangs like that.

socialitedreams said...

they look so great on you! i have a grey pair on the way to me, can't wait to try them out!

Vonnie of

marilena maftei said...

Your hair is looking good :)

Bárbara ^^, said...

Soo Pretty! Loved it :D

Jen said...

Love the eye make up & the outfit to match ^^ Looks just like a doll :) You'd look great with a hairstyle like that~ In the pics the wig looks pretty natural.. if you ignore the super glossy-ness of it ^^ Thanks or the review~ The lenses look super natural against your eyes :)

Valens said...

Those lenses look very natural and cute on you and the wig in picture doesn't look so fake, in fact at first sight I tought you had a new hair style! ;-)xo

Yak Man said...

wow! so pretty!

Eden-Avalon said...

Whaa! I'm pleasantly surprised by how natural they look!!

Amyboo said...

The lenses look really pretty and your eyes look glamorous!

Underarm Lightening said...

thanks fpr sharing this! i like your site!

Skin Bleaching Products said...

not sure of the safety of contacts..