Pumpkin Party!

Over the weekend my friend Esther invited me over for dinner and a "pumpkin party."  Esther and her boyfriend, Aldus, get very festive for holidays and Halloween is no exception.  They had lots of pumpkins along with all kinds of stencils and carving tools.  Aldus even bought us all these crazy inflatable masks so we could get into theme.

 Our finished product!

For dinner, Aldus, the gourmet chef, prepared lobster bisque and lobster rolls.  I also tried Russian caviar for the first time.  Unfortunately I wasn't quite too fond of the fishiness -- and I don't know about the fact that it's $150 a tablespoon!  I can just barely stomach salmon roe on my sushi rolls as it is lol.

Haha I know this was a total cheater post.  I have so many entries backlogged that I need to get out.  But I have a very important post coming up tomorrow for Frosting For the Cause!  Please be sure to check it out!


Bárbara ^^, said...

I loved the pumpkins!!
They turned out amazing!


Miss L said...

I just love what you have done with the pumpkins. They look amazing!

Zelle ♥ said...

those are really huge hats!

Fee said...

wow, those head pieces are so neat! I love carving pumpkins!!! I'm hoping I can squeeze some free time in my schedule so I can do it.

The food pictures look great!

Jen said...

omg.. your pumpkins look so PRO?? :O do you guys celebrate that hardcore in the US? Im jealous >.<

тainтed мeмories. said...

the pumpkins look really pro!

Sweets said...

The cravings are soo amazing! i like the one with the stars.


Sweets said...

@Sweets Lol. I meant carvings.


Michelle said...

omg! really really awesome pumpkin carvings! and super adorable inflatable masks! your halloween sure looked festive! :D