Walgreen's Natural Skincare Haul

Everyone drop what you're doing and run to the nearest Walgreen's!  Okay fine, finish reading this post first.  I admit I very rarely go to Walgreen's since I am partial to CVS (for no specific reason).  But I was on the hunt for a particular item and after being unsuccessful at three different CVS's I figured I'd give Walgreen's a try.

While I didn't find the item I was looking for, I DID find a freaking awesome CLEARANCE BIN.  I don't know what it is about those little orange mark down stickers that make me go all crazy and compulsive.  I saw loads of beauty products from some of the most popular natural skincare lines such as Yes To Carrots, Burt's Bees, and Alba Botanica.

While I am always tempted by these products whenever I walk through Whole Foods I just feel like they're too expensive for something available at a drug store -- I would rather spend that kind of money at Sephora.  But of course if they are on SUPER clearance -- as was this case at this particular Walgreen's, I end up buying out the whole bin.  I even picked up an Oil of Olay eye gel for $2.75.  Total cost of this Haul?  $22.43 -- including an 8.1% Nevada sales tax!  Can't beat that!

Retail: $12.95
Price paid: $2.00

Retail: $7.99
Price Paid: $2.00

Retail: $17.30
Price Paid: $3.00

Retail: $9.49
Price Paid: $2.75

Retail: $18.00
Price Paid: $2.00

Retail: $14.97
Price Paid:
The kit came with all the travel sized Burt's Bees essentials featuring the ingredient Royal Jelly: Very nourishing, royal jelly is made of nectar, pollen, flower parts, vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients. It is a very precious, mysterious substance that honeybees produce and feed to only select young bees, which in turn become mature and fertile queen bees. The queen bee lives 40 times longer than her worker bees.

Deal of the Day:

Get 25-50% off Smashbox Cosmetics during this insane Blowout Sale!

The Complete Head to Toe Giveaway & Naked Palette Dupe


The month of February offers plenty of excuses for giveaways. I could do a Valentine's giveaway, Superbowl giveaway, Lunar New Year giveaway, a Birthday giveaway (yes my birthday is this month!) or even a 500 follower giveaway. I never even got to do a 100, 200, 300, or 400 follower giveaway haha. My blog is not even 3 months old and just last month I only had 20 followers -- pretty crazy and awesomely overwhelming!  So I've just decided to do an all inclusive big fat February giveaway.

Because the previous giveaway was just a couple of palettes I wanted to do something more fun this time. You know I love my love packages and it's so much more exciting to get a box filled with lots of goodies! I really want to do a Hello Kitty giveaway but I need to collect more items so I will save that for the next one. But never fear I still compiled a boatload of great beauty goodies to include in this giveaway. It's everything you need to revamp your beauty products from your head to your feet! These are all things I use or have tried before and love -- you'll probably recognize a lot of stuff from my past hauls.

The Prizes:


Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Island Blues
Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Amazon Greens
Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Eyeshadow Trio in Egyptian Sands
Almar Natural Eye Palette
Almar Smokey Eye Palette


Mabelline Mineral Powder Blush in Gentle Pink II
Bare Minerals All Over Face Color Duo in Pure Radiance & Tropical Radiance


ELF Studio Minty Lip Gloss
Wet n Wild Jumbo Juicy Lip Balm in Strawberry
Sally Hansen Diamond Lip Treatment in Coral Kisses


Baviphat BB Magic Girls Plus BB Cream
Aura Science Moisture Primer for oily skin (toner)
Aura Science Light lotion for oil/normal skin


Color Club Untamed Luxury 7-color Nail Polish Set
Colors Include:
900 Resort to Red
896 De-Luxe-Cious
891 Positively Posh
897 Ms. Haute
893 Nothing But Truffle
889 Pretty in Platinum
902 Covered In Diamonds

Hands & Feet

Bee Kissed Naturals Banana & Bees Wax Hand Creme
Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub


Bliss Lemon+Sage Body Butter Lite
Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds Body Wash & Bubble Bath
Au Lait Moisturizing Milk Soap
Strawberry Scented Bath Bomb


3 Deluxe Shampoo Samples
Bliss Lemon+Sage Supershine Shampoo
L'Occitane Aux 3 Huiles Essentielles Shampoo
LATHER Bamboo Lemongrass Hair Wash


Versace Bright Crystal
Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb
Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne


Touch Organics Organic Green Tea (my favorite!)

The Rules

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Okay I had a heck of a time trying to organize my last giveaway entries -- so many people left 3-4 comments whether due to making a mistake or misunderstanding the rules. So let's keep it simple this time -- only ONE entry/comment per person please. Just copy and paste the form below into the comment box and fill out as applicable. PLEASE REMEMBER only one comment per person -- it's really hard to mess up your entry if you just copy and paste the form!


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This giveaway IS international.
Ends March 20th.
Good luck!

Deal of the Day:

I was browsing the net when I landed on Nyxcosmetics.com to find a NAKED PALETTE DUPE!

This Nude on Nude Palette is just $25 -- about HALF the price of the Urban Decay Naked Palette and comes with 20 eyeshadow shades AND 10 lip gloss colors!  Not to mention it's so much more accesible!  Get it HERE before it sells out too!

Skin Care for Wine Lovers & Giveaway Winners

Because today is National Wine Day I wanted to review an amazing luxury skin care line that was derived from wine.

But first -- the giveaway winners!  Yes I know it took a WHOLE WEEK to announce the winners of my Ultimate Urban Decay Giveaway.  All in all there were 461 entrants in the Primary Giveaway (Urban Decay Naked Palette) and 362 entrants in the Secondary Giveaway (Urban Decay Book of Shadows III).  That's 823 entries that I MANUALLY entered into a spreadsheet (trust me I thought of every possible option but there was no other way to do it)!  And I even read each and every comment.

In some ways it made me a little sad.  Many commented that their country didn't even carry Urban Decay.  Others stated that they simply couldn't afford to buy the palettes.  It's true that make-up and beauty products are a luxury and come with a hefty price -- it's definitely expensive to keep up with the trends just like any other hobby or collection.

Anyways enough blabbering -- let me cut to the chase.  I entered the numbers into Random.org and here are the winners!

Urban Decay Naked Palette:

Urban Decay Book of Shadows III:

I've sent you both e-mails so please respond back with your mailing addresses by the end of Sunday, Feb 20th.  If you didn't get an e-mail and see this post, you can leave me a comment or e-mail me at Kelly@lipglossloveaffair.com.  I'm going back to Vegas on Monday so I need to get these out before I leave.  Congrats to the winners!  And stay tuned because I will be posting a new giveaway with in the next few days!

Back to Wine Day!  The skincare line that I mentioned before is called Davi.  That's Davi as in Robert MonDAVI.  Robert Mondavi founded his famous winery in Napa Valley in 1966.  Forty years later his grandson, Carlo Cesare Robert Mondavi ventured out from the Napa Valley vineyards to create a luxury skin care line fostered by his family's wine.

Description taken from Dermstore.com:
The Davi
skin care line uses microencapsulated antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin for a more youthful and healthier texture and appearance. This antioxidant complex, known as Meritage, is present in all Davi products, and was developed alongside a laboratory in Lyon, France. Meritage is a proprietary blend of fermented grape and wine extracts; green tea, raspberry, black currant and bilberry extracts; and rosemary and olive leaf extracts. These natural ingredients create a shield to protect the skin cells against external and internal aggressors, known as free radicals, that attack healthy cells, speed cellular aging, and lead to premature signs of aging in the skin.

This line was originally carried exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman but is now available on online skincare sites such as Dermstore.com.  I was lucky enough to find many of the products at TJ Maxx for $9.99 a piece!  This is what I picked up:

Moscato Purifying Cleanser
Retails for $38.50
Very gentle and creamy and not overly drying.  Absolutely love the texture -- it actually leaves my skin soft and conditioned.

Harvest Mist Toner
Retail: $38.50
This my favorite of the 3!  I use it as a facial mist (you know I love my mists) -- it's so light and refreshing and smells like a glass of Riesling -- sometimes I just want to take a sip!

Vine Fresh SPF 30 Lotion
Retail: $53.50
Includes vitamin E, white tea, Shea butter, and SPF 30.  Feels light yet luxurious!

Their best selling item is the Le Grand Cru Face Cream which unfortunately I DIDN'T find at TJ Maxx.  But since it retails at $192 I'm going to have to wait on this one!

Description of Le Grand Cru Face Cream from Dermstore.com:
Le Grand Cru Face Cream is the centerpiece of Davi's line of skin care for women. Its incredibly indulgent texture provides slowly released antioxidants and moisture for a long-lasting feeling of suppleness and hydration. Shea butter supplies intense moisture while rosemary, green tea, grape extracts and vitamin E neutralize free radicals, discourage environmental damage and increase the overall health of your skin. Davi's exclusive Meritage anti-aging complex prevents premature aging, helping to keep the skin smooth and soft. The complexion is left incredibly silky, comfortable and radiant, with a youthful tone, texture and luminosity.

Here's a news video with more info on Davi:

Deal of the Day

Spend $50 at Toofaced.com and receive a free pink Flatbuki brush.  Spend $75 and they'll also include a brightening blush in La Vie En Rose.  

Love Package From Amy

Flew home to DC this past weekend and found a package waiting for me from Amy!  Wow it seems like I'm always coming home to packages -- I love my awesome friends! ♥

Amy and I used to live off this ramen when we shared an apartment together in the Bay Area.  This stuff is THE BEST packaged ramen you will ever find -- perfectly chewy noodles and deliciously seasoned broth -- it tastes like the REAL stuff you get at a ramen bar.  Unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find in the DC area -- they used to carry the frozen version at the Korean markets but I can no longer find it!  The Vegas Korean market carries the beef and chicken flavors but the shrimp (green package) is the best and I've only seen it in Kali!

Lepi de Provence Green tea soap -- she knows I love anything green tea haha!  Smells like a fresh cup of matcha!

ANDDD -- a Naked Palette lol!  She has a friend with a hook up at Sephora and got me this back-up!  Like I said before, you can never have too many Naked Palettes.

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day!  I decided to be festive and do a bit of baking.  I made double-decker Red Velvet and Strawberry buttermilk heart-shaped cupcakes with super-gooey extra cream cheese frosting and white chocolate covered strawberries (Whew! What a mouthful!) .

For dinner the boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get a last minute reservation at one of my favorite restaurants.

I had my favorite fish -- Chilean Sea Bass.  It was PERFECT -- crispy and flaky on the outside and buttery on the inside.

He had lobster and filet mignon.

We also ordered a bottle of wine but we're such light weights that we couldn't even finish one glass each.  Ended up capping the bottle and taking it home haha.

I apologize but I'm still working on the giveaway entries.  I have to do 100-200 at a time and take breaks in between -- so tedious -- if anyone has a better way to organize these entries please let me know so I can implement it next time! I promise I'll post a winner tomorrow!

Deal of the Day:

Elizabeth Arden is offering a free 8-piece deluxe gift with any order over $27.50.  Enter "LOVEU" at checkout.

Or get this 30-piece Red Door make-up bag ($340 value) for just $42.50 with any order over $24.50.

Friends' Blogs & Spirit Airline Rant

Thank you to everyone who entered my Ultimate Urban Decay Giveaway!  The contest is now closed.  There were 741 comments and will probably end up being well over 1000 entries once I factor all the points in!

Funny little story -- my friend Emily (who lives in California) and I were talking about blogs the other day and she was telling me about this great blog she's been following called Someone Left the Cake Out in The Rain.  The blog is actually written by a former co-worker of mine, Megan, from the W Hotel in DC and when I told Emily that it was my friend's blog she was like "Wait, you know her or you know OF her?"  Haha I love how the blogging community works! 

I've loved blogging ever since the Xanga days -- I must admit I was quite the Xanga whore.  I miss how everyone would write entries daily or weekly about life in DETAIL -- not this Facebook/Twitter nonsense with the mini updates aka cheater blogging!  I constantly encourage my friends to start up or update their blogs -- I love reading about beauty, life, cooking, or whatever their passions are!

Here's a little shoutout to personal friends and their blogs.  Please subscribe if they pique your interest.  Keep em coming guys!

Amy: Amy Again
An accountant's random and humorous ramblings on life

A: Man Candy Blog
All I can say is proceed with caution haha

Emily: Honeybee Housewife
The life of a Muslim mother and housewife with emphasis on cooking, baking, crafts, and tea

Eunice: EYK Photography
Photo blog of a fantastic up-and-coming photographer

Linda: Living Life As Linda
Make up tips and tutorials, giveaways, and even food recipes!

Megan: Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain
Well established food and baking blog with original and modified recipes.  Lots of cool beer inspired recipes!  The pictures alone are enough to make you drool!

Tanya: In the State of Mind
A hairstylist's blog filled with make-up, nails, and of course lots of hair!

Hmm looking at this list I realize I have a pretty diverse group of friends with many talents!

Ack. So I'm stuck at a seven hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  I should probably cab it to the beach or something but I'm too lazy.  I want to use this opportunity to vent about how horrible Spirit Air is.  Yes they have amazing deals -- I've seen $29 fares from DC to FL and I just paid $99 for a last minute ticket from Vegas to DC (all the other airlines were min $350) but every time I fly Spirit I ask myself is it really worth it?

They literally charge for EVERYTHING.  You don't even get free soda on the plane.  $3 for soda and juice.  $3 for snacks.  They even charge $30 for CARRY ON bags.  I paid $28 to check a bag but they just started enforcing a new weight limit of 40 lbs max -- my bag was 55 lbs and they wanted to charge me an extra $25.  I ended up just removing 15 lbs worth of stuff from my suitcase and stuffing it into a plastic shopping bag to carry on.  Needless to say my hands are not happy -- they're already dry and chapped and then add bag strap marks to the mix. 

Also I've heard countless Spirit Airline horror stories -- lost bags, endless delays -- in fact I've been delayed EVERY TIME I flew Spirit.  And a seven hour layover is bad enough as it is but I somehow ended up in the worst terminal in the world.  Anyone who's ever been to Terminal 4 at FLL will tell you there is NOTHING here.  There's a newsstand and a Nathan's Hot Dogs.  No Starbucks, no shops, no food court -- nothing!  And people are fighting over the 4 electrical outlets available in the entire terminal.

Anyways I will be using this opportunity to start working on my Excel spreadsheet for the giveaway.  I need to have a better format for my next contest because this one is going to take days to organize!

Deal of the Day:

Get these gorgeous NYX Valentine's bundles at 50% off!  Perfect and affordable way to give yourself some love this Vday!  Click HERE for the sale.

Sephora Haul & Korean Samples

NOTE:  My Urban Decay Giveaway is supposed to end tomorrow but I will be pushing it back just 4 days to end on Friday, 2/11.  Sorry guys!  I was supposed to fly back to DC this past weekend but had a little delay so I won't be able to ship out prizes until next weekend anyway.   The contest had such positive feedback that I plan to immediately do another one after this ends.  Anyone have suggestions for prizes?  So five more days to enter guys -- ENTER HERE.

This is more of a mini haul.  The only things I actually purchased were the Too Faced Look of Love Set, the Tokidoki Pink Lametta Flat Iron, and the Perricone Cold Plasma Face & Eye -- the rest were freebees YAY.

So I already own two Chi flat irons and a GHD flat iron from Sephora but I couldn't resist this super cute pink iron by Tokidoki.  It's moderately priced and while it's not quite up to par with my other irons it gets the job done.

I've mentioned my love of Too Faced products and have been eyeing this set forever.  I finally caved in and I'm so glad I did!  The make up bag is small and made of cheap plastic but it's cute enough.  The products are super girly -- lots of pinks -- and also include some of Too Faced's best selling items.
 Look of Love Trio
 Pink Kabuki Brush
 Glamour Gloss in Barely Legal
 Lash Injection Mascara
 Shadow Insurance
 Primed & Poreless

I only paid $15 for this mini set but I was still surprised at how tiny these products were.  They looked more like they should be free samples.

Sephora offers nice little "perk" products for every $100 you spend (100 points).  I picked up this Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in Lady's Choice.

You can also save up your points and get a 500 point product.  I always like to wait until a really great product is offered and I was excited to see this awesome "Benefaves" set that included a full size Benefit Coralista Blush and Bad Gal Lash Mascara.
Bad Gal Lash Mascara

I also entered a bonus code to get Bare Escentuals "Matte trio" which included a 10 day sample of Bareminerals matte foundation and Prime Time Foundation Primer.  It also came with a mini kabuki brush.

And lastly I picked up the usual 3 free samples that come standard with every order.

My friend Keeka loaded me up on Korean product samples!

Baviphat BB Cream & Primer
 Somang Wrinkle Cream
 Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask
 Somang Fluid Make-up Skin Tightener
 Somang Skin Toner & Emulsion
 Tony Moly White Emulsion
 Tony Moly Essence
 Tony Moly Apple Face Pack
 Skin Food Salmon Concealer
 Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peel

Deal of the Day

This is one of the best sales I've seen on Hautelook -- the NYX Cosmetics sale! Get these already low priced, high quality cosmetics for an additional 30-50% off!   Ends Monday, 2/7 at 8am PST.  Go to the sale here.