Frosting For The Cause: Green Tea Strawberry Shortcake

Hey guys!  Today I'm taking a break from beauty blogging to write a guest post for a wonderful cause.  Frosting For The Cause was created by the lovely Paula -- her mission was to bring together 365 bloggers and bakers -- one for each day of the year.  Each blogger pledges to donate $25 to the cancer society, as well as share a favorite dessert recipe and take her baked goods to the local hospital or women's hospice.

In addition, we will share a personal story of how cancer touched our lives.  In my case, my story is about my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor.   I also want to dedicate this post to someone who is very close to me who recently found a tumor in his pancreas.  This person has a family history of pancreatic cancer, and while he wishes to remain anonymous, please keep him in your prayers.

We as bloggers have a wide-reaching audience, and while I love my daily dose of lip gloss and mascara, I think it's important to use our influence to also raise awareness for important causes.

So please check out my post here and don't forget to enjoy my recipe for green tea strawberry shortcake!

So please take a minute to check out my post here, support your local cause, and heck, maybe even join Frosting For the Cause!

Pumpkin Party!

Over the weekend my friend Esther invited me over for dinner and a "pumpkin party."  Esther and her boyfriend, Aldus, get very festive for holidays and Halloween is no exception.  They had lots of pumpkins along with all kinds of stencils and carving tools.  Aldus even bought us all these crazy inflatable masks so we could get into theme.

 Our finished product!

For dinner, Aldus, the gourmet chef, prepared lobster bisque and lobster rolls.  I also tried Russian caviar for the first time.  Unfortunately I wasn't quite too fond of the fishiness -- and I don't know about the fact that it's $150 a tablespoon!  I can just barely stomach salmon roe on my sushi rolls as it is lol.

Haha I know this was a total cheater post.  I have so many entries backlogged that I need to get out.  But I have a very important post coming up tomorrow for Frosting For the Cause!  Please be sure to check it out!

Obsessed With Strawberry Skincare

As of late I've been so preoccupied with catching up on reviews and giveaways that I haven't done a skin care routine or favorites post in ages!  So I want to talk about a couple of products I've been really loving lately.  And they all just happen to be strawberry based products!

The first (and my absolute favorite) is the Baviphat Toxifying Masque.  Yes you read that right -- TOXIFYING (it says it in Korean on the label).  Haha good ol Koreans and their sometimes retarded English.  I'm sure they meant de-toxifying (or at least I really hope so!).
I was pleasantly suprised with this product.  I bought it because I thought the packaging was cute but I never expected the deliciously awesome mask inside!  It's a soft creamy, almost mousse-y texture and the scent is OMG good.  Now the Asian version of a strawberry smell is completely different from the American version.  If you've ever had Asian strawberry ice cream or candy you know exactly what I mean.  It has a more tart, fresh, and well, ASIAN scent -- unlike the cheap, fake, American version.  Think Pinkberry yogurt mixed with fresh strawberries!

The interesting thing about this masque is that it stays soft upon application.  You would think it would dry up like a typical mud or clay mask but nope -- it stays wet and can be a bit of a mess to take off.  Think of it as a thick thick creamy moisturiser -- and I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since most Asian masks are wet masks.  Anyways love love love this stuff -- I definitely want to try the entire Baviphat fruit line now!

Next is the TimeBalm Skincare Strawberry Nourishing Facial Serum.  This serum contains alpha hydroxy acids to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is infused with strawberry extract.  Unfortunately, this serum DOES have the cheap smelling strawberry scent.  But the serum itself is wonderful.  It's not too sticky and sinks nicely into the skin.  I use it nightly under a moisturizer for a nice little skin care boost!

Finally -- I'm sure you've all heard of or tried this mask before -- the My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt Mask.  My Beauty Diary masks are cult favorites and with good reason.  They're so affordable and work great!  They offer tons of "flavors" and I've tried a majority of them but the one I always go back to is the Strawberry Yogurt Mask.  It soothes and comforts my skin and leaves it feeling super duper soft.

For some reason, despite being a Taiwanese brand, this mask also sadly has the "cheap" strawberry smell but I love it nonetheless.  I definitely recommend the Strawberry Yogurt mask to those that are interested in trying My Beauty Diary for the first time because I think it's universally loved by "mask enthusiasts".

Spa Week + Alchemilla Exfoliating Face Wash Cream Review + Giveaway

For those of you who haven't taken advantage yet, there's still 4 days left of Spa Week! Spa Week is a biannual event where tons of spas offer $50 facials, massages, mani/pedis, scrubs, laser hair removal, etc.  Just go to, enter your city, and see what's available in your area!  You can read my previous review of my Spa Week in Vegas here.

So today I am reviewing a great cruelty free exfoliating face wash cream by Alchemilla.

The exfoliating face wash cream is one of their best sellers.  It quickly de-flakes and removes dead skin cells without harsh gritty particles so it's perfect for sensitive skin.  All Alchemilla products are natural, organic, and hand made using the highest quality plant ingredients.

I would definitely put this in the scrub category -- it's not really a face wash as it doesn't lather or remove make-up too well.  It works great if you pre-cleanse with a make-up remover or cleansing oil.  It comes in a 45g recyclable tube that reminds me of a tube of retin-a or toothpaste.  The tube comes sealed and you must use the lid to puncture a hole in it -- so it's nice and sanitary -- probably to seal in the organic goods!

The smell is very earthy and fresh.  The cream contains tiny spheres of natural jojoba and feels super gentle as you massage your face.  It leaves the skin nice and soft and is a great scrub to use every other day.  Skincare that's great for your skin and the environment?  Can't beat that!

Check out all of Alchemilla's natural skincare products at:

And it's giveaway time!  Alchemilla is offering a tube of it's awesome exfoliating face cream wash to one of my readers.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter!  (Sorry open to U.S. residents only.)

The Most Popular Beauty Products In Japan + HUGE Giveaway!


I'm super excited about this month's big giveaway!  I had planned to do this giveaway during the month of September but there was an issue with one of my packages going missing -- even though the "delivery confirmation" stated that it had been delivered.  I'm guessing someone stole the package off my doorstep?  But the sponsor, Artie Style, generously resent the items.  Thank you so much!!!  

I really had to rack my brain to think of something that would top a Hello Kitty giveaway!  I'm sure every one's heard of Pop Sister magazine, which is one of the most popular fashion and beauty magazines in Japan with an emphasis on "gyaru style".  For their September issue they had a wonderful list of the best/most popular/most repurchased beauty items amongst Japanese girls.

So for this giveaway, I chose an item from each category and put together a "Big Best of Japan" beauty giveaway!  I tried to pick the first ranked item from each category but in some cases I felt the second or third places were more coveted items so I went with those.  The only categories I didn't include were the electric skincare device due to size/weight issues and the foundation because it's impossible to purchase a foundation that is a universal shade.

Due to the difficulty of obtaining many of these products, I enlisted the help of two generous sponsors -- Artie Style, and Shoppingholics.

Artie Style is a U.S. based online cosmetics store that offers tons of popular Japanese skin care products and make-up.  They even have an awesome candy selection -- and the customer service is absolutely fantastic!  Artie Style offers a $2.99 flat rate shipping or free shipping on orders over $50 within the US.  You can check out my previous review and giveaway sponsored by Artie here.

Shoppingholics is an adorable circle lens store based in Malaysia.  Not only do they offer one of the best selections of circle lenses, they also carry the most popular Asian cosmetics brands.  And did I mention they provide the cutest packaging ever!  You can check out my previous lens review, the cute packaging, and more store info here.

So here are Pop Sister's top ranked beauty products in Japan.  You can click on the links for more info about each item or to find where they are available for purchase.  And below each category I've included which prize I've chosen!

Top Facial Cleansers

2. Biore facial foam
3. Lush Kindness of Angel

Prize: Biore Marshmallow Whip Cleanser 

Top Face toners/lotions

3. Orbis Aqua face lotion and moisture

Prize: Rohto Hadalabo Japan Goku Jyun Hyaluronic lotion 

Top Facial Masks

2. Missha pure source sheet mask
3. Skinfood black sugar mask

Prize: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask

Top Body Creams

Prize: The Body Shop pink grapefruit body butter 

Top Shampoos & Conditioners

2. Pantene extra damage care shampoo and conditioner
3. Shiseido Tsubaki shining shampoo and conditioner

Prize: Shiseido Tsubaki shining shampoo and conditioner

Top Electric Skincare Devices

1. Panasonic steamer NANO care EH-SA60
2. Panasonic hair drier NANO care EH-NA93
3. Estenad skincare 

Top Foundations

1. RMK liquid fondation
2. KATE mineral liquid foundation
2. Coffret D'or silky fit powder

Top False Lashes

1. Dolly Wink in no.1
2. Diamond lash in fairy
3. Daiso lashes

Prize: Dollywink Lashes in No. 1

Top Eyeshadows

1. KATE Gradical eyes BR-1
2.Dolly Wink eyeshadow in no.1
3. Majolica Majorca BR355

Prize: Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in No. 1

Top Blushers

1. Canmake cream cheek in no.08
2. Candy Doll cheek color in strawberry pink 
3. Mac Blush

Prize: Candy Doll cheek color in strawberry pink

Top Mascaras

1. Maybelline Magnum Volume Express
2. Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus
3. Dolly Wink volume mascara

Prize: Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus

Top Eyeliners

1. Love.liner brown liquid eyeliner
2. Dolly wink liquid eyeliner 
3. Maybelline Eye studio creamy gel liner

Prize: Dolly wink liquid eyeliner 

Top Lipsticks

1. MAC lipstick in siss
2. Candy Doll lipstick in ramune pink
3. Maybelline water shiny milky RD606

Prize: Mac Lipstick in "Siss"

Top Lipglosses

1.  Candy Doll lipgloss in macaroon pink 
2. Majolica majorca honey plump gloss in NEO PK144
3. Melliesh lipgloss in 06 candy pink

Prize: Candy Doll lipgloss in macaroon pink

  • Biore Marshmallow Whip Cleanser  
  • Rohto Hadalabo Japan Goku Jyun Hyaluronic lotion 
  • Skinfood Black Sugar Mask
  • The Body Shop pink grapefruit body butter
  • Shiseido Tsubaki shining shampoo and conditioner
  • Dollywink Lashes in No. 1
  • Dolly Wink Eyeshadow in No. 1
  • Candy Doll cheek color in strawberry pink
  • Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus
  • Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • Mac Lipstick in "Siss"
  • Candy Doll lipgloss in macaroon pink

Giveaway Rules:

On to the giveaway!  All you need to do is fill out the Rafflecopter form below.  The ONLY mandatory requirement is to be a Blogger or GFC Follower.

But if you want some extra entries there's plenty of ways for you to do so (just follow the instructions below).  

Also this time around I will be allowing tweets and Facebook statuses once per day until the giveaway ends since Rafflecopter has a way to monitor this.

Please be sure to read all the instructions carefully as incomplete entries will be disqualified and Rafflecopter will not allow you to enter twice.  You can find out further details in the form below!  Thank you and good luck!  

Neo Princess Eyes Circle Lens Review


Today I have another lens review sponsored by the lovely Patty of   You can see my previous review on their store/lenses here.  Again, they have super fast shipping -- one week from Taiwan and wonderful customer service.

This time around Patty sent me the Neo Princess Eyes Cosmo Camel Brown lenses. These lenses are super natural and really close to my natural eye color so it didn't make a huge impact on me.  They are 14.2 mm in diameter and don't have the thick ring so don't expect any "dolly eye" effect.  But I definitely recommend these for those of you who want a softer effect and a pretty hazel-y color.
 I was being impatient and didn't soak them in solution for the recommended 8 hours and I definitely felt it -- after about just 10 minutes of wear I could feel my eyes getting dry and irritated -- so PLEASE remember to soak all your contacts for 8 hours prior to use!
The Neo Princess Eyes Lenses come in Pearl Gray, Camel Brown, Mint Green, Chocolate Brown, Aqua, Honey, Sky Blue, and Purple Violet.  They retail for $23.00 at 

Products Used:

FX Brite Prep Foundation Primer
Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer in "Tone"

Benefit Lemon-aid
BH Comsetics 88 Color Cool Matte Palette
Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes in Silver

Anastasia Illimun8 Bronzer

MAC Lipstick in "Lovelorn"

$1 lashes from Ebay

$12 wig from ebay.  Yes it's a wig haha -- I was thinking of getting bangs and wanted to try out the look first.  The wig actually looks pretty horrendous and fake in person but I guess it's passable in pics.